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  1. I would like to know if it is possible to feature a historic Survey and the route taken as an Earthcache?
  2. I'll take that 5 acre lot right next to the big rock outcropping please.
  3. I have a Joe Merchant coin that I would like to trade for a Yemon Yime.
  4. Vinny- I think you and Ed ought to get married to each other. You can have the nuptials at the bonfire.
  5. I carry a 4.5 foot aluminum surveyors range pole as a hiking staff. It is perfectly balanced for throwing and has a sharp steel point to stick in anything. It works great to fend off small mammals and I guess you could use it as a last ditch effort to defend yourself from a bear. These are about $20-$40 and are very durable and long lasting. I've hiked with mine over 1000 miles and only have dulled the point a little. It is a very versatile tool/weapon that you can go anywhere with.
  6. I'll nominate this one: Blood and Guts. What are the other 99? apologies if this topic has already been beat to death.
  7. I came across Wikimapia recently and found that it is a Google Earth application combined with Wikipedia's encyclopedic resources. It is totally free to use and I used it to create some virtual stages of my last cache "GC119WC". I think this has endless possibilities for geocachers to use and create caches with. Check it out. I am not affiliated with Google Earth or Wikimapia- I am just posting this topic for the use of my fellow geocachers.
  8. How do I get my 60csx to think it is at another location? For instance; I would like to project a waypoint from another location without actually being at that location.
  9. going fast- get them while you can still have these available too.
  10. I also have these coins available: Protecch Alien coin Kootenay Pirates Seventhson Silver Gear Facedances v1 Crop Circle Serial Finder silver un-trackable Yemon Yime NOMEX Federation Silver Fire Elemental Cyclops Rusty-o-Junk Roberts coin Tracking Time FTF Sweet Lake City Joefrog Cav Scout '05 Donbadabon WSgaskins Firefox blue Topo Boots Frozen Bone Kache Kids Worker of Wood Moses Gold SWAGS Margarita Dutch Boy Prairie Partners Indy Diver '05 Hawaii Idaho Wales Chef Cache Alot Two Happy Hikers Atlantagal BN Horsegeeks Dorkfish Triple Wisdom Blind Avocado SEPAG Big Nasty Brain Bluegillfisherman Chaos Dragon Team Thorny
  11. Still have a few more trackables left. Blazing Trolls Divervan DB Cooper Migo Ft.Gratiot Hobodude Orange Sunshine Gang All 7 of these can be had for $15 each or $60 for all. I have many personal and un trackables also: Facedances v1 Chester Cachers Celtic Cachers Camp Explorer Leggoes Coinfusion Emerald Valley Cachers- silver and copper Vacman Wildwood Bob and the Moose Jaybee/Litllens Dliming/Kimby J Canoeman Spring TSD Sand Dollar v1 TSD Sand Dollar v2 BN Bouncy Bunny Pirates of Harriman N Scaler BN Lowracer Nero Terracaching Migo Winter '06 UO Trackers Dancingfool Crow coin Hurricane Katrina Hides and Finds #1, #2, #5 2Bugs 2005, 2006 and Doubloon Silvermarc and complete set of #'s matching Manhattan Urban Cachers (4)
  12. How about making a box from 6 pieces that lock together. All pieces could be trackable and when fully assembled, you could put all your traditional geocoins inside.
  13. Back by popular demand! Quality HTF geocoins at bargain prices! Many coins still left I'd take $400 for all the coins listed here.
  14. more traders: Dorkfish Triple Wisdom Blind Avocado SEPAG Big Nasty Brain Bluegillfisherman Arlsdaddy Chaos Dragon Sunshine Gang Team Thorny Dutchboy Dancingfool '05 Hawaii Idaho Welsh coin Chef cache-a-lot 2Happy Hikers Atlantagal BN Hides and finds #1, #2, #5 Manhattan Urban Cachers-set of 4 Silvermarc 2bugs Doubloon Worker of Wood Moses SWAGS Margarita '05 Donbadabon I'm looking for a set of '05 Migo Seasonals, Ajayhawkfan, Seventhson BN Gear, '05 Johnnie Lacy.
  15. Back by popular demand! Quality HTF geocoins at bargain prices! Many coins still left
  16. Still some good ones left. Get them now or buy them on e-bay.
  17. Back by popular demand! Quality HTF geocoins at bargain prices!
  18. Pot, meet kettle! Wow. You typed it as I was thinking it. As I stated in the past, I'm willing to sell any coin I have listed for whatever its' current list price is. I tried to list coins at prices that were sold on ebay. I'm not looking to rip anyone off. About the shipping charge- $2 is the bare bones price to ship a coin. You quote that $.87 as if it's a mantra. That only covers the postage. You still have to buy the padded mailer! Everyone ( you included) that has bought or traded coins from me knows the price of the mailers as it is printed on the back: $1.29 from the USPS. I'm really taking a loss on the shipping by a few cents. I figured I'd offer all of coins back to the coin collecting community rather than placing them on e-bay. Everyone seems to hate the people that put coins there, so I figured I'd let you all get them first.
  19. I had the same feeling, the coins are definitely appealing but the higher price + shipping + conversion to $CDN for me deter me from buying or enquiring. I am not trying to charge higher prices than any coin being listed as less. I anyone is intereseted in buying any of my coins, I'm willing to negotiate on price. What coins do I have listed as being more than their current price?
  20. I'm really looking for a Moun10Bike v1. I'd be willing to trade all of my listed coins for one.
  21. available coins for trade Federation Silver Federation Gold Geowoodstock 3 Karma Coin Seventh Son Crop Circle Cav Scout Geometeacher Wandering Dragon 8Muddyfeet Yemon Yime Serial Finder gold Serial Finder silver Facedances v1 x2 Kootenay Pirates Zombietribe Fire Elemental Crop Circle Indy Diver v2 Badger Joefrog
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