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  1. I'm looking for someone in or around the Kansas City area who is both a Scouter and a big time Geocacher. Specifically I need someone to oversee the design and execution of a geocaching event for Boy Scouts and Venturers. The Heart Of America Council of the BSA will be holding a Centennial Celebration this coming fall, one of the events will be Geocaching. If you think this challenge is something you would enjoy please contact me as soon as possible. We need to get to work on the details. Interested parties please send an eMail to kcscouter@gmail.com Thanks..
  2. Since this is a newer device, maybe when you asked this question no one knew the answer. But it's been around a while now and I too would like to know if it's possible. Has anyone done anything with this?
  3. I'm afraid I don't know what that means.... "the Hide'n Seek page". Geocaching.com returns no caches nearer than 11.8 miles, not sure how Google maps will help me.
  4. I just did a search using the Eiffel Tower as center and the nearest geocache is 11.8 miles away, is this possible? Are there some rules against geocaching in Paris? We were planning a trip for next summer with Paris as our first stop and geocaching is an important part of our trips.
  5. OK, right you are, the actual caches returned by the created pocket query are correct. Do you suppose this problem is being worked on?
  6. I created a route per instructions from Kansas City, MO to St. Bonifacius, MN of 448.5 miles with 130 points as a .KML file from Google Earth. Then I uploaded this to Geocaching.com in order to create a pocket query. After clicking 'Upload' you have an opportunity to 'Preview' the file, this preview looks good. So then I click the select box and 'Save Selected Routes' once in my list I can click on the 'Route Name' and see a map of the route again. This is where the problems start, because this map does not even come close to the same map I saw in the preview before uploading. The start location is correct but the destination is way off some place in Iowa. I've made the route public with the name "Home to John & Char`s.kml" so that you could look at it. Anyone have any idea why this is happening?
  7. Just saw the post, please, please send me your application, I'll give it a shot.
  8. Change the query, save it, then press GO, this seems to cause it to happen every time I've tried it.
  9. Clyde, Two quick things. 1) My filter window is not closing most of the time either, I am on XP Pro. 2) I create a lot of filters on XP but my lap top, and home computer are both Macs where I run Route 66 quite a bit. Is it possible for GSAK to output the waypoints in Route 66 format so I can import them there? I usually just use my flash drive to carry stuff around, so i could download to that to make it available to my Mac.
  10. The front page of geocaching.com tells us; "There are 154700 active caches in 214 countries. In the last 7 days, there have been 116162 new logs written by 21340 account holders. " How many account holders are there total?
  11. I've been using PC's since the early 80's, in all that time I don't think I have ever bothered to read a 'Version History' when I update a software title, ...until now. GSAK is the first time I actually look forward to reading it just to see what wonderful new features or what minor little bugs got added and fixed. This might sound like a trivial thing to some of you but being a software engineer myself I have always hated writing these things, for the first time I realize there are actually people out there who might use them. Thanks Clyde for this ever improving, wonderfully helpful software.
  12. YIKES! I can't see my Counts at the bottom of the page after upgrading to 5.1.1, I can see that they are there but I have no way to pull them into view, how do I do that?
  13. This is without a doubt my favorit geocaching photo to date, it was also the last time before he passed away that my dad joined the KaiserKlan in our searches.
  14. Clyde, I think I asked this before but since I can't find it I'll ask again, no doubt your answer was fine but this frustrates me anyway so I need to ask. I use the polygon function to set up a filter, but I need to limit the number of caches returned to... say 500, is there a way to do that?
  15. Back in 1966 my mother started writing a family newsletter at Christmas time about the families adventures during the year, she called it the Kookie Kaiser Klan Kapers sometimes Kronikals. You see all five of us kids had the initials KDK, even our cat was named Kleo and the dog became FresKa. When geocaching first entered my and my wife's life we started inviting all the family to come along for a find, so it seemed only right to call ourselves the KaiserKlan. After the passing of mom and dad I now write the KaiserKlan Kronikals in their memory, if you are really board, here is a link to all 39 issues of the Kronikals. http://kaiserklan.com Enjoy!
  16. Some of the macros I read about here sound very interesting but I don't know how to write them. Is there a source for such things, or how does one go about writing them?
  17. Each point, each airport, is hundreds of miles from each other, I think this would just limit from whichever waypoint came out on top, not for each, besides it's not the miles that matter its the count. I want to have the closest 10 from each point in the list. Thanks for the idea.
  18. Clyde, The Points filter type is wonderful, I use to give myself a small sampling of caches near various airports. I might find myself at Sioux Falls, SD at the spur of the moment, having a few caches listed there gives me something to do in my off time. What would be helpful would be a way to limit the number it gives me within the distance parameter. For example I ask for all caches within 5 miles of the airport, however I would like to see a max of 10. You say "why", well I set up the points filter to give me several points, i.e. FSD, OMA, MSP, DSM (various airports). Some of these will have 50 caches within 5 miles of the airport (Minneapolis for example) while others will have 15 (Sioux Falls), but I really only want the closest 10 to any given spot. Any chance we can add this to that filter? Or is it already there and I don't see it? Thanks.
  19. YES! Nothing else quite says it.... thanks Clyde.
  20. Clyde, This is a small thing in the larger scheme of things but I thought I would mention it. The state abbreviation for Hawaii is HI not HA, this caused me a little confusion when I added a waypoint for the hotel I'm about to visit using HI. Then when I asked for all waypoints with HI only that one came up. I had all of Hawaii loaded but noticed they are all coded HA. So I tried to correct it but it does not update the database with the new code. Is there a way to fix this or do I just need to mis-code Hawaii from now on? Thanks for a great product.
  21. Something seems to be amiss. I downloaded version 4.02 which I think is the most current version. It loaded up just fine, but when I display the Preferences I don't get all of them, all I have is; Delete Memo After Importing Add Time to Log Memo title Merge Import file records Preserve Old item category I think it should also have; Auto-Set Category found Page Select with push buttons Anyone have any idea why I'm missing those and what I can do to fix it?
  22. Clydes response was exactly what I was looking for... as usual he was way ahead of me on this. Thanks
  23. Clyde, After months of working with GSAK I want to ask or should I say re-ask for a feature. Some months ago I asked if it wasn't possible to have a way of storing a set of BASE waypoints that do not have their waypoint codes changed on export. At that time you gave a number of suggestions around this and I've tried to use them but ... alas... I keep coming back to my original idea. Most of us keep a set of base waypoints, home, work, sisters house, etc. their codes are HOME, WORK, KAREN, etc. some longer... when exported they are frequently shortened to ME, RK, REN, etc. kind of useless... but without doing multiple exports and changing the options between or having multiple data bases, what's a guy to do? I've gone the route of naming them kkKAREN, or kkHOME but that's a pain in the rump plus even then I have %typ1 and %con1 tagged onto the end so they come out "HOME O T" or some such thing. Please consider adding a check box column or maybe by use of a keyword in the 'User Data' field that tells GSAK not to "smartname" or change these waypoint codes at export time. Thanks.
  24. I like the new design but it made me wonder and as I could not find an answer I'll ask it now.... how many, total travel bugs are out there?
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