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  1. Oops! Thanks Cardinal. That was nice of you. I actually forgot to list two of them! Duh. Also up for adoption: Rising And Falling at Scudders Falls (GCV0FH) I wish we could stay in our homeland, Briansnat, it's hard to leave, but we gotta pay the mortgage. We're headed to southwestern Michigan in January, there aren't nearly as many caches out there, but there sure are a lot of natural spaces. I predict a lot of exploring in our future.
  2. Hi Geofolks! My husband Joe and I are Team Gremlin. We have a few caches in the area, and I have been transferred to Michigan and have to move out of state soon. You see the problem this presents. We plan to remove all of our caches, but want to give them a fighting chance to find a new home before we do so. If you would like to adopt any of our caches, please contact one of us! GCK6BW GCV7KG GCW9VV GCVZ8Z GCX335 GCX339 GCX33Q Thanks and happy caching!
  3. You want to delete logs that say TNLNSL, TFTC? You realize that would negate the find. Not a good way to get people to look for your caches. Not very friendly either, and a great way to make people angry. You do have the option of deleting logs, but that power should be reserved for inappropriate/naughty/illegal logs. What's the problem with these logs?
  4. I think we've had a few days like that. This is our cachemobile: That's the day we bought it. It's since been modified juuuuuuuuuust a little.
  5. Excellent. Just excellent. We have a similar cache, but I don't wanna post a photo and ruin it.
  6. Duuuuuuude. This is why you need to go out NOW and get some blaze orange clothing. Please. Don't be a statistic. You can get it at Walmart. There are guys out there with guns, and the season most certainly is not over next week. There are deer days for a couple more months. Shotgun, bow, and maybe even rifle, You should check out the deer schedule for NH today. December is the peak of the season. Be VERY careful, you were in a dangerous situation today. WEAR ORANGE.
  7. It's not that pic that gets me, it's the x-ray. Crikey!
  8. Eegh. Too much! Too much! At least for a second date.
  9. We found a guardrail micro yesterday that had several muggle logs in it, all of them quite rude. The latest entry included an illustration! We obliterated it. I am just thankful they left the cache there.
  10. OMG!!!!!!!!! ME TOO! What are the odds of THAT?!
  11. This is quite embarrassing, really. My husband bought me one about 2 years ago that works with my PDA via bluetooth. Totally unsuitable for caching. GPS #1. Still have this one. Then we buy a new version of MS Streets & Trips that comes with a little GPS that we can use with a laptop. Again, totally unsuitable for caching. GPS #2. Still have this one, too. I always wanted a GPS for the car, so we buy a Garmin Street Pilot III and love it. Again, totally unsuitable for caching. GPS #3. Then we get a Magellan Explorist for caching. Love it. GPS #4 We break the Explorist. We panic. My GOD, what will we do without a GPS for the time it takes to send this one to Magellan to have it fixed? We buy a cheap Geko for 50 bucks on Ebay, just to have a backup or in case our friends want to try it out. It arrives the same day that the Explorist comes back from Magellan all fixed. GPS #5. Our Street Pilot III was stolen out of my car right after Christmas. We panic again. What will we DO? We collect the insurance money and purchase a newer Street Pilot. GPS #6. We go to Arkansas, and somehow lose track of our beloved Explorist. We can't find it anywhere. We call the hotel, we call the rental car company, nothing. It's gone. Again: We panic. What will we DO? We purchase a Garmin 60CSX, of course. GPS #7. I have not added up the actual numbers till now. We are such blatant consumers.
  12. What's "lame" to you might be really fun for us. Don't take away our urban micros. We don't like puzzles, but we don't look for those, nor do we call them "lame" or try to get the caching community to do away with them. I love micros.
  13. Argiope Aurantia, Garden Spider. (which is, indeed, an orb weaver).
  14. One sort of cache does not appeal to everybody. That's what's so great about caching. You can pick the ones you want to seek. We love micros, urban or rural. it's nice to find an ammo box, but nothing thrills us more than great camouflage. We don't do puzzles, they just don't interest us. Some people just live for puzzles. That's what makes the world go around. If you don't like a cache type, don't do them.
  15. I second the endorsement of Cutter Advanced. It has a much better toxicological profile than DEET, (which has always made me nervous), and is way more pleasant to apply. It doesn't melt plastic like DEET, and it doesn't leave that sticky, icky, nasty feel on your skin. We have been using it this summer and it is remarkably effective, at least as much so as DEET.
  16. How sad. Were you terribly hurt? "Swang" is my new favorite word.
  17. Ergh. PETA is, at the very least, a very controversial and radical organization. I will keep my own opinions of PETA to myself in the spirit of forum propriety, but I would suggest referring to an organization that is a bit more reputable, such as the HSUS.
  18. Animuggled: (v.) When a geocache, probably containing a food item, has been pillaged and strewn. See also: Doggled
  19. It wouldn't be any fun with anyone other than my husband Joe.
  20. It was the Hawiian Punch that got to you, wasn't it?
  21. This is taking a kids' game WAY too seriously. This person needs a job or something, he/she takes this thing and him/herself WAY too seriously. This guy needs a nice Hawaiian Punch.
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