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  1. Well, I've only placed 2 caches, but what I did was give FTF an oil filter and oil for their cachemobile... I put a slip of paper in the cache sayin' come to XYZ auto parts, and talk to charlie, and I'll set ya up with a filter and oil. yeah sure, since I manage an auto parts store I get them on the cheap, but I get to meet the FTF in person. That's the whole reason I do it like this.
  2. Dupli-color has a product called Vinyl and fabric color, that is more dye than paint, the stuff won't stick to metal at all. It's almost impossible to get off any plastic or cloth. This stuff is my personal favorite, as it makes a great primer for later application of regular paint, and there is NO sanding needed for the initial application.
  3. Jack, it's possible that your spam filter is catching the validation mail.
  4. No, GPS isn't the only way.... the first three that I found, i didn't even have a compass. It does take alot more work to do it without one though. If you're into that sort of thing, more power to ya
  5. Welcome to the addiction By the way, spare batteries are one of the most important things ya can keep with ya, as you've no doubt figured out.
  6. OH NO! I've been found out..... Squandering company time when i could be doing something worthwhile...... Hey, wait a minute, I'm the boss here. I'll do as I please to get back on topic..... I can kinda get the idea of a virtual cache, in a place where we are forbidden regular ones, but virt. TB's are an abomination, in my lowly opinion. I would guess that's why TPTB are lockin' them down...... [edited out brain cramp]
  7. What you are seeing is decimal minutes, not minutes and seconds. ie Ndd mm.mmm, not Ndd mm ss Just be sure to set your GPSr to match the format of the coordinates at hand, and you'll be fine. Moe beat me to it....
  8. I forgot to add that I carry a Para-Ordnance P14 .40 in a paddle holster when I'm out and about. Stuffed with black talons..... Snoogans is right about over-penetration.
  9. Some do, some don't. Some will, some won't. To me, this falls under"agree to disagree" You're gonna have to pry it from my cold dead hands. besides, I prefer the term, "firearms enthusiast"
  10. Holy carp! What a brain cramp on my part. tnx for pointin' it out..... I'll not let that happen again.
  11. The only good thing I have to say about J.R., is that she can shoot a bow very well. (She did make the olympic archery team) Other than that, she falls under the "Hollywierd" bleedin' heart liberal heading.... btw, I couldn't call myself a conservative if there weren't any liberals.
  12. Hi there, I'm a newbie myself, but welcome to the wonderful(and sometimes frustrating) world of caching. I live in the Dalton area. There are 1/2 a dozen or so caches within 2 miles of I75, exit 333. Contact me through my profile if ya want more info. BTW, there's probably a blue-million caches in the metro Atlanta area, but I haven't a clue where.
  13. I've never used the "phone a friend" lifeline. Yeah sure, I'm just a newbie, so I don't have any other cachers to call. What I have been doing, is to call a good friend up in Minnisota to give her a play by play of my search efforts. I get to pass the time with her, and vent a lil about where the cache should be. I do believe she has as much fun(or more) as I do when I search with her in my ear.
  14. I've been caching for only a few months, just over a dozen finds. Workin' 70+ hours a week kinda limits my free time. I've only gone on one hunt with somebody, a girl that used to work for me. Must admit that that I did have a bit more fun on that one, jokin' around and such while we searched. The last couple I've hunted, I've called a good friend of mine in Minnisota, on my cell, and given her the play by play as I searched. That was pretty cool, I think she enjoyed it as much or more than I did. That will probably be as close as I get to not searchin' alone.
  15. Here's an oldie for ya.... Mckena's Gold Been a long while since I saw it, not sure of the spelling.
  16. USAF '80-'84 Tech school keesler AFB, 304X4, Ground Radio Communicatons Equipment Repair Specialist (aint that a mouthful) 1836 EIG, Lindsey Air Station, Wiesbaden Germany '81-'84 as an installer. Too bad it got closed down in one of those sweeping base closure deals of the 90's. That was a sweet lil place, maybe 10 city blocks right in the city, we had a Greman-American friendship fest every year. I even made it to one of them, what a party... This is one of the few jobs in the AF where ya do get to see the world... I was TDY all the time. Spent less than 80 days "in station" in 3 1/2 years. My favororite on duty place is a lil hole in the mountains, the European version of Cheyane Mtn. Got an Uzi stuck in my ear for stepping across a lil red line before I should have(badge exchange), glad the fella knew I was supposed to be there! My favorite off duty place was Scotland as a whole, Edinburg in specific, especially during the Christmas-New Years holiday(again, what a party) I love that place.... gonna get back there sometime. Other places i've been on duty: England Belgium Spain Italy Sicily Greece Turkey I did have the opportunity to get a 30 day eur-rail pass(the only leave I took while I was across the pond),and ended up goin' every where else in Western Europe. Tnx Uncle Sam, I'd have NEVER been able to go and see all the places I had. My only regret is that I didn't stay in, the 1st ex said, "leave the service or I'll leave you".... Boy was I stupid, I'd have retired last year...
  17. KG4WHD here Dalton, Ga tech ticket, all i run is a 2M mobile.... For some reason, my 3rd ex got all my radio gear....
  18. A lurker, who me ?! I though it was called reading..... Anyway, I started back in Oct, have a lil more than a dozen finds. Holy cow, I love this game/sport, it gives me a chance/reason to get out. I work 70+ hours a week, so something that drags me out of the house is a good thing. I just wish it didn't get dark before I left work... Been doing some reading (lurking) about night caching, would never have thought of it myself, dunno, guess I'm funny like that. JAFL just another "fine" lurker
  19. Mine is from an old Sean Connery movie. One he doesn't claim, in fact you can't find it on his list of movies at all. It was a Sci-Fi post-apocalyptic thing, definantly a grade B flick, but one that really tickled me for some reason. The 12 comes from when I tried to get my very first screen name.... zardoz was taken, so I tried zardoz1, it was taken, so zardoz12, and voila..... I've been zardoz12 ever since. I used to joke that the 12 stood for my WPM while typing..... I'm not much better now
  20. I was hunting for a cache in a Dalton, Ga park, there was a baseball game going on. The cache was hidden in a pine thicket about 15 yards behind the third base line. I was bein' real sneaky like, but wasn't in camo or anything. Using all my fieldcraft and "ninja" powers was pretending I was invisible. I was sitting crosslegged, waiting for the GPSr to settle out before i moved again. Then this muggle came up into the trees yappin' away on his cell phone. He walked right up to me, not 5 feet away, and started to take a leak. I turned my head, as I really didn't want to see, or get hit by the "overspray" , and that's when he noticed me.... Thought he was gonna have a heart attack. I'm glad I don't understand spanish, but I could tell by the tone that he wasn't happy to see me. I just amazes me that he didn't notice me when he walked up. I was wearing navy slacks and a navy and tan print shirt, I should have really stuck out in amongst those pines.... well anyway, by the guy's tone and body language, I thought there was a definate possbility that he might return with some friends, thinking I was INS(short haired gringo with some sort of electronics hiding in the trees behind a large gathering of latinos). So I beat a hasty retreat and made a beeline back to my truck..... logged the DNF and my "experience"
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