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  1. The Nuvi will work, not the best due to not being waterproof, etc. Make sure you set it to pedistrian mode, off road. It tries to keep you on a road, that's its main job. No consumer type GPS will get you spot on, even as much as 20 feet away, combined with the hiders GPS error you could be as much as 30 to 40 feet away. There are several post as well as the FAQ at the top which talk about various GPS receivers. Don't give up. Look for easy ones, not a micro in the woods.
  2. I do not know what a geobeagle is, but you might try sending your pocket query to some other e-mail account, or on the pocket query page is a link to download the query directly to your computer. In fact if your query contains more than 500 caches, the download is the only to go. What does a geobeagle address look like. Is it a normal format like "your name@someaddress.com?"
  3. Did you get a certificate with your PN-40 for a free one month premium membership? Give it a try.
  4. I just found out two weeks ago that I have diabetis. I already have two empty containers and was wondering if they would work. I am going to put a couple out in the back yard to see if they will stay dry, but since it has not rained in a couple of months, I am not sure of the test. I can see how they stand up to the heat as we have had 18 days of 100 or better, and the weather lady says lots more to come.
  5. Hope you have fun. There are several ways to do what you want. 1. As a premium member you could run a pocket query and filter by date placed. You also might filter out what you have already found. 2. Run a pocket query of all the caches in the area and load into GSAK, then filter out the ones you don't want to search for. I empty my gps and load new information for each adventure I am planning.
  6. I have a Nuvi 255. When I load a new file with GSAK and the Garmin POI Loader, it erases the old file before installing the new one. Also the Loader has a check box to erase files without loading new ones.
  7. I have a Delorme PN30. I like it a lot. For the car I have a Garmin Nuvi.
  8. When we were there, we took a tour bus and we set in the open top. My GPS at the time was a Lowrance H20C. It could not keep a lock on the birds. I don't know if any will work amoung the tall buildings.
  9. Hi. You joined in 03 and this is your first post. Welcome. It has been a while, I have a Sport Track Pro. There should be a setting in the device setup to change the default settings. I don't have it here in front of me. You might also search for the manual on the Magillan pages. It is an older unit, I don't know if the info is still around. There are also programs to convert formats. GPS Bable is one, there are others.
  10. Go with a group. Attend an event cache and ask to look at the various models. Someone might have an extra to loan you for a short time. Buy one in the Garage Sale Forum. You can sell it if you don't like it. Some stores have better return policies than others, I think REI is one. That's four suggestions. Good Luck
  11. Hi. I use a Lowrance H2OC. You load the caches into the memory card using a card reader. Then put the card into the GPS, it goes under the batteries, and transfer them to the main memory. At the top of the forum is a FAQ with a section to go to Airmappers Lowrance Page. Very good detail instructions for premium as well as non-premium members. Another option instead of GSAK is to go to Lowrance.com and search for a download of a FREE program called GPX to USR. It will convert your unzipped pocket query into a file the Lorance can use. Load the file on the card and proceed as Airmapper's instructions. I use a combination of GSAK and the Lowrance program because I like the icons that the Lowrance program generates. They can be changed in GSAK, but I take the lazy route. Hopr this helps.
  12. I have a Palm Treo 650. Yes it is a phone, but I have not signed up with Verizon. No monthly fees. Got it off ebay cheap, spare battery too. I don't know if it will work with Vista. Bright color, can read in the sunlight. As an extra bonus, because it is a phone, it will make calls to 911. I tested it but hope I never need it. Cachemate should work with it, but I like the Plucker / Sunrise input solution better.
  13. Hi and welcome to the game. I have a Palm Treo 650, don't know anything about the Pro. Is there a window where you can see your current location? For example the Longititude and Latitude? Is there a way to put in some cordinates, the Longititude and latittude of a location?
  14. There is a list in the Organized Geocaching section. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=198818 List of groups A quick look showed a group for north west Georgia and part of Tennessee. Good luck
  15. I have a Nuvi 255W. I use it to navigate to the area in the car and read the hints etc downloaded by the GSAK micro noted above. The Nuvi stays in the car and my hand held Lowrance H20C goes with me down the trail. Both compliment each other. Welcome to the addiction. It may be too late for you to turn back!!!! Cache on. Jim
  16. Look here. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...2&hl=tomtom Do a search for tomtom. You can not search for tom tom. I have a friend that got a tomtom and this is how I got him started
  17. I have used my H2OC for close to two years. Sometimes a little slow on initial lock, but is stable once it finds it. I second the free program from Lowrance. com GPX to USR. At the top of the forum is a FAQ. One link takes you to Airmappers Lowrance Page. It is very good information. Happy caching for your friend.
  18. Here is the manual http://www.magellangps.com/assets/manuals/...k_series_en.pdf Happy caching
  19. What Nuvi? What program suggested? look here http://gsak.net/board/index.php?showtopic=12382
  20. Lowrance user here too. H2OC Look at the top of the page in the FAQ. There is a link to Airmappers Lowrance Pages. Lots of information, there is even a method to download caches to the unit.
  21. At the top of the forum is a list of FAQ. One item on the list is Airmappers Lowrance Page. I suggest you read there. I found it very good. I use the GPX to USR software too. look at Lowrance.com in the download section. It's FREE. Happy caching.
  22. Try a reset Soft Reset (Does not delete GPS Data) IFinder H2O C Reset 1. Turn unit OFF 2. Press and hold the PAGES key 3. Press and hold the PWR key 4. Release both buttons when the USA map appears Hard Reset (Deletes stored GPS Data such as Waypoints and trails) IFinder H2O C Reset 1. Turn unit OFF 2. Press and hold the ZIN&ZOUT Keys atthe same time 3. Press and hold the PWR key 4. A tone will sound 5. When tone is sounding, release buttonsand immediately press and hold the FIND key. 6. While pressing FIND, a higher tone will sound 7. The unit will reset. Turn unit OFF and back ON. You have to be fast with the FIND key in step 5 Also sometimes the memory card causes problems. Do you put in a new card? Try without the card. Good luck I love my H20C
  23. Are you trying to create a regular PQ or you using the click box at the bottom to create a special "my finds" PQ that can only be run once a week?
  24. There are 254 Counties in Texas. There is at least 1 cache in each County. Your challange is to find at least 1 in each County. The first person to finish said he drove 15,000 to 20,000 miles. It looks like 13 people have finished. I am close to halfway there. GCRX6F
  25. What you do is download cache information into the Palm instead of printing out cach pages for the hints, prior logs and other information. It is called Paperless Catching. You do not need it if you have a newer GPS that support paperless caching. Tequila has one solution, another is in the FAQ at the top of the forum, look for paperless caching. It is an older Palm, but works good, I have a IIIx sitting in front of me that I use all the time. I uses AAA bateries, but they last a long time. I hope you got the cable to hook it to a serial port on your computer. Some newer computers don't have the serial port. It also might not work with windows Vista. Go to Palmone web and look for the desktop software to download. Search the forum for Paperless Caching and you will find a lot of answers.
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