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Mine is fairly easy to deduce :anicute:



Good lord... I'd pretty much keel over instantly if I walked into your place. I bet you can create some major chaos with a laser pointer :huh:


(violently allergic to cats)


That many cats in one residence is actually illegal where I live. Presumably law-makers had a slow day.

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This was a great topic to read. Pretty funny and interesting! My name is Flutterbutter and I still play on a Nintendo 64. Yes - old school! :laughing: And my favorite game is Pokeman Snap. (you take pictures of pokeman in all kinds of different scenarios) My favorite characters are Butterfree (a butterfly) and Dratini (a weird worm/fish thing thats really cute!) so I wanted a Pokeman sounding name and Flutterbutter just came out and stuck with me. I think it has something to do with the fact my real name means, in scientific terms, a certain kind of butterfly migration, and I love butterflies. Yes. Silly girl stuff.


There are some great names on the net but I think the best ones are found in here! :laughing:



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Just an old potty mouth. :lol:


"I feel like two _ year olds meshed together." copyrighted by sister.


I was at a a laser tag place with some of my friends. We had to think of 'cool' nicknames to put in the laser shooter things like Gears or Killer. Everyone had a good laugh when I said compost. :laughing:

Some other people that were there didn't like the idea that they were hit by a big smelly heap of biodegradable garbage. B)


Edit: spelling



You just got dissed by compost!

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Many people who hear my nickname wonder: how do you get a nickname like mango? Well it all started when I was enrolled in BSHS. I was a transfer student, I didn't know anyone, nobody knew me. But I played lacrosse. Tryouts rolled around and I made the team, but nobody knew my name. Then my now friend Sags saw my neon orange arm pads and desided to call me Mango! And now thats all I am known by at school. Thats Mangos story; whats yours?


Mango ;)

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Mine is due to being a Star Wars fan. I actually wanted Rogueleader but it was taken. I used my back-up of Rogueleader1977. However, the other Rogueleader has only ever found one cache two years ago and lives on the opposite coast so I still sign most of the log books just RogueLeader.


Funny side note: When I first started using this name on another site I accidently spelled it rougeleader untill I got emails asking if I was the leading makeup salesman in my area!

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My husband came up with ours. :laughing: "Green Thumb" for all the gardening we do. At the end of each winter, the neighbors start asking what new thing we'll do in our yard this time around (they're convinced we'll have all the grass dug up someday). We're thinking of putting a labarynith in the side yard. So far, no one's complained about the idea.


"Trekers" is for all the hiking we do. Now we combine it with geocaching. Gets us to lots more cool places.


I call myself the Alpha Female of GTT because of all the dogs I've had in my life. No, not because I'm a b**ch! (Although I do have my moments! Especially when a micro eludes me!) :huh:


What's the story behind YOUR alias? :anibad:



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I am from the Upper Peninsula (U.P.) of Michigan (the most beautiful place on the planet!) and we are called yoopers. The 1019 comes from my birthday October 19th because yooper is usually taken.


It took us SO long to figure out what that meant... a few years of driving through the U.P past "Da Yooper's Tourist Trap..."


Anyways... bandgeek is just one of my many nicknames. Most of them are camping related, but geocaching is pretty outdoorsy so I decided to pick a music name.

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Before I moved back to the States I was working for the Department of Defense (U.S.) teaching skiing/snowboarding and sailing. On the side I started and ran a tour operator business. The business arranged skiing/snowboarding, biking, hiking, rafting, canyoning, and sightseeing tours around the German/Austrian border. Our clients/guests were native English speakers who wanted to enjoy the region without the language barriers and hassels of trying to make their own arrangements.


I was thinking about what to name the company and Funinthealps seemed obvious because even though we offered a lot of services our main goal was to provide fun in the alps.


That handle has since stuck and I'm still active taking care of logistics. We've since added trips to Ireland (My wife is Irish and I lived there for a couple years) but never changed the name (Fun in Europe?). Doesn't have the same ring to it.


If anyone ever wants to go caching over there let me know. I continually make trips over there and will I'll gladly set it up.

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After harvesting and logging 100 finds I decided that the hunt needed to be more challenging. I have changed my name from "theharvester45" to "barefoot cacher" My first two finds as a barefoot cacher were not too painful. I figure my feet will toughen up as I go. I am a little concerned about the local plant life since I have never had poisen ivy or poisen oak on my feet. If going barefoot does not present a more physical challenge, I am considering locating caches while walking on my hands.


Name suggestions????

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There are several sources for my screen name. First off, I have always admired the coyote and its ability to survive no matter what mankind may throw at it. Although I am not a "Native American", I consider the coyote my totem animal and I am an avid collector of coyotes. Second was the book "Don Coyote" by Dayton O. Hyde. Lastly was the short-lived Hanna-Barbera cartoon series and its play on Don Quixote de la Mancha. Besides it sounds a lot better than Wile E. Coyote.

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When I was 10 years old I was joining my first online club, and couldn't come up with a name. I then looked at my computers power regulator, and saw the words Aux1, and Aux2 (Aux stood for auxiliary) to label the extra outlets. So then I came up with the name Aux10. The name has stuck with me for the past 6 years.

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I don't think I've done this before but if I did and couldn't find it, well...forgive the duplication :rolleyes:


Frettchen was taken (which amazed me). However, it was taken by someone in Europe (which makes the amazement a bit less) so I added the 2006...the year I started Caching.


Frettchen has a two-fold meaning for me. It is the German word for ferrets, of which I own two ... an albino named Asmodeus and a little sable girl named Tievan. They are thoroughly spoiled and utterly adorable. Frettchen is also the name of Tievan's littermate who died 2 years ago while under anaesthesia for surgery. He was a wonderfully lovable fuzzy so I use his name to remember him by.

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Mine isn't overly exciting - my name is Al (last name starts with H) and I'm 6'5" tall. But, the reason for the last name character and the hyphen is pretty funny. In college I was logging in as "bigal" and a guy looking over my shoulder said, "Bi Gal? Why on earth are you called Bi Gal??". I decided I should modify it a bit... ;)



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I worked with a guy (Curtis) who ended up being my best friend. When my ex and I divorced, I moved near Curtis and his girlfriend, as the three of us enjoyed doing a lot of the same things. Curtis used to call me and his then-girlfriend the two blonde hussies. After a few weeks, he decided that he needed a way to differentiate us - and he gave me the nickname "Busy Blonde Hussy", which is still my main screen name for my e-mail account. If I wasn't with them, I always had SOMETHING going on! LOL - I've just found it easier to leave off the "hussy" part when I post to other venues! Many years have passed, but I still love this name, even with the harrassment I've gotten for it.

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Ok, two years and some change of being a cacher and I finally decide to post to this thread. I used to go by krn187. That had been my aol name since I ever got on the net. Then one day at an event, I was talking to a guys wife about my geocaching name since I had changed it to "the geocacher formerly known as krn187". I was confused about what I wanted to have my name. She told me it should be something unique to me. Well, my last name is Nichol and then the 5¢ thing came to me. I love it because most people can't figure out how to get the ¢ sign in an email.

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Frodo is the large long hair cat that allows us to live in his house. 13 is for well, mmm I guess its for the number of , no wait I remember this hold on 13 is for the times I tried to , no , crap. its just Frodo13...

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My original name was Deputycoz, a combination of my job title and part of my last name.


We geocache as a family, just started last month so I changed it to Teamcoz to better reflect what we are, our family does everything as a team and we are loving geocaching. Teamcoz includes my hubby Chris, me Amy, our kids Samantha and Daniel. Teamcoz can also at times include our nephew and my sister. I believe my nephew just signed up with his own name though for him and his Dad we have introduced them to geocaching.

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Mine too is incredibly boring. Comes from my high school (rarely used) nickname. Im Mark and someone made the comment one day of "Markus P Worrell lost his squirell" I honestly dont know how that came about. I mean hey, we were high school kids, it didn't have to make sense. I kind of liked the name MarkusPea as it does have my name in it and it rolls off the tongue easily.



icon_rolleyes.gif<!--graemlin::rolleyes:--> How did you develope your screen name?<BR><BR> I've often wondered about some of the crazy screen names attached to geocachers. Some are obvious. (maybe not icon_confused.gif<!--graemlin::confused:-->) Some are downright hilarious icon_biggrin.gif<!--graemlin:<_<-->.<BR><BR> Several people have questioned mine, so here is the explanation:<BR><BR><BR> I recently spent 9 months in Australia. Aussies definitely enjoy the english language.<BR><BR> Among other quirks, the Aussies use a lot of slang including some Cockney rhyming slang.<BR><BR> In Cockney rhyming slang, septic tank refers to Americans. (Tank rhymes with Yank)<BR><BR> Being a Yank, I thought sept1c_tank fit pretty well.<BR><BR><BR><BR> HOW DID YOU ARRIVE AT YOUR SCREEN NAME?

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My user name is my first and second names transliterated from the Zerubian language. (It's one that I am attempting to develop for creative excursions, such as science fiction, so it's not real...yet, but it might show up in a puzzle cache of mine. :P ) The more direct connection is that I was studying physical chemistry in graduate school, and one of the big equations in that field is S=k ln W. One year, I had a vanity plate, S K LN W, and given that my first name is Kelly and last name starts with W, a connection was made. The KLN part simply evolved into Keillan (KAY-lin), and the "S" gives it a more distinct feel.


It could be more insane as I might have used my Zerubian third name, Ejyoszi (meaning Light of the Midnight Star). :ph34r:

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