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  1. I know they added a new "force close more often" feature. But beyond that... LOL! I had to reinstall, and so far so OK. Droid v2.2
  2. Congrats on the mille! Nice going.
  3. Ive seen a few of Icenrye's offerings; they're well done. What else am I to do at work?
  4. Also, Sierra Trading Post Looks like good prices.
  5. Well, @ $10/, you cant go too wrong. IF THE MAPS ARE UP-TO DATE. I find their maps nicer than most they look great. I just got those for my region. The software is not the easiest to navigate. It has a Microsoft or Adobe feel; clunky and kinda dumb. But Ive found that to be the case with all mapping sw. Im a mac user ( did you guess ) and it works well on my platform. Further, Im a Garmin user, so do not expect to import MAPS to your GPS; Garmin has proprietary issues. Routes and Waypoints work well enough with my 60CSx.
  6. Save for the screen size ( a limitation compared to the Zumo ), the 60Csx or 60Cs will do well on a bike. In a RAM mount on my DR650, I have no fear of it coming loose. I have however been concerned about the vibration. So, I got a Zumo as well. I had planned on a ICO trail computer, then I saw that I could do alot more with the Zumo. I haven't looked back.
  7. 1 tooth down on the counter shaft sprocket is about 3 teeth in the rear; but chain wear / longevity may become a concern as the chain makes a quicker turnaround. Ask around, and see who has good working sprocket combos. Take a look also for a bar snake. its an insert into the bar that deadens the bar ( and adds weight).
  8. I see a majority of KLR owners responding. Numerically, theirs is the popular of Dual Sport out there. Folowed by Honda's XR650L and then Suzuki's DR 650. There are others like KTM, BMW and Husqvarna to name an expensive few. After market items follow the majority holders of course. That said, I do not find all that I want for my DR, but Ive found everything that I need. Most things that you might want ( GPS mount, tank bags, etal. ) are not bike specific. ( On an aside jab at the KLR owners, a geeky sport of Geocaching goes part and parcel withyour choice of mount ) THROW NO STONES IN GLASS HOMES? i cant help it. Flame away. Oh, BTW a great resouce for Dual Sporting.
  9. Im a fan of Dual Sporting. It is the most versitile form of motorcycling. Street legal, and off road capable . An activitu that is becoming increasingly illegal. No more Land of the Free, Home of the Brave if you ask me. But you didn't ask, so I'll not go there. Many single cylinder bikes are availible at low cost, low maintenance. Hondas XRL series offerings are good. As are Suzuki's DRs and Kawasaki's KLR or KLX. I have a Suzuki DR650 which I plan on never parting with ( its gonna be a big casket ). I like simple, air cooled, big bore machines which are comfortable bopping around on dual track roads.On a single track the DR 650 can be a bit big and unreasonable. If your distance from home is nothing too great, Id be hot for the new KLX450R. If cost is a concern, a used DR 400 S is a real capable bike; its raced as well as being a pedestrian dual sport. Another option might be an ancient Honda XR which can be had for nearly nothing on Craig's List. This is not recomended, as your most assuredly digging up ghosts from negligent owners past. If you wrench, it no real issue. Good luck with your choices.
  10. What are you riding Michelle? I dig my DR650 when hunting for ammo cans in the wild. BTW, Smartwool Expeditions in Vasque Sundowners have kept me going for the past 20 years. Heck, Smartwool in my Alpinstars too, and Sidi's...
  11. +1 on the CRV list But, preferably, on a Suzuki DR650. I also like by mountain bike.
  12. HI. Im viking66, ( crowd in a monotone drone: 'hi viking66...) and I have an FTF problem... What started as a numbers game, didnt satisfy. I wanted more AND MORE. Oh, 'I could stop anytime I wanted to' Id say; but I cant. If Im at work and an FTF comes up within say 10 miles, Im plotting to get out early. There is an FTF Hound in my area, just like everywhere else. And I have what amounts to a guilty pleasure of wanting to be a spoiler. All I can say is 'becareful whom you point your finger at, it may just be yourself'. I have fun though. Subsequently, Ive got a good ratio of FTFs to finds for the 250 or so I have, I think I might have around 10 FTF's. Its an addiction I tell 'ya; I cant stop. i need help... or a new cache 5 miles away on the way home from work.
  13. I am. I take a large block of lead and use a cheese grater to make a fine lead dust. Tastes great mixed with absinthe. LOL! NJ humor is always welcome.
  14. 700! my, oh my. Where has the time gone. Congrats LWR!
  15. Congrats on the 6K mark 'Floopy!
  16. Thanks for hipping us to Alan2's Covered Bridge caches. Thats a great idea for riding & caching. I can drag along some of the guys, who wouldn't otherwise be interested in geocaching, but would love a nice destination... and then when I've got 'em... WHAM, they'll be geocachers! Its a dastardly plan, but it just might work.
  17. I finally went out and did something about the lull; and unknowingly found my 250th at the Knickerbockerbocker Boneyard ( GCM972 ) . Now, there is a nice multi. It might best be done in prime season of late October, but it was a great tour nonetheless.
  18. The FCC did waive the licensing requirment for the Rinos if memory serves me well.
  19. Hi, I have a Rino 130, I'm not certain, but I believe it runs off the battery when connected. My 60Csx runs off USB power when connected.
  20. It has been dead by me too. I tried for a couple of puzzle caches on the first weekend of the year, DNF'd both (grrr), and haven't gone out since. Im taking a break it would appear. Not that I was working up a sweat or anything.
  21. We just went out to Sparta last weekend to do some caching. After missing Caching Through the Snow III, we felt we had to get to Krough's or the holiday season would be a bust... Anyway, we got to see first hand some of Treequest's hides. Wow, very creative brilliant stuff. Some complete with red herrings and unlikely near unobtainable perches. Really cool. There is a really cool hide ( sorry, no spoilers ) on the campus of West Point called the Armed Forces Cache.
  22. The cat who go me hooked on this is a bit of a number 'ho. We cache together often, and we usually are not satisfied with less then eight to ten in an outing. The peak I think was fifteen in a day. When Im on my own or with my son, Im happy with one. Id guess that I avg. about 1.3 or so per day since Nov. '05.
  23. +1 for the unregistered coin. Thats a nice FTF prize.
  24. Nice going trulve! I knew she could do it before years end. Lets see what the new year brings; Passing me Im sure ( no real challenge ).
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