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  1. Yeah the Freemasons are no secret, but the next time you need some aging brickwork tuckpointed and you're short of dough, you'll appreciate the value of having a good "free mason" in the family. When muggles come up do you try to hide what you're doing? Or do you invite them to sign the log and trade trinkies?
  2. I've met Snoogs in person. My wife went to high school with the Dixie Chicks. The Dixie Chicks have not been in any movies, so no Kevin Bacon connection there. My brother used to work with some foreign dude they called "Ted Nugent" because they could not pronounce his actual name. Again, Ted Nugent's a fine American but hasn't been in any movies so no connection to Kevin Bacon there.
  3. voice input of coordinates and voice command: "go to north thirty seven degrees fourteen point zero two one minutes, west ninety-seven degrees..." "go to waypoint GCXXXX" "switch to compass screen" "switch to map screen, zoom out, pan right, track up" "setup, tones off" "begin recording track, end recording track" "go to address: 1313 mockingbird lane" (and it would be smart enough to know you meant the city you're currently in if you didn't specify a city) automatic detection of battery type automatic charging of rechargeable battery types when connected to the car power cord some way to 'beam' coords between units out in the field a way to download all cache information for the 10-mile radius around your current position a way to display the whole cache page including hints, waypoint identifiers that are, oh say quite a bit longer than 6 or 10 characters. Is this 32 chars or 256 characters or what I don't know but 10 is too few. x-ray mode where it projects an x-ray beam out away from the user and displays the x-rayed items on the screen, this way you could see right through that pile of sticks to see if there was an ammo can in it, without reaching your hand in and getting bit by a scorpion. Be sure to disable this before sticking it in your pocket or you'll give yourself cancer. automatic setting of the correct time zone and daylight savings time mode based on your current position
  4. Snoogs and I are twin brothers, of different mothers. -HJ
  5. Without naming names or giving out too much detail, I'd just like to post a general warning about online trading. It came to my attention a few days ago that someone was offering a certain "silvery" LE coin online, and since I had "inside info," I knew the offer as stated was wrong. On further investigation I discovered that they were offering regular coins as LE because they simply thought they looked "silvery." A trader without "inside information" would have gotten ripped. I got the admins of the site to pull the ad for a serious but unrelated violation of that site's rules, but I notice they're back on again with more ads and have removed the claim of LE, in fact have removed almost all claims and have no images either. I guess what I'm saying is, be careful out there. Contact the original minter (as well as the seller) of the coin if you have any questions, if something doesn't seem right. Also, if you are considering minting a limited edition coin, and the only differentiating characteristic is the color of the metal, it might be good to have an extra alphanumeric character stamped into the coin to identify it as an LE, or to use a range of serial numbers that is non-overlapping with the regular edition, that way there could be no doubt, for example stamp an "L" in addition to whatever serial/tracker number you use, or use (for example) serial #s 001-050 for the LE, and 051-XXX for the regular edition. -HJ
  6. I poked my head in here this morning to get my daily dose of angst, actually before I came in I was quite surprised to see that this thread hadn't been locked down and committed to the dust heap of angsty threads... Wow. Good job, way to work together. It's so easy to drum up an angry crowd of peasants with torches (hey I've done that myself), but to really work together and clarify the new guideline in a way that leaves the door open to future library caches as well as night caches and other caches where the coords are just the starting point for a different kind of adventure, well... ...For once I'm speechless. I think I'll have some popcorn.
  7. For the 'elitist' and 'purist' forums you should have at least 500 finds and 75 hides, fifteen of which must have been event caches where more than 30 people showed up, plus you should have at least two years premium membership. You must have a personal, trackable geocoin of which more than 200 were minted, and all must have sold out within 12 hours or less. You must have been FTF on at least five of your finds, and you may not have placed any lamp-post or other lame micro caches. You must be a member of at least two geocache listing sites plus a member of at least one state or regional caching association, and you must have attended at least one GeoWoodstock event. You must be referred and sponsored by ten other geocachers who know you personally and can vouch for you. You must have deployed over 50% of your cache hides in metal ammo cans, for they are watertight and keep both swag and logbook safe. You must trade up or even, and never stuff the cache with any sort of tracts, religious, political, or otherwise. You must never have posted the popcorn eating smiley, ever, for it is offensive and rude, and disrespectful of others.
  8. OK be honest now how many people sat at their desks and went through this whole image trying to make the same faces before you realized that you're in the office and all your co-workers are suddenly stopping what they're doing and looking at you funny? Aside from that, I noticed that the OP did not use a single emoticon. I would like to see more emoticons relating to Jazz.
  9. Man when people dredge up old topics like this, especially ones about Snoogans, it's like the feeling George Carlin talked about, you know, when you belch and taste a bad hot dog that you ate way earlier. "Ugh, that was almost puke."
  10. I usually just go out and sit by the cache after it's been published. I set up my lawn chair and portable TV and wait. I like to meet the finders in person. Mostly this freaks people out, but it's more fun than waiting for them to return home and log it.
  11. Am I the only one who sees a remarkable resemblance to the actor who played the holographic doctor on Star Trek Voyager?
  12. It hacks me off when people write: "suppose to" instead of "supposed to," "use to" instead of "used to," "walla," "whah-lah," or "waa-laa," instead of "voila," and (drum roll) "to" instead of "too" when meaning "also."
  13. I am offended when people post the popcorn smiley. Please refrain from using it anymore. Thank you.
  14. I was curious about these so-called "chick" tracts, so I went to their website. I spent the whole night reading. I read every one. The scales have fallen from my eyes. I am saved. I repent my heathen and Roman Catholic ways. The rest of you who do not believe will go straight to H***, there's no way to put a finer point on it. Now, before they start roasting the rest of your atheist/agnostic/Catholic souls in the eternal gas grill, let's go caching! P.S. I ordered a whole case of Chick Tracts to leave as my signature item. I hereby repent of my geocoining ways!
  15. Uh, that's "bated" breath, not "baited" breath. "Baited" breath is what you get after eating smoked kippers for breakfast!
  16. The 1040 is too difficult, the 1040A is not much better, and the 1040EZ really isn't very "easy." Oh, you said "Forums."
  17. ...Still waiting for that markwell for the topics about all the caches being stuffed with atheist propaganda.
  18. I hate it when people make fun of my "Hugh Jazz." That and all the darn sock puppets. Can't tell who's who anymore for all the socks.
  19. Found another place where the "A" word is used, presented just FYI and without angst for TPTB to review: "This is an automated message from Geocaching.com This is a short note to let you know we have received the following cache for review: [snip] Listings are reviewed by volunteers. Normally it will be reviewed within 36-72 hours. In the meantime if you wish to edit your cache listing, you can use the above URL or use the waypoint name GCT486. You will need to login first in order to see your cache until it has been approved." (emphasis mine.) If I am the approver, why do I need to wait until it has been approved? I already approved it. So I propose that the last line of this message should change to "...until it has been published." -mark aka "Hugh Jazz"
  20. Somehow, "The Golden Orb of Reviewal Happiness" just doesn't have the same ring to it: Profile for Prime Approver: http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?guid=82...09-cf1af70fc628
  21. So anytime you encounter a cache with absolutely no religious materials in it, you can curse those d****d Atheists and their agenda! OK I get it now. So I'm still waiting for that Markwell about all the Atheists stuffing their propaganda into caches... Gonna be waiting a looooong time I figure... BTW Like the new geo-nick, Confuse-a-Cat. Gotta find your 'new name' thread and see where that came from.
  22. Keystone's email is still keystoneapprover@yahoo.com... on his profile anyway... (this post is just to help stamp out the word 'approver' site-wide and in no way should be construed as a personal attack or angsty post in any way.)
  23. This is pretty funny. The whole point of this thread is that religious folks are stuffing caches with religious propaganda, and what should or shouldn't be done about it. We've all seen it, it happens fairly often, depending on what part of the bible belt you live in. And this isn't the first time this particular subject has come up, and it usually goes on for many pages when it does. I know the forum search feature is broken but how many threads have we had where someone complained about all the godless heathens who were stuffing Atheist propaganda in caches? Someone Markwell me. I'll wait right here...
  24. Oh please. Give the atheist-bashing a break. Religions are always co-opting governments and using the power of government to shove their beliefs on everyone else. Don't believe that? Pull out your wallet and look on every dollar bill and coin. However if you are going to stuff caches with 'religious tracts' of this particular type, please send me the GC# so I can go make some trades.
  25. I find the religious tracts particularly useful when out hiking in the wilderness as I often forget to bring toilet paper. My biggest gripe is with those skin-flint religious groups who choose to use the cheaper slick paper, as it is much less absorbent.
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