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  1. I'm well past 74 and hope to retire someday so that I can get out more. hndlbr
  2. I have also used the $2 bill as it does not cost a lot and seems to be appreciated.
  3. gctce4 which is one of mine has 93 smiles and 61 frowns but most of the finds got hints, my favorite is gcqr7w which has only 46 smiles but 205 frowns.
  4. With the screen facing you there is a button on the left which is a joy stick, you use it to go up, down, left or right. On the right side you have two buttons the lower turns it on the upper changes screens. turn it on and change screens until you get one that has find and mark at the top. Use joy stick to go up and over to mark then push straight down on the joy stick. You will now have a screen that at the top is a number, scroll up to that block and push down on the joy stick. when you push down on the joy stick a bank of #'s and letters will come up and you can use the joy stick to move from # to # or to letters, you can now change the # to either a # or letter by scrolling to whichever yoy want, a name or #.. If you scroll down after hitting ok you will see a block that has coordinates, when you get there push down on joy stick to enter this field. You will see right and left arrows at the bottom which will allow you to use the joy stick to the different #'s to change the coordinets, every time you enter a # it will go to the next # until you get the coords yoy wish to follow. After you get the coord you want hit ok and scroll down you will see at the bottom "map" or "go to". if you hit map it will show these coords on a map on the screen, if you hit go to it will draw a line from where you are to the coords that you entered. All you have to do is follow that line. On the left of the gps there are two bottons at the top that allow you to scroll in and out to change the map level, if you scroll out to where you see boththe start and finish the gps will actually automaticall scroll in as you get closer. hope this helps, I do not have my gps with me but I think I have it right. You can e-mail me if you have questions. hndlbr p.s. good caching to you
  5. You have been turned into one of us. Welcome
  6. To have fun, see interesting areas, Meet new friends.
  7. I have several ftf coins but co's stated that they were optional as to keep or move. I have kept them. May move them someday.
  8. I am for it. Hope to see it soon.
  9. I like to leave $2 bills, they are unusual and not too expensive and most things left by others are not expensive so I consider it a good trade.
  10. Why not go to an event and rub elbows with the "experts"? Someone there will surly be able to help you.
  11. hndlbr

    stater gps

    Try an e-trex, around $100 and does a decent job.
  12. I have a cache hidden in center city philadelphia which has 75 finds and 49 dnf's. There have been as many as 7 cachers looking for it at the same time with no success. By your standards it would be archived a couple of times a month and it is still there and hard to find.
  13. I am 0ver 70 and have biked for 60 years. I have a unicycle, a ten speed, a tandom, a reproduction of the "penny farthing" and have ridden 200 miles on a week end. I always wear a helmit and have had many ocassions that I was glad that I had my "brain bucket" on. P.S. I am a psyc nurse and have taken care of brain injured pts. (not fun).
  14. Why not take it to an event and pass from one event to another. Less chance of going missing.
  15. Have not used the paf yet but will give hints for my hides if it is not a 1st to find and cacher has loged a dnf.
  16. To find where the games were being held in a strange city after qualifying for the Senior olypics, I lost.
  17. I love getting a 1st to find but equally enjoy being beaten to the cache. I have gone out in freezing rain to score only to find previous logs and I say good for them. Even more fun is to find that difficult cache with all those dnf's.
  18. I could care less about #'s, I just want to have fun. I average 100 a year and am very contented.
  19. You are geting some great advice. Try to make some events and talk to experienced cachers. We have a saying that if you find three caches you are hooked. Start with easy caches untill you are more experienced. I recently won a 2 day stay in a five star hotel, made all those bumps, cuts and dnf's worth the effort. Hope you stay with it.
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