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  1. I wasn't able to find anything to confirm this or not but: I have an Axim X5 running Pocket PC 2003 or 2002? I can't tell for sure. If I were able to upgrade, which I believe is possible according to things I've found on ebay, and purchased a external GPS such as the Pharos 360, should I be able to run the Wherigo application?
  2. Perhaps you misunderstood me. I am not as excited about the geocaches that have been placed while absent. Geocaching still interests me a great deal.
  3. Oh, I most definitely agree. It is definitely a must feature, and as I get back into geocaching a bit more, I plan to use it a great deal.
  4. To say the least, I have been absent from geocaching for the most part for about a year and a half. My premium membership has long since expired, but I'm considering renewing it. As I look at the caches in my area that have been created in my absence, I don't feel quite the excitement I once did. Sure, there are now an abundance of unfound caches for me to get out and enjoy, which is especially cool for an area that has traditionally had a fairly low density of cache placement. My only problem, is that I considered most of the caches in my area to be of great quality. Many of these newly placed caches aren't living up to my expectations. Which brings me down to my question. I'm considering placing premium member caches of good quality in the area. Are there others out there that place premium member caches for this reasoning: to have a group of "elite" geocaches? What are your other reasons for doing so?
  5. Our second cache find had been missing for months. We thought we'd take a look on the way back from our first find, because we thought we knew where it was, and guess what? It was back. Same container, same logbook. Strange... The owner moved it to the other side of a valley, closer to our first hide, shortly after.
  6. And I was gonna do that one last year, unfortunately, I was busy the day a couple friends did it, and never got a chance to head up there.
  7. I'm happy to say I just ordered my Katadyn Vario. Had been wanted to get it, but the review pushed me over the edge. Thanks!
  8. Here is one that was just posted in my area. We're gonna have to pick this one up sometime this summer. You can do it in a day, but there is a camping site on top. Stariway to Heaven (Rocking Chair Lakes)
  9. Unless you use the well known "workaround". (or are you saying the recent site update eliminated that - hmmmmmmmm......) Ah, the famous "workaround". I wonder...
  10. Don't forget to list the location on the Marry Me Waymarking category afterwards!
  11. Ok, so I've waited to post, but I've been following every post made. I think the ODS project is kind of a neat idea. Looks like they had fun doing this cache...
  12. I'll stop geocaching when the pig can be trusted.
  13. I know of a place around here that rents out GPSr's, but I'm not sure about the pricing. A school last year had a science night. They got some sort of group to help out, and they had GPSr's leading groups. I'll try an find out who it was...
  14. No problem. Maybe we'll see eachother at an event someday...
  15. More info on Project APE can be found here. As for your new question, yes it should state it in the description.
  16. And yet again, I will not be going this year... but I want a coin!
  17. Hello all from Tamarack City, MI. I reckoginze a couple from MiGO forums. I must say my favorite place to cache is where I live! Just look at my sig line.
  18. All from last year's trip to Isle Royale. Have a couple more, but can't find them right now. Will post them later.
  19. I always bring at least one thing to read, but the #1 luxury item has got to be the stick of summer sausage.
  20. I think we should add the the develop new tools: searching by attribute.
  21. This does seem strange but I think it provides a way to bolster votes on poor caches to keep them out. It is really no different than what peer reviewers do with waymarks because they vote them in or out without visiting them too. It seems a little different to me. At TC they are voting on the quality. At Waymarking, the group decides if it meets the category guidelines.
  22. This is similar to another idea I've had, but it's independent from a GC.com solution. You could essentially create a group that created a higher standard and caches could be submitted for review and they could essentially earn the seal of approval from the group. I am sure there would subsequently be a way to make that searchable in GSAK. If I'm not mistaken, that is the idea of TerraCaching. I was going to try it out, I wasn't really sure about the idea of listing a cache outside of geocaching.com.
  23. Perhaps some sort of group could be formed to help promote quality caches.
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