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  1. We are leaving New England and I currently have 5 active caches that I would rather have someone adopt rather than discontinue them. All are several years old. Contact me soon as we are leaving this month. The list. Mustcache
  2. In the recent past I have had an increase of reported discoveries of trackables that have been in my own possession. It's pretty pathetic that people are so incensed on increasing numbers like this. I delete every one of these logs, but wish GS would create a tool to put a stop to it. What has this hobby become? :huh:
  3. This geocoin commemorated the 5th anniversary of Groundspeak. It is .999 pure silver. If there is any interest in purchasing this, send me a message. It was struck as a proof with a mirror finish with frosted highlights. It has been activated (TBRHF1). I can't find any mention of another in this or any other forum. I would rather see someone in the geocaching community get this, but I will end up selling it for the silver content (that would be a shame). Thanks, Traj
  4. No offers yet. I will be putting it up on ebay during the weekend. Thanks.
  5. This is solid silver. TBRHF1 This coin is 1 of only 100 minted. It is .999 pure silver. GC.COM also made a coin of the same design which appears to be a brass alloy. This one is a true PROOF coin. The background is a mirror finish (which in the photo appears black). The raised portions have a frosty appearance. The coin is in perfect condition and has never been handled. Other than the photos I placed on this post, I haven't seen another one.
  6. You and 2 others have emailed me expressing interest in buying the coin. I guess the best way to do it would for you all to send me an offer and we'll go from there. Thanks.
  7. I have a Silver GC.COM geocoin that I purchased around 5 years or so ago. This in "proof" condition and comes in a acrylic container in a display box. The number is registered. But I believe can be transferred. Let me know if anyone has interest in it. Here are a couple of photos:
  8. No, it's probably less than 100'. Also, I think I got a slapshot in the head. Problem solved. Thanks.
  9. This has been happening to me today. What's going on? Did you find out?
  10. GCQRMY is up for adoption. Contact me if you are interested.
  11. Some of you may be familiar with my caches. I can't get around as well as I could so I have to bite the bullet and offer most of them up for adoption. If anyone is interested, contact me.
  12. Due to physical limitations I have decided to offer most of my caches up for adoption. Please contact me if you are interested. Traj
  13. Mustcache


    I have done a puzzle cache using sound. In fact you can't solve it without listening to the sound file. However, it does not autoplay. Check it out. Maybe it will give you an idea how to do yours. Frog Talk
  14. Garmin has a bunch of Mac native software for us Mac users. Here
  15. I'm a Veterans' Service Officer. Come see me when you get out!
  16. This is a often discussed subject. To each his own. However, if I notice multiple finds on my caches, I fix it.
  17. You're the one that fraudulently logged one of mine. Fortunately I deleted your log entry before you continued your warped game.
  18. I think your quacking up!!
  19. Except that there are no details at that url (as of this post).
  20. Must be the influx of Red Jeeps.
  21. There are different types of caches because there are different types of cachers. If you can't rock climb, there are caches you will not be able to find. If you can't bushwhack a couple miles there are others to take off your to do list. I figure if there are puzzles you can't solve then that smiley doesn't belong on your list of finds. What he said.
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