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  1. Reached into the end of a gaurd rail to retreive a cache and felt something latch on my finger. Quickly pulled my hand back and there was a snake attached to it! Luckily it was only a Garter snake and they aren't poisonous but they do have sharp needle like teeth that break off when you whip a snake 10 feet off the end of you finger. I carry a mirror and flashlight now.
  2. I will usually at a minumum sign, date and also put my City and State. In my area this used to be common and it was kind of cool to see where other cachers have been from.
  3. Good for you. I'd like to see more teenagers out caching with your attitude. On the other hand, I'm kinda glad that Geocaching isn't a mainstream activity. I know adults that would try to ruin it for all just for a selfish thrill.
  4. Put me into the camp of If I actually looked for the cache I'll log a DNF everytime if I can't find it. If it's supposed to be easy, a couple of DNF's by experienced cachers alerts the CO of a problem. Edit for punctuation.
  5. I recently was also trying to decide between the 450 and the 550. The 550 was actually a couple dollars less than the 450 on Amazon so it was a no brainer. The camera is not the greatest but it takes decent enough pictures and is usually quicker since the Gps is already in my hand. It took me a couple of frustrating hours to get the hang of the Oregon coming from a 60csx but now I'm loving it.
  6. Hello, I have a Acer One netbook that I would like to trade for a Garmin GPS with paperless ability. Would add cash for the right deal. Netbook is barely used and I would include a wireless mouse and carry bag.
  7. I heard about it from a guy at work about 4 years ago. Went nuts the first couple of years with finds but have since slowed down a bit. Still enjoy it just as much though.
  8. If there's going to be a reviewer of the year award I'll vote for Keystone Approver. I can't imagine the amount of time that he has to dedicate to keep up. Between reviewing caches and policing the forums.
  9. So what's wrong with a new unfilled Zippo in a cache? Untill you fill them they are harmless. I've left them as FTF prizes in my caches and they have gone over very well.
  10. That's pretty odd. Middle of the week and middle of the day.
  11. This guy should be able to help you. He is an Administrator in the park and the cool thing is that he is a Geocacher. http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?guid=48...89-aa732cc66cf5
  12. Of course you can't forget all of the "There's nothing but junk in the caches" threads.
  13. I don't like the idea and probably wouldn't hunt your cache and here is why. I'm sure that you are a great person because 99.9% of the people that I have met geocaching are. But because the fact that I don't know you other than what you happen to put in your profile I would not feel comfortable meeting with some stranger at night on his home turf. Like you said yourself, if it's good for one than it should be good for all and if this gets to be an acceptable condition, the next person that hides a night only cache that is available only by appointment might not be such a nice person. Maybe I'm being paranoid but I only do what's comfortable for me.
  14. Congratulations. You guys are on fire!
  15. Wow, that was fast! Congratulations and thanks for your contributions to Geocaching in the area.
  16. Strange. I have the 60cx with a 500mb card. I have about 300mb loaded on mine and it works fine. Edit: You have a Legend cx not a 60cx. Duh!
  17. I don't have any experience with the Meridian but have used a Vista for a few years and loved it. I think it's kind of funny that we are asking if the Vista is a good enough unit to geocache when it wasn't too long ago tat some considered it to be one of the top of the line units.
  18. ya know, that is a GREAT question that I've not thought about. I doubt I can be patient enough to not use it, since we are taking a trip to northern wisconson this weekend to visit family (very dense tree cover too). How does the garmin upgrade plan work on software, ie from the date of purchase or the date of first unlock? I'm using it now. From what I've heard the only difference between City Select v7 and City Navigator v7 is the amount of poi's. I think that the map data is pretty much the same. I also heard that the only difference between Navigator 7 and Navigator 8 is the size of the map segments so I'll probably wait until Navigator 9 comes out before I bother to upgrade.
  19. Ooops my bad. $490.00 with the shipping not $390.
  20. I carry a space pen with me at all times but I use a Uni-Ball Powertank at work. Love em'.
  21. I beg to differ about this, I am a tadpole apparently, a relatively new cacher (found 47, hidden 4 with 2 waiting approval since I started mid-Jan 06) AND a Premium Member, yet my lable is tadpole, so it must be based on posts alone. I don't really care as I am a lurker and reader more so than a poster, I am not by far even close to being able to disperse information but a newbie learning, and like to research my questions before posting. Post counts in my experience mean nothing, it's what and how you share that makes it worth anything!! From a lowly tadpole!! Ah! Since you are a Premium Member, you can change your title under your name to anything you want. Just go to your account page and you can change it.
  22. Don't know if you want software but if you do, I got the 60cx with the auto kit that comes with 2 car mounts, cigarette lighter power cord, and city select v7 for 390.00 shipped from GPSdiscount.com. Free Fedex shipping upgrade and free Tshirt. I'd buy from them again.
  23. Third shift Supervisor for a well known refillable portable flame product producer (read cigarette lighter that starts with a Z. ) Which also means that I'm at work right now. SHHHHH!
  24. For the first 50 or so caches that I found I made an effort to trade. Not because I really wanted anything in the cache but because I felt obligated to do so. After a while it just seemed like I was moving the same stuff from cache to cache so I became a TNLN guy. If a cache seems low on items I'll leave some stuff for the kids and I put kids stuff in when I hide my own caches. I don't know about you but if I want something I'll go buy it, not hope I find it in a cache.
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