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  1. Sorry it took so long to get back to this, been slammed with work.... Thanks for all the great Ideas, and I'll definitely look into the suggested software. The point really isn't re-invent the wheel, just to simplify. GSAK is great, the author is very responsive and the software is constantly updated. You really couldn't ask for more. But it has 10,000 functions I'll never use and note sure what they do. USAPhoto Maps is also a great piece of work, but could use work on the waypoints, and be a bit more geo-cache friendly. When I started, my idea was the base USAPhoto Maps UI with a modified navigation, with the ease of GSAK's waypoint/cache editing simplified. It was never meant to compete or take the place of either GSAK or USAPhoto Maps (couldn't even if that was my original intention).
  2. Reminds me of the 'Kinnewick (sp?) man' skeleton they found in Washington state years ago. They thought it was someone who got murdered and dumped, until they found out the bones were several thousand years old and caucasian, which cause quite an uproar in the area.
  3. This is where you scan in a park map as a .jpg file, and then 'calibrate' it by clicking on the map and giving the coordinates of where you clicked. With three or four points calibrated, it is easy to be able to display cache icons on top of it. This helps when trying to determine trail selection to a cache in a park you are unfamiliar with. --Marky Doesn't sound too hard, just figuring out the distance each pixel equals and then plotting out specific points. I can do that! (famous last words....) I'll try and implement it when the times comes. Thanks for your input, Lynx
  4. It's going to be writtien in MS Visual Basic under the .NET framework, using MSTerraserver's webservice API, so I'm not sure it can be ported over to something like CodeWarrior for the Mac, I could be wrong though, so if anyone wants to try porting it over to Mac, they can have a shot at it. Please describe what the "calibrated park map" does, because I have no clue. Thanx, Lynx
  5. Alot of good ideas there, definitely keep them in mind. I've never used EasyGPS, so I'm not sure how it looks/works. Definitely want to keep it simple though. Keep the ideas coming. Thanks, Lynx
  6. After testing a number of Geocaching/Waypoint management apps, I've decided to code my own contribution (actually, I have been working on it for a little while now). My original intention was to create a cross between GSAK and USA Photomaps, but since I going to release this as freeware or open source, I wanted to know what others would like to see. More like Gsak?, more like USA photomaps? What kind kind of features are you looking for? Please be aware that this is still in development stage and I'm trying to keep it simple for when I release for beta (gonna be a while), and afterwards more features will be added, when its stable. Thanks, Team Silver Lynx
  7. Alright, alright, so I need to brush up on my latin, plurals, and purchase a dictionary. But the essence of the post remains true, even human readable text files (if the OS treats them as executable) can be dangerous, anyone remember destructive batch files and ansi bombs? or am I showing my age?
  8. True but its simple to change file extension. Also it wasn't all that long ago that microsoft scrambled to distribute a security patch because people were using altered graphics files to gain information/control of other peoples computers. Graphics files contain no code, pretty much strictly data. Before that they had a problem with windows media player providing a security hole to hackers when users player specially designed MP3's and video files. First of all, there aren't any real virii anymore. Original Virii would actually infect a file, either by attaching itself to the end and modifying its load instruction, or overwritting it. Todays virii are classed more as worms, trojans or maleware. The next logical step in XML's evolution is to add executable code (scripting language) into the name spaces, or as part of the format itself.
  9. 1. What was your first cache? Point Gratiot Park cache 2. What made you start caching? I was looking for a way to upgrade the firmware on my Merigold without using the cable (mines defective), and I stumbled on to this place. I knew this was a game for me. 3. Do you have a favorite cache? Not yet. 4. Do you have a favorite cache experience? My family and my first cache. 5. Who are your regular cache buddies, or do you usually cache alone? My wife, Wolf, my daughter, raven, and my son hawk. (we're an animal oriented family )
  10. I have some Geocaching T-Shirts available, along with coffee mugs, and logbooks, I working on more items... Prices aren't aren't reallly cheap though. Team Silver Lynx Online Store (Yes this is a shameless self plug...) Lynx
  11. If you are still being generous, I would love one.! Thanx, Lynx
  12. To visit it, probably. At least a darned good reason....yes, it is off-limits to most of the human race still. Terraserver image Interesting... What is it?
  13. Actually there is a small Island just before the falls, called goat island. It would have to be helicopter only cache... There's also an ancient rusty barge stuck just above the falls that might make a cool cache, again helicopter only. Problem is neither US nor Canadian officials probably wouldn't allow a Helo to land on either. Not sure which side owns goat island. Lynx
  14. Thats a great pic! I love it! Wish I had seen that.
  15. I read the first 10 posts and then the flames started rising. so cut right to the end. I am not responding to any particular post, just stating what I think is the obvious. I go geocaching with my 12 & 10 year olds. I always research the cache before I go and find it. If I think its too dangerous for my 10 year old, then we don't go. I might try for it myself later on if I think I can tackle it. The point is, that some people like the extreme caches, and some like the PNG's. I myself prefer the ones with a little jaunt into the woods. Reasearch the caches your going to, and when you get there, revaluate your decision based on what you see. If its takes more than your skill to complete the caches, go to the next one. Get your adrenaline rush but be safe. EDIT: for mispelling
  16. LOL, I moved from Plattsburgh to Buffalo, and was there 20+ years before I moved out to Connecticut. Spent christmas in Buffalo this year, alot of nice caches in the area. Buffalo winters are definitely snowy ones.
  17. I used to live on Plattsburgh Airforce Base (before it was decomissioned) 26 years ago. No geocaching back then, but I was suprised to see 'Plattsburgh' in the forum. Definitely a winter town I remember back in the winter of 1977, we had got 10 feet of snow dropped on us and my father grumbling about shoveling out the front door with the snow over his head.
  18. My Merigold has an electronic compass, but its not tri-axial like the platinium. It uses 'North Finder' tech. EDITED:Spelling
  19. I have a Merigold, and I love it. SD Memory card slot, for maps, waypoints, and routes. For me its been accurate to within 3 feet, with and average of 9 feet. Just the right amount of features for a good price. Its pretty good under tree cover. It does averaging. Its pretty rugged in my experience. Cons: Some people are put off by its size (its a little large, but I think its fine). The map software is really expensive. To get an accurate reading on the compass direction or the arrow on the map screen, you must be moving (this is true with many GPSr units, though the newer models of Magellan) Lynx
  20. That is a Seriously cool idea. That would make for a unique signature item.
  21. Here's a recent topic I posted about a couple of coins I hand made. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=89194 Hope it helps Lynx
  22. Thanks for the responses and email, I truely appreciate all the tips and info. My wife spent a couple of hours yesterday looking up tools and materials for me to make my next batch. Its been a learning experience, and you all have been incredibly helpful! Lynx
  23. You can using the 'lost wax' method. That was my original intent, but things just started going wrong, and ended up with me smashing the mold to retrieve my wax model, and getting 3 cups of plaster scattered all over the kitchen. This was is easier and the mold is reusable (for a while). Using the 'lost wax' method, the the wax model is burned off when you pour the molten metal down a small hole into the mold. Generally the mold can only be used once, and need to be remade each time.
  24. Thanks for the nice responses! After I get some soapstone for carving the mold, and use real pewter, I'm sure the next ones will look alot better. Sharper, more defined lines, and a smoother, less pitted surface. It was fun trying. I'm also looking into alpha/numeric punches to put our team name and small message on the back. I'll continue to use this mold until it falls apart (probably 2-5 more pieces) I'll start placing them into eastern Connecticut (my area) caches soon. Lynx EDIT: Renegade Knight - Thanks for the info!
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