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  1. I had someone place a piece of paper in the film can thinking the log was gone and ignored the disc with the cords to the next stage. I e-mailed them to return and find the rest as they were short-changing them self of the whole experience. Also, in the Greater Cleveland area, we have a few cachers who cheat by logging stuff like events that they didn't attend. Everyone knows that they cheat and they even brag about it. Not a crime but a darn shame that they expect us to celebrate with them when they hit 4K. If cheating is how they want to play, then have at it. It's a game, not life.
  2. The Acer Iconia W500 runs on Windows7 and you can run GSAK on it PLUS link it to your GPS.
  3. I was getting ready to go out on a mini cache run and take my then 6 and 8 year old boys with me. My wife told both boys to hit the bathroom before we left and the 6 year old tells her, "It's okay mommy, we're going geocaching. I'll just use a tree!" Gotta LOVE it!
  4. For Windows7, press and hold down the tile and select delete. Gone!
  5. Ya'll might want to check http://www.geocaching.com/wp7/ and see the API!
  6. Yes, do tell! I am looking at getting a Samsung Focus this Friday!
  7. ...and that was the welcome wagon rolling though!
  8. I fully understand that Al is trying to educate the caching world here but I don't think that he'll have many converts. I have been trained on USNG and actually like it. As a Communications Unit Leader (COM-L), I know that USNG will be a standard I will see at any incident that FEMA or other Federal agencies are involved in. It does work well because it is a system based on flat maps vs. lat/long based on a globe. So learn something new and check it out. We all know and understand that USNG won't become the standard for geocaching so don't think we're trying to force it on ya!
  9. Well, it wasn't as bad as Law and Order, however, it was like watching a train wreck! LOTM meant Left Others, Took Many...it means the killer left some kids alone and didn't harm them but he took many and those were the ones he killed or harmed. I would assume that they went with GLOBOCACHING (closed captioning spelled it that way) cuz if they used Geocaching, Groundspeak would have something to say about that. I watch the show regularly so it was good but it had more geeks at that convention than I ever saw in Revenge of the Nerds!!!!
  10. A buddy of mine put out a puzzle cache and even before FTF, other cachers were crying for a puzzle checker..."Don't want to waste my time..." He gave in and those who cried have yet to go after it. I will NEVER use one and will let them cry. If yah can't do it, then don't try it!
  11. Not sure what the deal is to have so many...I only have 2 and they are puzzles that make my head hurt real bad AND the hiders are not to friendly when it comes to hints and such. 700?? Man...WHY???
  12. Well, I will have to disagree with what you wrote and I bolded. I have taught many officers and bring up geocaching many times and have found very few that know about it. You really think that geocaching is that important when meth labs present a multitude of challenges? Trust me, knowing about geocaching is NOT high on the list of things to know when there is so much more out there that we deal with on a daily basis and need to be experts about. Oh, but "old illegal things might be going on under their noses." We must be pretty dumb in your book until you call us to deal with your problem.
  13. I have NEVER violated the Death by PowerPoint mistake! I am proud to say that I can make NIMS fun! (look it up on the FEMA page if you're not sure what that is) The intent is to formulate a PP and have voice narration added to it so it can be viewed during a roll call yet no need for me or anyone else to be at each one to present it. I got a few good ones and if you do a search for "geocaching PowerPoint" you'll come up with some dandy presentations. I was just asking here to see if someone had one all geared towards public safety already. Why re-invent the wheel!
  14. Okay, maybe I worded it wrong. I wanted to see if anyone had one already done that I could modify if needed and use locally. I have many that I use to educate new cachers but I just want to get the word out in a brief presentation as an awareness vs. an education. Better?
  15. Hi, Trying to put together a brief PowerPoint presentation to educate Police about geocaching. Anyone have one that I can look at for ideas and such? THANKS! whistlen
  16. Historical Re-enactor. I'm into Civil War and have camped with other period re-enactors. I told one that I got into geocaching and they told me about a few times they went into the woods for fire wood and have found caches. Now that I cache, I also search an area on line to see what caches are around. One village in Ohio had a whole series around the canal locks and dams...found 6 in an evening walk around town!
  17. Neither, it's open mic night at the comedy club. Why can't they do it? Because fish don't like ice cream!
  18. We had a cacher in North-East Ohio that hunted and hid with google earth. ALL of his hides were off and he always complained that our hides were off. Drove us nuts till one day...he just went away! So ALWAYS use a GPS to hide and be as accurate as possible. A good hide in a good spot with great lat/long goes a long way!
  19. You found a personal signature coin for midnight faerie who is a local cacher in the North-East Ohio area. You can't track it, only collect it. Some of us create signature items to leave in caches so others can find them. I am truly honored that some of my hand stamped brass dics are in other people's collections that some have even posted on line!
  20. I use UTM and really enjoy it...that's for work stuff.
  21. I have a TB on my truck and use it to show where I've been so I dipp a lot.
  22. It looks like they had the new pre-loaded GPS unit being sold so it must be in one of those! Now everyone in the US that saw that show is gonna buy one! Hope Groundspeak is ready for the sales rush! "I got my pre-loaded GPS in the mail, tried to find car but it's a DNF"
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