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  1. It seems obvious but why doesn't Groundspeak require a minimum number of finds (50?) before allowing a player to make a hide? It sucks to spend the time looking for a cache only to find that the hider has zero finds and this is their first hide.
  2. I searched but came up empty on this subject. I've been finding a some crappy cache containers lately and they mostly turn out to be from inexperienced cachers. Chinese food containers and other non-waterproof items make for a lousy caching experience. Not to mention bad coordinates. I think that a minimum of 50 cache finds before being allowed to place a cache would serve as an education in geocaching for newbies. The quality of the game is suffering.
  3. Keep in mind that seven of the BBP power trail caches are disabled/missing.
  4. We've all been hiking and come upon an interesting place that would be a great spot for a cache, but how can you be sure that there isn't an existing cache or cache stage close by? I certainly don't keep the coordinates of cache stages or even caches I've already found in my GPSr. It can be annoying to place a cache somewhere and have the reviewer tell you, "Sorry, but there is a stage to an existing multicache nearby." This is particularly frustrating in cache dense parks. Cache reviewers obviously have some sort of database of information as to where existing geocaches and stages of geocaches currently exist. Can a routine be made available to users that checks if a spot is available based solely on it's proximity to other caches/cache stages? A cache would still have to be reviewed of course, but this feature would eliminate the need to place and then return to move/remove a cache because of its proximity to others. With current mobile internet, this could be done on the spot. A limit could be placed on usage to stop the abuse of the feature to guess puzzle cache locations.
  5. Thanx. Sorry about that. I wasn't sure whether it was a bug or not. A search on "Maps Beta" didn't bring up much.
  6. There is a "Cache List" that slides out from the right in Maps Beta. I never see it populated with caches. Is this a feature that isn't available yet? If not, what do I need to do? Please tell me there will be a way to number the caches like in the old maps! Thanx
  7. I can't remember where I read it, but about a month ago I read somewhere that the pocket query cache limit was going to be change from 500 to 1000. Any news about this? Thanx
  8. If a CITO is setup for Garret Mtn., I know a fellow who is with the "Friends of Garret Mtn." group. They may be able to point out areas in need of clean up. Let me know.
  9. Man, oh man I wanna go! I have to try and get Aunt Maria to babysit. I hope she's not scheduled to work that day.
  10. This guys has only been caching for 15 months! According to his stats page, in the year 2007 there were only 3 days that he didn't find a cache and they were all in March. He is currently ranked #2 in New Jersey for finds. I wonder what his weekly gasoline bill is! So hats off to IMSpider!
  11. I love my Camelbak Commander: http://www.campmor.com/webapp/wcs/stores/s...mberId=12500226 This is the larger of this "class" of Camelbak packes. There are 3 smaller sizes Check them out here: http://www.camelbak.com/index.cfm Under "Sports/Recreation" - "Hydration Packs" - "Hunting"
  12. Most of the geocachers in the Basking Ridge area are freaks so watch out!
  13. I have this Petzl. Ultralight, ultra compact and very bright.
  14. I'm less than 15 minutes away. Depending on schedules, I'd definitely like to go on a group hike here.
  15. ... you spend 2 hours in the woods, in the same spot, in the cold, because you want to.
  16. I've always thought that Mahlon Dickerson Reservation would be a great spot for a large event, even GONE. Tons of caches and lots of space. I'm not sure how many campsites though. Worth looking into. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/gmnearest.a...;lng=-74.585467 http://www.morrisparks.net/aspparks/mahlonmain.asp
  17. Depending on the weather and the terrain, we, me and the girls (the wife's workin'), may be able to celebrate with y'all.
  18. I also wonder if they are going to start adopting upgrade pricing for new versions of software, since they have started tacking the year on the names of products, i.e. Topo 2008.
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