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  1. We have a swag bag in the caching backpack. I used to leave "Clothahump found it..." cards, but I haven't in quite a while. I think I might start doing those again.
  2. So it's true! You really can repair everything with duct tape. Yes, young Padawan. Duct tape is the visible manifestation of The Force. There is a Light Side, there is a Dark Side....and it hold the universe together.
  3. Well, I slid about thirty feet down a hill on my a**. I'm the current distance holder so far.
  4. Found a cache once that had been occupied by fire ants. Many, many of them.
  5. My apologies for not updating sooner. Yes, it is Mapsource, not Mapquest - my bad. And apparently, Garmin has a very serious issue when trying to upload directly to the GPS unit. Nothing seems to work. The solution was to pop the 2mb memory card, put it in an interface and pop it into my laptop's slot, then upload to that device. Worked like a champ.
  6. I would suggest: 1. Hide a large enough container to put swag/TBs/etc. in. 2. Make the hide a challenge. The cacher should be able to get close, then have to scratch their head and do some cogitating to figure out where it is. 3. Please, please - DON'T hide it in a patch of poison ivy. Some folks do this deliberately. It's not funny. In short, hide it in such a way that you would have a great time finding it if you were searching for it.
  7. Or polluting the forums with their personal agendas It's a little more difficult to put a lengthy religious or political rant in the forum, because the forum is moderated. People can leave pamphlets and books in geocaches with little or no consequence. Sure, some people sneak their propaganda into forum comments, but this forum isn't that bad. One has to expect a certain amount of that silliness in any forum where the majority of users are from a country with a highly-charged public discourse surrounding religion and politics. A lot of it is just part of the vernacular to those saying it, though it comes off as an agenda to those of us who live elsewhere. You really don't see how your comments are pushing your own anti-religious agenda? I saw the topic and knew someone was going to post something about religious material. The topic is about "Naughty" swag. The fact that you brought religion into the topic shows your agenda. Ummm....no. You don't like porn in the swag, he doesn't like religious tracts in the swag. You both probably think exactly the same about them. I know I do.
  8. Latest version of Mapquest, latest drivers, latest software from Garmin. I build a mapset and start sending. It gets about 25% done and blows out with the "There was an error communicating with your device" error msg. Anyone have a similar problem? Any suggestions?
  9. One. Took me nearly a year to find the dadgum thing, trying every month or so.
  10. Clothahump is the name of the elderly Turtle Wizard in Alan Dean Foster's SPELLSINGER novels. Hence my avatar.
  11. Social awareness is personal. There is absolutely no reason to bring geocaching into it.
  12. Just two. Started with an Etrex Legend, now have a GPSMAP 76CSx.
  13. I circulate it. In my backpack, I have a swagbag that I seeded with items that I bought. I now make it a point to take one, leave one wherever I can.
  14. Ditto, ditto, a thousand times ditto. Cachemate and GSAK are absolute must-haves.
  15. Puzzle caches are okay, as long as the puzzle is solvable on about an 8th grade level. Some of us (*me*) don't do well with puzzles....
  16. Agreed. My PQs are set to eliminate smalls and micros.
  17. I found a front yard cache in Louisiana (GCKMNQ)one day and the owner came out and said hello. Spent a very enjoyable 20 minutes chatting with her. Her cache was a birdhouse attached to a tree in her front yard.
  18. And remember, no matter how many caches you find, be sure to GET YOUR KICKS!!
  19. I have my PQs and my GSAK filters set to eliminate micros. I've gotten really tired of hunting under light posts.
  20. I've been checked out more than once. The brochure is wonderful in explaining the game.
  21. I just dropped a bug in a cache very near me; the first one I ever found, as a matter of fact. I simply added a note saying I had dropped the bug.
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