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  1. not neccessarily, if you see the hotsync icon in the task bar, right click it and goto set up. once in set up from the hotsync icon you may have to redisnate the usb port to for example com 5 to com 3. the other thing to try to get the pc to recognize the GPSr is to turn the pc compltely off, connect the the GPSr to the data cable and then connect it to the usb port of your choice. then turn the pc back on and see what happens. the pc will search for devices, it will either find the usb port and the GPSr connected or it will ask if you want to install this device. in which case just follow the instructions displayed. GSAk has a free version, and ther are other applications on the smittyware webpage. www.smittyware.com. if you are unfortunate enough to be using a windows vista computer you will have difficulties with dowloading .pdb files, memos, etc regardless of what geocaching applications you may use. regards archie
  2. first dowload cachemate to your ique second goto www.smittyware.com and download cachenav and Garmin gps query/upload. i use a 2 gigabyte sd card to extend my memory on the ique. right now i have 1.8 gigs of maps downloaded from mapsource to this card. in particular, i downloaded all of the maps from map source city guide. i mapped the entire united states on that card, and as of now i can do a search for just about any place in the U.S. garmin gps query/upload converts your cachemate info into an address file. once converted the aps export from cachemate to address file to garmin ique mapping. regards archie
  3. i own an ique 3600. i had to go to the cachemate webpage and look up cachenav and a couple of other add ons there at the website. first heres how ique loads all cache info from cachemate, all cachemate info is converted to a address file on the ique. second, goto the cachemate website and download all of the ique add ons ttp://www.smittyware.com/palm/cachemate/plugins.php cachenav and gps query /upload are the specific files you need. be sure to read the documentation to better understand how these aps work. the ique is a most excellent geocaching tool, you can do paperless caching and pda related things altogether instead of having to carry a gps and a pda. also hold on to your ique 3600. i believe that garmin has discontinued them. regards archie
  4. i use a sticky pad i purchased from office depot for a while, then i switched to a belkin ash tray standing unit. i like it a lot better. regards archie
  5. i tried to use vista with my palm tx hand held and cachemate. i am very disgusted with windows vista. i ended up paying 150.00 to convert my new pc from vista home basic to windows xp pro. i havent had any problems with .pdb files. the problem that led me to converting my once vista pc to xp pro was no support or no patches available from the palmsource website. try checking out www.palmsource.com. i didnt check recently for any patched or related things due to my no longer using vista. there may now be current patches and updates. best regards archie
  6. hello everybody, i own a garmin iQue 3600. i successfully downloaded cachemate to the unit, as well as, all of the databases that i had saved. now the question is...how do i get those waypoints to transfer to map data. what im wanting to do is use the the gps function of the iQue in the same way i would use my etrex, however, the owners manual states that waypoints are addresses in the address book and there is nothing further mentioned about actually downloading gps waypoints. does anyone have any idea how i might be able to do this??? basically, how do i convert my cachemate databases to an address file for the address book in order to upload those databases??? best regards archie
  7. hello everybody, as most of you are already aware windows vista is the new trend in operating systems. what many of you may find out is that windows vista has not compatibility with .pdb or .prc files that many of use with our palm hand held pda's. heres the story. my old dell 2350 went up in smoke, the power supply burned out. so i decided it was time to get a new pc. i elected to get a compaq presario with windows vista op system.. long story short. the palm TX software installed just fine. so i installed the iQue 3600 software. after attempting to hotsync i determined that this whole idea was a mistake. you can use palm TX and iQue 3600 softwares but you can not hot sync or download any kind of software to use that has the extension of .prc and .pdb. i set the vista pc to run both of these apps in windows xp compatibility mode, this also was to no avail. i set both apps up as administrator which also failed miserably. at this point i decided to install the iQue 3600 software by itself on my wife's xp pro computer. it installed and hot synced immediately as well as the back up. after being made very happy by the apps function on the xp computer i did another experiment. i hotsynced my palm TX with the iQues software. i did not install the TX software on my wifes pc. it synced up and is operating just fine!!! in as much as i am happy with the results of my experiments i am very dissatisfied with windows vista. i contacted tech support at microsoft via email and phone. i am sorry to say that this too was a dead end. MY CONCLUSION: KEEP YOUR WINDOWS XP PRO OR HOME OR WHATEVER< VISTA IS USELESS FOR USE WITH THE PALM OPERATING SYSTEM. best wishes and regards, archie cgriffin101@yahoo.com
  8. hello everybody, im just wanting to check to see if anybody knows hoe to get the garmin etrex legend to connect via data cable to the palm tx. i connect the two devices via the data cable i purchased from supplynet .com, i get the message: "gps data not recieved". niether the garmin etrex manual nor the supplynet.com documents tell how to set the GPSr up to send to the palm TX. any help with this issue would be appreciated!!!!!!!! also.... i have a garmin iQue 3600 and cachemate is installed on it...how do i get my waypoints to transfer to the iQue 3600'smapping software???? best regards, archie
  9. hello everybody i now have both the mapsource metroguide and topographic cd's and i am completely amazed about the map info available on both of these cd's. on the etrex legend, in the find window, you see "adresses" and if you dont have the metroguide set downloaded chances are you cant highlight that in order to use it. well let me tell you i can use it and all i had to do is download a mapset to the etrex of a location such as madeira beach florida and i can now find just about any address in that area of florida. as well as telephone numbers and maps to get to them. i even did a mapset on orlando florida just for kicks and i was totally amazed at the info available. the topographic DVD disc set is also amazing. this set of discs consist of 3 cd's. topographic info is essential when out hiking in unfamiliar territory. these discs cover alaska, hawaii, the eastern and western united states. additinal info on features, addresses,etc for these locations is abundantly available as well. regards archeangelsk2002 (archie) cgriffin101@yahoo.com
  10. hello everybody me and my wife are headed to madeira beach florida. she going to get a tan and i am going with my etrex legend, pda, and metal detector to find caches and perhaps hidden treasure. pocket quiries gave me 35 caches within 3 miles of the location we will be staying at. i plan on doing some night caching. however, i have no idea what the policy is concerning the time the beach closes etc. could anyone who has done some caching in the madeira beach area give some info on the policies and regulations of the area concerning geocaching? best regards archeangelsk2002 (archie) cgriffin101@yahoo.com
  11. hello everybody, myself and the lost fool do most of our caching in the winter. there are many advantages to winter caching and a lot of disadvantages as well. the advantages are: improved tracking ability....yep, i look for foot prints in snow to lead me to cache locations. decreased vegetation and over growth...keeps down the need for bushwhacking. no spiders and no snakes. this is especially beneficial to the lostfool. the disadvantages are: finding that unseen slick spot under the snow in the jefferson memorial forrest and landing flat on my back. lostfool knew that was going to happen, especially when he looked and i was sliding down the hill towards him. hypothermia can become a major concern in cold climates regardless of how you are dressed or the footware you have on. terrain features can be changed in their appearances by ice and snow. a very good understanding of wind chill factors is essential. never under estimate your need for hydration even in winter. best regards, and merry christmas archie
  12. hello everybody, in responce to this topic, i approach it like this: obey now.....aggrieve later. and it wouldnt be that bad an idea to remember the time, date, and place as well as the identities of all involved just in case. a good rule of thumb is that you have no legal rights unless they are applied in an appropriate manner under advice of councel. best regards, and merry christmas archie
  13. i use the everyready 2500 milliamp hour nimh rechargables in my etrex legend, and my field radios. im am very happy with there performance. just remember, on the etrex,you have to go into the set up field, go into system, and change the battery type to nimh. in my field radios (motorola T7100's), the nimh batteries can last for 27 to 34 hours straight usage in scanning and recieving. on an 8 and a half hour charge. however, when i do a lot of transmitting, the nimh batteries tend to weaken in a shorter period of time. i keep a set of AA duracells on standby but primarily, all i use is the nimh batteries. regards archie
  14. hello everybody!!! i was thinking that somewhere in the past posts concerning some sort of update on an etrex legend, there was a mention made of being able to expand the etrex legends waypoint memory from 500 waypoints to 1000 waypoints, otherwise im just plain crazy. if, however, there is such an upgrade for the etrex legend, would someone be so kind as to point me in the correct direction to do this upgrade. any assistance whatsoever would be appreciated. regards archie cgriffin101@yahoo.com
  15. I just spent 47.00 to fill my gas tank...that has seriously cut into my geocaching funds. I think we will all be affected in even worse ways to come. And ive had to cut down on my geocaching and my national mapcorps stuff. all im waiting for now is for the price of diesel fuel to go up significantly enough to affect the over the road truck drivers. regards archie
  16. in ref to avant go the maps and such do work well on the palm IIIxe...but if you use the palm tungsten c or other wireless capable pda check out the jwire channel. it will locate wifi spots quite quickly and accurately. i use avantgo on my palm IIIxe that is set up for internet use. the only draw bavk is that it is dial up but works fine for checking email and such. on that particular palm i can dowload geocaching.coms web pages and forums and all i need is a phone jack. if i need a map page i got it. regards archie
  17. hello tis me the old bald headed archie i own 4 palm IIIxe palm pilots. cachemate and mobi pocket reader are on 1 of them. i use cachemate religiously and the mobipocket reader for referencing. i personally feel i could not geocache without cachemate of the reader. on my 2nd palm pilot i haveall ofmy national map corps stuff on it and i use adobe reader for palm os 4. adobe reader for palm os is a free download and is fully compatible with windows xp. with the adobe reader for palm i can download map displays and such. and can sync with my desktop easily. with most palm pilots like the IIIxe they may coast as little as 29.95 on ebay or as much as 60.00 on ebay. if you get one from ebay you need to make certain that palm OS 4 is installed on them. cachemate is set up to run on palm OS 4. the least expansive palm IIIxe's will usually have palm OS 3 or 3,5,3 or 3.5 versions on them. in which case to upgrade them to OS 4 you have to purchase the Palm OS 4 upgrade cd. that will cost 8.00 to as much as 12.00. cachemate will run on palm OS 3.5 but nothing less, OS 4 in my opinion is better for running cachemate and mobipocket reader. paperless caching is great!!!!! try it out. regards archie
  18. whew...... its been very hot here of late here in louisville........ anyway just wanted to drop a line as to why i havent been doing very much caching lately. 1,) gas prices are getting close to rediculous 2.)primarily doing the the national map corps data collection to date ive collected map data on 400+ locations in the west louisville/new albany quad and i have found some really excellent locations for caches as a result. not to mention things i didnt know even existed. on a medical note, all that walking and drinking water has really paid off. GEOCACHING IS VERY GOOD FOR ONES HEALTH!!!!!! REGARDS ARCHIE
  19. at the "my apologies" cache me and lostfool found satanic graphitti and 7 syringes. the area is very secluded and not veiwable except once your in it. very spooky area, we left really quickly. regards archie
  20. i got the armor clad case from office depot. it cost 29.95. it seems to be rain proof but im not sure about immersion. the case was kinda expensive but after my palm rolled down a rocky hill in jefferson memorial forrest no harm came to the case or my palm IIIxe. i also have the type-n-go keyboard case combo. paid 12.00 for it on ebay. i was getting in the car and dropped the case with the palm in it from waist high and niether the case nor the palm or keyboard was damaged. JUST MAKE SURE IF YOU LOOK FOR THIS ONE THE EBAY SEARCH SHOULD BE FOR "type and go for palm pilot."..ive seen them here in the past 2 months for as little as 5.00 excluding postage. there is also available a type-n-go case/keyboard combo for the handspring visor. regards archie
  21. i have 3 palm III xe's. i am supremely satisfied with cachemate and gsak. cachemate is individually registered on each of my palm pilots. i have one palm IIIxe set up for interet use, one for arts and entertainment, and one solely for geocaching. i prefer the palm pilots because of there being so inexpensive. i purchased mine on ebay for 29.95 postage included. i stated in an earlier posting that i would much rather lose or have broken a 29.95 palm IIxe than a 399.00 palm tungsten c. for field work you just cant beat the palm IIIxe. also you can download all kinds of applications from www.palmgear.com as well as purchase a dial up modem from ebay for use of the palms on the internet. regards archie ps: very important...if you get a palm IIIxe from ebay be sure to check for sure on which operating system it uses. most are OS 3.5 to 3.5.3. these are the least expensive BUT i think cachemate requires a minimum of palm OS 4.0 and you may have to purchase the 4.0 upgrade cd (i paod 8.00 postage included and have all of my palms set up on OS 4.0) also the guy who sells the palm IIIxe's for 29.95 postage included DOES NOT include the desk top cradle.
  22. i own 3 palm IIIxe's they can identify you by your hotsync id as well as an individual computer id.... i had to purchase another cachemate reg code for each of them. mainly because of my individual owners id and computer ids. you can find your palm IIIxe's computer id by clicking on info and then clicking on version. i could not use the same reg code on the different palms so i had to re regeister all 3. regards archie
  23. if ignorance is bliss, tis folley to be wise............ regards archie
  24. you know, i understand why topics are closed for the most part, but i dont understand why mnt man closed my recent post so quickly. all i was doing was making a geocaching related topical inquiry. as such, i believe, that a topic posted should be given a little time for people to post a reply to it. unless of course there is some sort of prejudice on the parts of a moderator concerning posts. in general, the quickness with which my post was closed lends me to believe that certain premium members (such as myself) do not have an equal or qualified voice as has been demonstrated by certain moderators of this forum. the moderators quickness to close a topic, while at the same time, ignoring many duplicated posts, seems somewhat prejudicial. therefore, i have some questions i would like to ask. 1.) is there a problem with a geocacher inquiring about the national map corps due to the fact that some moderator has a problem with a premium member joining this volunteer program? 2.) how is it that many posts are duplicated on a regula basis and yet a single post is closed without regard to the courtesy of allowing people who may be interested in replying to a post a little time to respond before a moderator closes the post? here is a supposition for those of you interested. in reference to cache approval and approvers: i believe that moderators such as mtn man are quick to close posts concerning the national map corps due to the fact that it is my opinion that no one would be better qualified or able to be an approver than someone who is a volunteer for the national maps corps. afterall, we are issued quadrangle maps of an area and are required to report gps data on said data. wouldnt it be logical that since approvers can not go and physically check a location for the most part, but a national maps corps volunteer could? i would go so far as to say that a national maps corps volunteer would be an excellent approver, because they must go out and report gps data from the location they are working. heres something to consider, the way certain states are trying to ban geocaching, i would hypothesise that in the future, a geocacher would dadgum near have to be in the national maps corps just to be able to geocache, afterall, a national maps corps volunteer has more access to many things now than does a geocacher. regards archie
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