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  1. This is slightly off topic but anyone who wants to plug into some military stuff should check out military.com if you have not yet. SFC (20 year letter but not retired yet) CalArNG MP and USAF Air Rescue 1967-1971. Also presently part time Federal Reserve Canine handler.
  2. I have not visited the forums for awhile and I seem to remember that hovering over a screenname on a forum post would show the member number. Is this a true statement or a phantasm of my unsettled mind? I tried a forum topic search and came up emptyhanded.
  3. So the answer that the benchmark is more accurate than my GPSr is essentially correct.
  4. I have posted to this thread already but seeing as it has lasted so long I am weighing in again. 6 years USAF; 4 years 1967-1971 Regular with 19 months in South East Asia, 2 years Inactive Reserve. 14 years CalARNG as an MP with duty in more foriegn police actions than I care to remember. Currently working fulltime as a civilian and part time as a DOJ Detector Dog handler mostly with CBC and US Marshalls office. Best wishes and luck to anyone currently in the "sand box."
  5. My but this string has been going on for a long time. Just thought I would weigh in again. Deimos because I am a astronomy buff and 444 because 4 is my ( ha ha ) lucky number. The black water kitty is a feral cat in the cat project at Foster City, CA that was standing in a pool of water next to a golf course for some crazy reason. The really crazy part is that he/she stood there long enough to be photographed.
  6. First, I am in the Canadian Navy; Lastly, the 8 is just to make it look a little different and to help it stick in the head. When it sticks in the head is it hard to clean up?
  7. You forgot religion. How's this to keep this thread going for another 2-3 pages? The Good Book says cruising is immoral. You can't find anything like that there about caching! If money is the root of all evil then why do they always pass the collection plate at chruches and temples? To gather up as much evil as possible and then dispose of it properly.
  8. As a longtime resident of the Peninsula south of San Francisco I have learned to ignore the gay stuff entirely. I find that as a hetero dude I am pretty much ignored by the gays. Live and let live. However, hijacking a public spot by any group is really uncalled for and rude.
  9. How strange. I thought this thread was closed. More moths in the electronics?
  10. 1. You are not doing anything wrong. 2. Be nice and respectful. Remember that the officer may have just had a bad experience with someone. 3. Relax. 4. Explain don't argue. 5. It's ok to be scared.
  11. In the hand so I can see the arrow and distance and after it zeros ( somewhat ) I usually put it down on a flat and level surface to see if it redirects.
  12. If you kill things with a bow rather than use the arrow one ( or two ) can only surmise that you use your cannon as a bludgeon.
  13. HeHe, I like these weapons threads. They get so polarized by all the experts. My question to OP is won't a .357Mag just sort of irritate a bear? I think my long barrel Ruger .44Mag would be more appropriate.
  14. If you have children the primary rule is to do them no harm and protect them as well as you can. I have raised two and have been very lucky as well as proactive. Although, my 35 year old son still calls me sergeant dad when he's teed off at me. I agree with whoever it was that said there shoud be a test and a license before someone can have a child.
  15. As a canine handler who takes a drug sniffing doggie almost everywhere I go we ( actually the doggie ) have found quite a few stashes and probably caused a great deal of adolescent angst. As in life in general just use some discretion in where you travel alone. If the stashers suspect who you are and want to exact revenge it is probably best not to go back to that spot.
  16. I wish I could count the assembly of voices in my head. " A mind is a dangerous place to be. " ANON
  17. Get in. Sit down. Hold on. Enjoy the ride. NOOONE is in charge here. All the Groundspeakers are actually sockpuppets.
  18. I really like these addiction threads. I think I am capable of addiction to almost anything. Except boredom.
  19. This next guy dude must be a real partypooper.
  20. Keep bailing Groundspeakers, the water level seems to be dropping. Evil IE is working ok. Aren't the Firefox people fooling around with perfecting their new update process? This could be affecting things.
  21. I find myself strangely in agreement with an even stranger cotatiite.
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