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  1. helped make one just like that. heated the spring until it was weak then welded it open just incase. it was well received but is archived because of constant problems with weed trimmers(long story).
  2. the benchmark in question is FF2094. according to the decription i am in the right spot for one of the marks. what am i looking for to be able to log it found? also in the description it says that all marks were destroyed by highway construction. the owners of the land did some clean up(fence and bushes) recently and uncovered this marker. it can now be seen plainly while driving down the road. so i'm thinking maybe the other markers are still in place, since the road is actually narrower than the original gravel road. did they just not look for this or are their caculations so far off they can't find them?(seriously) this is the part i think i found. 'TO REACH THE AZIMUTH MARK FROM THE STATION, GO SOUTHEASTERLY ON A GRAVELED ROAD FOR 0.4 MILE AND THE MARK ON THE LEFT AS DESCRIBED. HEIGHT OF LIGHT ABOVE STATION'. the coordinates taken at this disk are .42 miles SE of the triangulation station in the description. the other 3 marks are all north of this point, i think. i know the area and the land owner so i can look more but i need to know what to look for. oh, what does the arrow on the disk mean? it points north.
  3. What exactly is wrong with an "Empty" TB Hotel? http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...10-d5aae19ced75 I'm perfectly fine with it's occasional "Empty" status. By the way trading rules DO NOT apply to travel bugs. You will never convince me that they do. Never said the trade rule applied to travel bugs. But the reason behind it applies to tbug hotels - making sure there's always something there for visitors. That's what the regular trade items are for.
  4. here ya go. http://www.galleria-e.com/cgi-bin/Colemans.../product/463501 or http://www.sprucemtsurplus.com/AmmoStorage.html <-------------Wynne, Arkansas
  5. What exactly is wrong with an "Empty" TB Hotel? http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...10-d5aae19ced75 I'm perfectly fine with it's occasional "Empty" status. By the way trading rules DO NOT apply to travel bugs. You will never convince me that they do.
  6. Dicovered one at the NEA MEET and GREET on the 8th. It was attached to a Big little yellow jeep tb.
  7. 5 minutes ago i clicked that link and right now ...(101 items remaining) Downloading picture HTTP:.... you get the point...DIAL UP SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. what about those of us who blind cache? most times i don't read the cache page until it is time to log my find or dnf. why should i suffer a deleted log b/c some ______( insert your choice word) feels like i don't meet the requirements. BALOGNA!! i think if my log were deleted i would ignore all caches hidden by that ______. i know, i know, you could always wait until you have 99 finds then log it. not me buddy. i'm logging it now. if i don't, i'll forget and never log it.
  9. There's one just like that on my route. I wonder if it's a cache!
  10. ah yes, the dreaded "burn-in". mine did that daily for about 2 weeks then one day it lost all maps and no it sits in a drawer. i could never get anyone from magellan on the phone or through e-mail so i gave up 'til recently. i found a cable($25 from japan) to connect to the computer and download maps into it. i'm gonna try this and see what happens. if it works GREAT if not i'm extra POed. hope yours doesn't do what mine did.
  11. DITTO!! and some nights I don't sleep at all because I've got an idea. Heck, I'll lay there 'til I figure out how to build, hide, and camo the thing. Then I can finally sleep ... nope, dang, now I have to write out the description. Ahhh, geocaching.
  12. how about a garbage can painted to look like a film canister. the description reads "this micro hidden in the woods contains only a log so bring a pen." when you open the can there is an actual wood log to sign. maybe it's just my sense of humor, but that's funny.
  13. just in case you all don't know. meet and greet-----> http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...b8-85cf55f6dfc1
  14. quick and easy search throw out multi's (sometimes) download waypoints to gpsr go hunt find cache log blind caching is fun(most times) for me
  15. i remember the one i did yesterday. oh shoot i remember them all to some extent. i may not know the names or gc#'s but i can tell you about them all.
  16. 49.2 miles and only 11 more for the 50 mile range. if i filter out finds i dont have 200 caches to hunt in the 50 mile range only 136.
  17. there are several around the Arkansas/Mississippi line. being divided by the Mississippi River is an easy way to make a long trip. just one example is GCH6BM. 11.3 miles from Helena, Ar but to drive there takes about 35 minutes or 30 miles. in the Bayou DeView area is GCTT2D. it is 27.8 miles from my home coords but it is about 53 miles to drive. i just did one in Village Creek State Park that showed to be 1.2 miles from where i was parked but i figure i walked 5 miles to reach it.
  18. you can if you get one of these http://pc-mobile.net/usgm.htm $64 is cheap. they are still $119 here.
  19. I hear that it's a really nice part of the state to visit. You betcha. New caches popping up all the time too.
  20. Been to Wynne (72396) lately?...or ever?
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