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  1. I had the same problem, but someone told me of a simple way to remember where you put someting . When you lay anything down, just take two seconds to make a mental note of where it is. sounds silly, but it works.
  2. First wear floresant orange .At least on your head. I don't know if Jersey allows hunting on Sunday so check it out and you May have a day when no hunters are in the woods. If you know where the tree stands are avoid them. Nothing p@#ses a hunter off more than someone walking thru their hunting area especially early in the AM and before dark.You may ruin their whole days hunt just by walking thru at the wrong time even if it's just for a few minutes. I would check with fish and game in NJ to see when the seasons start and end.
  3. Some body didn't pay the bill for the domain name and it expired. gooogle nepag to see.
  4. I can see a lot of potential problems with not having to use the GC site. Even basic easy caches sometimes need warnings on the cache page. Like ,do not attempt to reach the cache from above because you may fall off the cliff. Or.warnings of muggles of questionable character, Neighborhood dogs, park hours, bees nests, snakes, nasty neighbors, etc. I won't go as far as to make all my hides PM but I am sure thinking of making them multi's if they can't add coordinates
  5. Here's a little something to get you going If you don't know about Centrailia.
  6. I know the frustration you must feel.I have a series of caches along the Susquehanna River that are teathered with copper wire to keep them from floating away in high water. After a few dnfs I check, and they are either gone compleatly or moved to an easier location nearby. And you can't blame the last finder.Some of them I know and are not of that ilk. There are unfortunatly, folks out there that get a preverse kick out of swiping cach econtainers . Make them harder. It won't solve the problem all together,but it may weed out the lazy ones.
  7. I recently bought a new computer{about time]. I was running my old Garmin software on XP the new one has Vista. Will it run the Garmin Metroguide USA, and US Topo stuff I have, or am I screwed? What else might not run on vista? Thanks, OBG
  8. Thanks Nobody Important for the Email Heads up. My personalized NEPAG Geocoin was dropped of on a fishing trip in June and the Rat Bastage swiped it and didn't even log the cache find. Anybody know who he is? I may be back up that way next June.
  9. My question is ....WHY? Why the change? Did someone from South of Pa.complain to GC.com about being lumped into the Northeast? Is this another example of being PC?
  10. The Northeast Pennsylvania geocachers are holding their first ever event,and will be introducing the new NEPAG GEOCOIN. Read all about it here....................http://nepageocachers.org/
  11. Technical issues with the host server has temporaraly put us on hold while we switch over to a new host. Things are bieng work out right now,and are supposed to be back up and running soon. The link above is to a temporary home for us to keep things rolling while we are down. We may have lost the email list of members,so stop by and help us regroup. OBG..... try this link the other is a little out of date....http://groups.google.com/group/NEPAGEOCACHING
  12. I have used camo pill bottles for stages of multi's .I insert a piece of popsicle stick inside with the next stage co-ords written on them with water proof marker. Or put a piece of paper inside with co-ords wrirtten it so that you can see it thru the container. you can compleatly seal the container,and it neds not be opened at all.
  13. In leu of a rating system ,give the first finder on a cache the ability to archive it for cause., and save us a lot of wasted time.
  14. Due to technical difficulties with our host server NEPAG {northeast pa geocachers ] is down. A temp.site has been created in order for everyone to keep in touch until things are fixed which we hope is soon. Northeast pa geocaching [/img]
  15. Get rid of the ability to use Google Earth,and all those drop down maps that show you where the cache is without even owning a GPSR. This game is getting way too easy.and we are getting way to lazy.{ I know I am dreaming on this one} A rating system is a must, because people are afraid to tell the truth when a cache stinks. It would make owners" improve or remove". No mandantory cache finds for hiders ..I am more of a hider than a hunter because of physical reasons. Don't' take that away from us, let the rating system sort out the lousy caches.
  16. I once loaned a backpack, and frame to a friend who was doing a photo gig in India. She Sold the Aluminum pack frame and lived for three months off the money. It must be a micro or it will disappear. I have a plain sight micro in a small rest area that is maintained by prisoners from a nearby prison. Every time they come to cut the grass a team of guards goes over the place looking for contraband. They haven't found it yet. LOL
  17. I like the idea having it similar to the equestrian event. {Old timers like me would have a better chance] You can average out the time it takes to walk the entire course, add in the average time it should take to find each stage, and call that par. Then see who comes in the closest to par. You can do it in a loop, and have the teams start at opposite ends at the same time. Having the ends of the loop relatively close could lead to some fun at the finish. You don't even need a container just use a couple of tags of different colors at each stage. {take the tag and go}.... that way you wouldn’t even have to go back and collect containerswhen you are done. Written on each tag would be the amount of time they had to get to, and find the next stage. I would have more than two or three stages, and in the middle stage I would have a bell or whistle ,or some type of noise maker. A different one for each team. Just to add something for observers, and the competition.{heck,you can even have one at each stage]. I will stop right here,cause I'm starting to get some crazy Ideas for a game that I think I will keep to myself.
  18. I'm thinking of getting a new Garmin with a micro sd card slot so I can add all the maps I need. Can I load the Garmin maps I already have on a blank, or do I have to buy cards from garmin? If I can use a blank, are they all compatable with garmin? Tnx.
  19. {Insert sarcasm here] In otherwords JUST LIE? Why not just steal the container,move it a few feet ,and since it's archived just start a new cache with a new name. That way you can set an example by being both a lier,and a theif. That should teach them to deny you a smiley!
  20. Called Garmin....$ 125.00 flat rate. Probably total replacement. No reduced rate {Bummer]. I will have to talk to Santa before I decide.
  21. I reached into my pocket today and pulled out my Vista,and the Joystick was gone,broken right off . How do I go about getting it repaired, and how is Garmins reputation for service. Turnaround, repair price, etc. Tnx. O'BG
  22. It seems to me that state lands would be opened to anyone. Weather it be hunters ,hikers or whatever is deemed legal. {ie no motorized vehicles, atv's etc.] Here in Pa. we have State Gamelands which are opened to just about everyone, not only hunters.
  23. We find a cache by sight. A dog can find it by smell or sight. Once he gets the Idea by seeing what you are up to,and being rewarded at the find, he can combine both senses. After finding a few by sight I believe his nose will know what to smell for. Who knows what that smell might be? It could be as little as the rubber gasket on an ammo can. A tracker once told me a dog can detect one part urine in one million parts water,and are trained to find guns by the smell of gun oil.
  24. Cheating? you have got to be kidding! This is supposed to be fun. lighten up .Maybe I'll get her an account,and let her sign the logs. I Never saw a rule that says you have to be a human to play.
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