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  1. Last bump to the top before closing the topic on the first (annual) South African TB Race.
  2. Sell your stuff, resign your job and lets go caching! Just kidding...invite the manager over for a braai, casually introduce geocaching, and maybe he will ask less "Why are you late (again)?" and more "Did you get FTF? Not? Hahaha, beat you to it".
  3. TB Hunter


    Agree! Why would any geocacher put any of those items in a cache?
  4. It is all very valid points you are making, but in the current race, most TB's have not even visited 10 caches and the halfway mark is approaching... My TB is stuck in a not so densely populated area, propably with very few cachers in the area. Point is it is stuck. If it does not move, it cannot win. Even if the current location were awarded triple points and the TB does not move on, it doesn't help.
  5. If there is any cachers out there on the Freestate plains or close to Port Elizabeth, please rescue the Race entries waiting so long for a cacher to take them along.
  6. Please reserve an entry for my TB...dad will mail it along with his TB...
  7. Perdix, thanks for the crusade. I really appreciate it and hope you enjoyed the day out...it is still within reach... Agree with you all - no problem visiting more than once, as long as you post a note for the visit. Done it a couple of times with my dad...
  8. AE Rodney, thank you for the quick links. If there is anybody passing Dodds Farm, please rescue my TB. It is very quiet there...
  9. Not a lot of interest here....(reviving this post) Unfortunately I have "found" this cache already. Any serious cacher should do this one! I enjoed wrking with someone I never met / seen... Come on SA - help Barefoot with this one
  10. Hope this thread did not suffer an early death. Reistor is briljant en sag op die tong, maar geocacher steek steeds vas... Miskien moet hierdie bespreking nog verder gevoer word - keep it going guys, I really enjoyed this thread.
  11. If anyone can help me log this cache "Where's in a name" (GC3153). My name converts to 20 28.211 (42058), which is a line running through Yugoslavia (Specifically Belgrade) (amongst others). I'd like to hear from Yugoslavian or any cachers willing to help me log this one.
  12. If anyone can help me log this cache "Where's in a name" (GC3153). My name converts to 20 28.211 (42058), which is a line running through Mexico (amongst others). I'd like to hear from Mexican cachers willing to help me log this one.
  13. Saw the ad again last night on TV. The web address is Veza
  14. Some action in SA!!! Count me in.
  15. Being 10 months old and very inquisitive, I love my dad's geocache bag and go through the contents as often as possible. I always seem to end up playing with his TB's. He dicided that I'm a TB Hunter and that is how my handle tarted.... Of course, my dad (the fanatic), loves me and my mom, hunting, paragliding and geocaching - no awards for what I do in his sparetime...
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