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  1. Garmin very briefly had the Oregon on their site this morning right after the official announcement. Ten minutes later it was gone. Luckily I have a link to it..... Garmin Oregon
  2. Not bad! We picked up a few new catch phrases ("Use that GPS to find yourself some balls, Andrew") and can't get the song out of our heads. GPS the movie Downloads It's not a geocaching movie, more of a killer thriller but well worth the time. The indoor showing was only fair, lousy ambiance. The Saturday outdoor showing in the dark beside the Rio Grande with grass and trees all around was spectacular.
  3. You guys are a hoot! I saw a NJ cacher sign up for Dinner at Harla May's and did a double take. There's a big event the next day - 3rd Annual Valencia Fun Day and we're going to do an outdoor showing. You might as well come along, too.
  4. thanks, Jaime, we love the butterfly. See you this weekend I hope.
  5. Glad to see you guys had a good time. NMGeocaching is showing it in New Mexico in a couple of weeks. And the venue for the first showing sounds almost the same - an old theater turned into a grill with beer, big hamburgers, pizza, beer, steaks, beer. Then showing it outdoors the next night. Good to know it's not a bomb.
  6. It will be playing in New Mexico 9/21 & 9/22 during the 3rd Annual Valencia Fun Day Event Details at NMGeocaching.com and their forums. Sounds like fun!
  7. We still have a few coins left for $9 plus $2 shipping, 50¢ each additional available here.... 2007 NM State geocoin Some have been selling for over $20 on eBay so get 'em while you can. Where do those buyers come from??
  8. NMGeocaching is sponsoring pre-screenings of GPS the Movie in Belen, NM (about 30 miles south of Albuquerque) during the popular 3rd Annual Valencia Fun Day Event. Friday 9/21 8PM after dinner at Harla May's Grill Saturday 9/22 7:30ish under the stars at Willie Chavez Park after the Fun Day Event. In case of bad weather, the showing will be at 8PM at Harla May's. For details and tickets, go to NMGeocaching.com's forum. Tickets will be entered in a drawing for a signed movie poster and several more will be auctioned off after the showings. Come join us for a fun weekend!
  9. The 2007 New Mexico state coin finally arrived and its special icon is live on GC.com. It's a heavy gold colored 3mm coin, 2" x1-3/4". It features our Cache New Mexico logo designed by Dino Hunters and the official state question - "Red or Green?". The coin is $9 plus $2 shipping, 50¢ each additional and is available here.... 2007 NM State geocoin Many thanks to Will and Joni for their hard work making this beautiful coin happen!
  10. We had a great turnout in Albuquerque to do our quarterly cleanup of our one mile stretch of I-25 last Sunday. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...c0-4f0d5adcc5f1 Many more pics on http://NMGeocaching.com .
  11. We bought a Z22 and couldn't read it outside! Going back in technology a few years I bought a brand new Handspring Neo for $8 on eBay. It's a IIIxe clone with USB cradle. AFAIK, all Handsprings were USB.
  12. Congratulations to Dino Hunters! He handily won our New Mexico Geocaching logo contest against some pretty stiff competition. Fantastic job!
  13. Thanks CR! We've put it on the New Mexico geocaching site and anyone is welcome to use it.... nmgeocaching.com/check.php
  14. That is fantastic, CR! May I put it on our www.NMGeocaching.com site for our cachers to use? We have a lot of evil puzzle cachers here.
  15. Much more than a starting point, Dino Hunters, that's fantastic. Have you been to New Mexico? You captured the spirit of our little state. I've put it on our website for consideration. Please come join and participate, it's free and there are some prizes for the winner.. NMGeocaching
  16. Garmin fanboy here and it pains me to write this..... It looks like the x series is a quick, shallow parry to Magellan's Explorist series. Sure, some of them have a new chipset but I've yet to see anything saying they've improved the basic unit over what we've had for years. Same number of waypoints, same track logs, same lousy 2-axis compass and no mention of a file system. It's like they bolted a turbocharger onto a Ford Pinto. A knee-jerk reaction to bide time until they design a real - what? - 5th generation reciever. Until I hear different, I'll sit on the sidelines both loving and cussing my 60CS. B
  17. By disallowing all commercial links, you kill about 50% of my enthusiasm for this site. I enjoy seeing -and buying- the deals I find here. I've gotten some smoking deals on hardware and found a few small mom & pop suppliers with great goodies that I would not have found otherwise. It was a nice touch GC had, letting a few small garage-based suppliers get the word out. What a great sense of community I got from that, the big guy letting the little ones ride their coat tails. Most anybody can see if a link has a referral code in it and if the mods don't catch it, someone will mention it. And it doesn't take much history to see if a poster has ulterior, commercial motives. It's already been said a couple of times, you're throwing out the baby with the bathwater. Another thought is to create a forum area that's just for paid commercial posts. Charge a vendor $X and put their message there. It would bring in a few dollars to GC and give vendors a place to reach us geocachers. I would read it just out of curiosity. So I guess where I'm going with this is; please reconsider doing away with all those helpful and non-threatening links that (evidently) most of us want to see remain.
  18. Another balloon pilot here.... We use the calibrated altimeter in our instrument pack so don't need that function from a GPSr. But it's interesting to see the vertical profile of a flight along with your track afterwards, though. GPSrs with built-in electronic compass only use them while standing still or moving very slowly. My Garmin 60CS kicks into the satellite data over 2mph or so. All GPSr units will show compass data as long as you're moving and it's always more accurate than any built-in compass. That said, the built-in Garmin compass is totally worthless doing what you want. It's way too finicky about being held at JUST the right angle almost flat. Held vertical it will go 180* out and totally confuse anybody looking at it. Worse, on any but the arrow page it gives no indication that it's screwy. The Magellan 3 axis compass is much, much better, almost excellent. BUT, before having this lousy built-in compass, I never missed having one because I was almost always moving. So don't let Garmin's godawful compass sway you from getting the best brand of GPS.
  19. Thanks to your heads-up I got one last night for $66.50 - they have a 5% discount code on the page. We thought about getting another 'til we saw the price today. Bruce
  20. The last 3 or 4 cameras I've bought all had a sequential numbering option on the menu. I use Thumber to transer and rename my pics. It moves them from the camera (leaving it empty), creates a folder of today's date and renames them by date, min, sec. Highly configurable and fairly automatic. It will create a web page of thumbnails linked to full sized pics in no time flat. Check it out. Bruce
  21. The talent here amazes me! As one with no design ability and complete lack of good taste, I hope this isn't too much off topic... Would any of you be willing to design a logo for NMGeocaching.com, a website for caching in New Mexico? There are a few small prizes for the best design plus credit on the main page and a link to your work if you wish. The site is NMGeocaching And the forum discussion is Logo contest Thanks! Bruce
  22. After lamenting New Mexico's lack of a state geocaching site and getting Groundspeak's blessing, We've put together http://nmgeocaching.com . It is a non-commercial statewide site open to all where we can communicate and learn about geocaching all over our beautiful state. The website is very much a work in progress, my lack of talent and good taste pretty much limited me to putting the forums together so the main site is a little bare right now. So come check it out, join the forums and participate! If there's anything you'd like to see on the website, just let me know at admin@nmgeocaching.com And please, if you can write, do design work, send photos, write code or just have ideas, also let me know. I hope we can see all regions of the state represented. Thanks, Bruce
  23. The government has done occaisional GPS blocking tests at White Sands, NM for years. We used to get flight briefings and PiReps about them, dunno if they still do. So I'd bet Timpat and Weightman are right on the money. They can blank out the signals or make your position wander miles away.
  24. And when you add the Legend Cx and Vista Cx to the mix, it becomes an even bigger matter of look and feel. Wonder how Garmin will differentiate the units pricewise and featurewise? That could be a real conundrum if they all have Sirf III chipsets and TransFlash.
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