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  1. I think a lot of cache owners use logs to determine when maintnance is needed. It's when I don't hear something that makes me worry. A cacher recently visited the area I live and took it upon themself to replace caches they couldn't find. I had an evil hide turn into a light pole cache out of the kindness of this cacher. At least they placed a container 4' from my actual cache with thie blue sticker on it unlike nearby caches which they placed their sticker on light poles, guard rails, pay phones, and fence caps.
  2. There is a geobrowse application that my other half downloaded on the G1 a couple of days ago. We've not used it caching as of yet but will give it a try in the near future.
  3. I picked one up from a cache yesterday and placed it in the next cache that was big enough to hold it. When I tried to enter the tracking number in to log it's movement it shows the tb is locked. It was last logged in October of 2006 and it's only other log was 2 months before that. Any idea why a GJTB would be locked? It is still around and moving.
  4. GC14NNK was placed July 27, 2007 and had to be moved on August 6 to a different location because a fence was going to be installed at the cache location. It still hasn't been found even in it's new location.
  5. All of the I hate / I love micros will go on forever. I think caches are like people, some love them while others may hate them. Micros have taken me to many light poles, phone booths, and guard rails. But recently they have taken a dear caching friend (who fell 50' from a cliff and has defied the odds to be walking today) and I on some enjoyable outtings. The first week we were out searching for the "lame" micros, she used her walker. We found 20 micros in the time most able bodied cachers could have pulled of 80 of the quick park and grabs. But it was about my friend getting out there, overcoming the odds, and caching once again. The following week, she had given up the walker and was using our shoulders for support to walk. That week was only a 10 find day but to see her walking free of the metal contraptions she had been reliant on was worth 10,000 finds, if there's even a value that can be placed on cache finds. I feel micros have their place and people find them as much as others complain about them. They are what some cachers are limited to finding due to physical limitations that are either temporary or life-long. Some of the coolest places I have visited would still be unknown to me if not for a micro.
  6. It is most definitely the violation that will linger. While at GW4 we had bikes stolen that were chained and locked to the truck. We were parked in front of the office of the hotel. To add to the frustration, there was a guy who claimed to be a witness but he wouldn't talk unless we gave him money, which didn't happen. A 100 deductible for $1,200 in new bikes with no wear / tear or necessary repairs is more appealing than 50 bucks to a hustler. Another incident of theft I had was a week following my mother's passing. Some young fellows broke into the house and trashed the inside of it. There was no structural damage but everything in drawers was in the floor and everything in closets was pulled out and gone thru. They took what they thought were some drugs with street value but was really only stool softners and aspirin. They also found a jewelry box that we hadn't found ourselves which had items that were my mothers and great-grandmothers. The cops even stopped the guy who had broken in and inventoried everything he had, but did nothing. Upon discovering the mess in the house we called and an investigation occured. Nothing happened to the morons who stopped the suspicious guy walking down the street at 4 am with a backpack filled with jewelry and prescription bottles with my mom's name on them. **Shoot, even Rush Limbaugh was detained recently for something similar** Fortunately the guy cut himself while breaking thru a window and DNA testing placed him at the scene, but we never recovered anything from the burgulary. One of the two guys went to prison because it was hit 8th conviction for breaking and entering and the driver of the get away car got 6 months probation. They guys admitted they would read the obits every day and target homes of the recently deceased. It was bad enough a family is dealing with the loss of a loved one but when losers such as that add to the hurt, it is often overpowering. Should you lose a loved one, I hope what happened to my family can at least be a learning experience for others. Don't leave the home empty and go thru everything to be sure all valuables and medications are removed.
  7. I'm not sure if the bookmark list will give you the location of a cache. I have placed many of the cool DC virtuals in my cool virtual bookmark list. Of couse there's virtuals from all over so you would have to sort them. I highly suggest doing Awakenings and I Can See Lincoln From Here (Do this one at night.) Those were my two faves. The FDR Memorial was a beautiful area for a virtual as well. Enjoy your trip and utilize the Metro. A day pass is cheaper than parking and it's much more efficient that trying to fight traffic.
  8. I hope you marked waypoints for all the nearby Starbucks? Lynn is simply an amazing cacher to watch in action.
  9. Pocket and or moving caches wouldn't have helped anything with the trip. Bikes got stolen but the pleasure of meeting some great folks is priceless. We had a fellow caching in our group who found a physical cache, not a pocket cache, that was disabled following the find. This was the cachers 300th find. It's not a big deal to most but it's a major milestone for someone that comes from a state that barely has that many caches in it's boundries. A note from the cache owner makes me feel someone replaced the cache early in May and they said they were deleting logs prior to May 6 I think it was. The log sheet that was signed had finds earlier than that date. My apologies if this strays from the topic, but I don't think I was clear on the original post. I'm sure I'm not alone in saying events are about the number of people, new found friends, fun, and laughs. None of the controversy of the DRR, pocket caches, or travelling caches will take away the newly formed friendships and laughs the group had going to, from or while at GW.
  10. I was there and had hopes of attending more of the "pre-events." The theft of 2 mountain bikes our first night in Dallas set the tone for our stay. It was a week of frustration from the loss of bikes, heat, poison ivy covered 1/1's, distance we were from the park (our own fault) and what seemed like a lack of planning for the event itself. If not for the reassurance that this wasn't a typical Geo-Woodstock, I probably wouldn't attend another but some of the fault is my own for staying so far out from the park as well as not taking the bikes into the room for safer keeping. Some of the physical caches we found have now been archived with owner notes saying logs past May 1 will be deleted. I don't understand why that was stated on the cache page when we found the cache with a log sheet with many names on it going months prior to the date they specified. One such cache was the 300th find for one of our new found friends from Maine. I hope his legit find will stand as photos were taken for him to remember the moment. We also found a few caches with the infameous DRR in Oklahoma and Arkansas with fresh logs and an obviously new container. Maybe this is a new trend? I have respect for the cachers involved in the record run and feel such a run is indeed possible in the right area. We just couldn't get on the right track ourselves. My hats off to those involved in the TX run. We travelled with the anticipation of more than the 403 finds we had for the trip but it was really about the numbers in another way for us. The number of cachers met, friends made, miles travelled, bikes stolen, and laughs shared. The event was made worthwhile by the people we travelled with, fellow cachers we met, those we cached with while in the area and the caches placed by so many cachers in the various states we travelled across. We know to get close to the happenings for future Geo-Woodstocks so we can truely experience the event. Thanks to all involved in the organization of GW4. I can't say it was an enjoyable experience for us but we made the most of the week and do appreciate all the work that went into the event and caches we found.
  11. There was one I found at a really interesting mill with a working water wheel. I will look over those I've found there and give you some suggestions of those on the main strip. They are tough to get with all the muggle activity. There's also numerous caches off the Gatlinburg exit (407) that are relatively easy, including a TB hotel if you have any to trade out.
  12. There's various reasons for my caching. The two primary ones are to have fun with others and to rediscover the area I live in. I'm always amazed at interesting areas in my area that I never knew existed.
  13. My first GW. Woot! Leaving out on my burfday. WOOT! GW will be the 8th state I've attended an event in. Woot! Can't wait to meet cachers from around the world. Woot! Already stockpiling beverages for the trip, especially for the chili cook off. Woot!
  14. Hearing the stories about Nashville, I was suprised to find a couple of ammo boxes on my first trip there. In later trips I've hit some big numbers and also found some rather diabolical hides that happened to be micros. If I remember right, monkeybrad has some very in depth puzzle caches. There's some of the most excellent virtuals. From what I've seen from that area, there's something for everyone to enjoy and the resident cachers are top notch in more than just finds.
  15. In my area we're fortunate that the local parks director looks at the economic impact that cachers can have on the economy. We have blanket permission in the county and simply let him know the park or area the cache has been placed. On the other hand, there's various caches that are placed in the landscaping of various businesses. I was out with some relatively new cachers looking for this series over the weekend when we were confronted by the business' manager. He was not happy with all the destruction of the landscaping and people going to the side of the property at all hours. We removed the cache as he requested and placed it in a nearby cache for the cache owner to pick up. I feel it's caches such as those that gives caching a black eye.
  16. When they have them, I get them for $4 at my local army surplus store. I can pick them up at the flea market for $3 but they aren't in as good as shape as the army surplus store.
  17. I never gave a second thought to playground caches until I was in the woods that adjoined a playground. While the tree cover wrecked havoc with my gps, I noticed 2 guys at the edge of the woods and then 2 policemen joined them. They questioned what I was doing and I gave them the caching brochure, showed them the cache, showed them some ready made caches I had in my vehicle, etc. . . They explained they were suspicious of people around the playgrounds since some pervs had been reported hanging out around them and trying to "pick up" children.
  18. I pulled a pq last night without any problems. This morning I tried pulling some others for neighboring areas around 9 am (about 6 hours ago) and haven't received anything. Is anyone else experiencing similar problems? I just looked further and found I'm not the only one.
  19. Do you ever look who will be at an event you may be attending? While at an event recently another cacher and I were talking about logs on event pages. As geocaching continues to grow there should be more and more events as well as people attending them. It's great putting a face with a name we see on the logs. My issue is people who post a note with whatever reason they can't attend. I'm happy that dear Aunt molly might be visiting (she does need to get out more often,) that Jim Bob will be recovering from a vasectomy (it's unfortunate he has 2 offspring already,) or that Fifi always has her flea dip on the 2nd Saturday of the month (you could attend without the obnoxious dog for a change.) But why post anything other than a will attend or attended on an event page? Oh, it could be bug / coin drops couldn't it? Wouldn't it be nice if they could be dropped in event pages without having to post a note?
  20. My doc turned me on to Merrells. I asked him what those hideous looking shoes were that he had on and he explained they were the most comfortable shoe he had even worn. I then noticed them on the rest of the staff at the office. He said if I didn't like them, he would buy them back for double what I paid for them. I still wear that first pair I got and bought a pair of their hiking boots a few months back. The hikers I got were 130 retail but had been returned. They were priced at 65 but the color wasn't the most pleasing to me. When they asked if I would give them 25 bucks for them, would I take them? I made a bee line to the register and would have to say that even the 130 retail price would be worth paying for them.
  21. I got him hooked on Thanksgiving day and we do a lot of travelling to events. I admit I'm jealous he nailed his 1k in the time it took me to hit 100, but the laughs we have shared and friends we have made have been the most important things. I wonder if he will fess up to the story of the "wagging tree?"
  22. Another secret coin / award presentation down in VA. Too bad it was limited to attendees but I can't blame the va reviewer for wanting my exclusion. I was suprised he would actually call off the presentation / award if I was in attendance though. But thanks for all you do for caching in the SW VA, NE TN and W NC areas.
  23. You could always add it to www.lamemarking.com oops, I think that's supposed to be www.Waymarking.com same difference...
  24. I took it a step further and instead of just caching in a state, I'm attempting to attend an event in each state. I've attended events in WV, VA, TN, KY, SC, GA, and NC. But to answer the question with states cached in, I've cached in 12 states and DC: DC, DE, FL, GA, IN, KY, MD, NC, PA, SC, TN, VA, WV
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