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  1. I was planning on riding out west during a warm weekend or this spring. My plan was to ride a lot of gravel and minimum maintenance roads on the way out. If that is what you are interested in let me know.
  2. Trade made for the Canada Geese coin. Still looking for Garmin. Thanks for all the other offers.
  3. Looking: Southern Ontario Cachers - Canada Geese Coin LE (Will consider other Ontario geocoins) Garmin Geocoin Trade: AJAYHAWKFAN Geocoin Gold or Silver depending on the coin.
  4. Purple supporters are so jealous of the NATIONAL CHAMPION JAYHAWKS! BTW has a K State team ever been a national champion of anything?
  5. I have given my coins to different events to be won. It is know from the beginning that they are activated and are not up for adoption. No one who has every won one has ever complained. However, if you were told you could adopt it, you should be able to do that. It sounds like the the owner is being jerk. If you don't want to keep it, place it in a cache and watch it travel.
  6. This thread was just brought to my attention. Either I or my AJAYHAWKFAN geocoin was mentioned numerous times in this thread so I thought I would explain my thought on my geocoin. However, before that I needed to clear somethings up written by Arthur & Trillian. A & T, I have never paraded up and down the streets saying I own my coins. (I have never stated my coins are better then anyone else's either.) Many people have one of my coins and I consider them theirs. Also. Some of us do put stipulations on our coins. We don't do it for ego we do it because that is how we want the coins treated. There is NOTHING wrong with that. We paid for the coins and we can request that. It has nothing to do with ego. A & T, those statements show how ignorant you are because you don't know me and you don't know the facts behind my coin. Regarding my AJAYHAWKFAN geocoin: When I had my coins minted in late 2005 my plan was to place them in caches. I never intended on selling any of my coins (I did sell a set of coins for the American Cancer Society). I was also going to activate all of them because I wanted to see where they traveled. I did plan on trading a few and at first traded with almost everyone. That had to be stopped because there were more request then I ever imagined. So I limited my trading to states where I have cached and coins of cachers I have met. Everyone who trades with me knows the coin will be activated and that they need to log it. After they log it, it is theirs to do what they want. I received my coins in Feb. 2006. I started placing them in caches. I would guess I have placed close to 250 coins in caches in at least 20 different states. They are all activated. If someone finds the coin and wants to keep it, they are welcome to as long at they log it. I hope they take it to events. Again, I like seeing where they travel. A few people have been kind enough to write and ask if they could keep the coin found in a cache. I request a trade. My trade it to place any 2 coins in the wild to replace the coin they took. I have had no one turn that trade down. (I am going to ask them to place the two in the wild with a missing to find me.) If someone has possession of my coin through a legitimate way, they can do with it what they want. I only ask that if they trade, sell of give the coin away the new owner logs it. I not going to fight to keep my coins being sold. In my opinion that takes to much energy and I have better things to do. The saddest part to me about putting coins out is that so many are taken from the cache and never logged. I consider those coins stolen. I would estimate the number of stolen coins is in the 40% range. When I know for sure one was stolen I will put a note on the web page stating that. I hope that explains my thought about my coin.
  7. The AJAYHAWKFAN coins will be sold in 6 hours. The The American Cancer Society is a great cause. Please consider bidding.
  8. I started you off. Good to hear that things seem to be going better! Good luck with this. Thank you very much! Poked it higher. You sure did (I got you up a bit further ) Thank you both, It is for a very good cause!
  9. I started you off. Good to hear that things seem to be going better! Good luck with this. Thank you very much!
  10. Gold and Silver AJAYHAWKFAN Cancer has affected my family recently. I am grateful to God and the incredible doctors that made them survivors. I am offering my AJAYHAWKFAN geocoin on eBay to raise money for the American Cancer Society. I will match dollar for dollar the high bid. Please consider bidding. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...E:IT&ih=001
  11. Looking for a Garmin Grand Opening. Have hard to find AJAYHAWKFAN's for trade.
  12. Wanted: Garmin Geocoin Trade: AJAYHAWKFAN
  13. There is an Ozark Mountain Cache group not far from Branson West. OZARK MOUNTAIN I know they are a friendly group and would be happy to help. The Branson West area has a lot of quality cache. Good Luck and have fun.
  14. Wanted: Garmin Geocoin Trade: AJAYHAWKFAN (Gold)
  15. email sent. --Marky I only need a Delaware coin now. Email sent. Trades made. Thanks for such quick response.
  16. email sent. --Marky I only need a Delaware coin now.
  17. I have been collecting coins from every State that I have found a cache. I need only 2 (Until I travel some more and/or some states mint a coin). Looking for: Delaware (visited 2 weeks ago) Florida Will trade an AJAYHAWKFAN geocoin The AJAYHAWKFAN coin will be activated when you get it.
  18. I think some of the best are north of Kanopolis Lake. They take some work but are worth it. (Horse Thief Canon and Red Rock Canon are a couple of my very favorite.)
  19. Looking: Missouri (Not MO-ARK) Have: gold AJAYHAWKFAN
  20. I was thinking of including some CD's in my cache. The songs are of a religious nature. Would this be acceptable? That should not be a problem. You don't need to list what is going in the cache.
  21. Thanks for that info. Just checked it out, and really like this year's design. Sure hope they'll have some for us Lower 49-types! There will be PLENTY for you lower 48 types, unlike Green Jeeps for us Last week I left my green jeep up there for you guys. I guess you will all have to share it.
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