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  1. Thank you gibbo003 - TB on the way.
  2. Thank you gibbo003 - TB on the way.
  3. I have recently relocated to a remote Australian town (without any caches) with a TB that wants to travel Australia. The last place I landed was in Darwin and it was raining so much that I could not place the TB. I am looking for a commited cacher in Darwin who would be willing to place the TB in a good cache. Please PM me with your postal address if you are willing to help this distressed TB out. Thank you
  4. It is with great exitement and a huge dose of sadness too that we announce that we will be leaving Newcastle for greener pastures. As I have not been able to attend to my caches properly and even less time to seek out the numerous new ones in my area, and will not be able to do so in the near future, I have decided to put my remaining caches up for adoption - any (local) cachers willing to take the responsibility, please contact me... I also have a brand new (opened but never used) Garmin Garmap 60CSX for sale - it requires a copy of Garmap as I bought it in the USA - serious offers will be considered.
  5. Keep 'em there - Before I go out I like to check other cachers' logs to see it is worthwhile to do a quickie or spend more time to ensure finding it...
  6. Qatar Bok! lol Go Bokke! Happy caching in Qatar! These days you find Zafricans everywhere...
  7. Personally, with the exception of the pocket queries - which is absolutely valuable, no other benefit than supporting the people that makes it possible...which is reason enough for me.
  8. I've been out of circ for a while...but tried to stay up-to-date with email... My my my how busy have you been SA!!! really wonderful to see all the new ones (and the FTF's I missed!). Packing my bag as I type - note to wife: Gone Caching
  9. Sold! The unit was sold within hours of placing and is thus no longer available. The power of the internet... May the buyer get years of geofun from it!
  10. Following a long stay of absence Africard is back! Got a lot of caching up to do! Any plans for the annual TB race for 2007 yet?
  11. I have upgraded my unit. If you are interested in a used GPSR Garmin 60CS, immaculate condition (completely refurbished) in original packaging, please contact me on 0833040824. The unit was bought in the US (so it does not come with a guarantee), with al the goodies normally included in the package, except the Garmap software (all of SA is already loaded onto the unit). Selling @ R2500 +p&p to geocahers... If not sold within 3 weeks of posting this message I'll put it up for sale in the junkmail - so if you are interested, make contact!
  12. My Goodness! I am working for a change and this happens! I have also done a couple of virtuals - nothing wrong with that, but also progressed to love the old traditional. I have yet to find a micro and make up my mind as to the (personal) ranking of these. "Elke uil op sy kluit" To all those who love caching, getting out and enjoying the worderful spirit of being alive - You will always find these people. Not so long ago I travelled with a (very) senior person in the org I work for (slavecamp that does not allow cachind during certain hours of a day - can you believe that?), who had a beer whilst driving juniors around (yes - drinking and driving!!!) and throwing empty bottles out the window! When confronted he shrugged and said "Everyone else is doing it, why shouldn't I?" I was dumbfounded and shocked! Later that same evening I watched a commentary by our deputy president who thinks he is special and can take a shower to safeguard himself. That "they" are around us should be common knowledge, however, we do not have to respect these people, even if they progressed through the ranks to the top.
  13. And my wife dares to call me a fanatic! I'm sending her both your profiles! This is what happens when real sincere people meet. Thank you both for showing us again what it is all about
  14. I had a look at your (combined) profile. Is she for real? We are never going to be allowed to forget the Tall Blonde Swede, ne?
  15. My better half calls me "Fanatical wit hvery expensive toys and hobbies"...
  16. Yeehhah! We love newbies! it shows growth. Hearty welcome!
  17. Congratulations to the winners of the South African 2005 Travel Bug Race to Cape Town! 1st place: TUFULA 2nd place: Dan Dolphin Prizes for competitors were awarded to: 1st prize: 5 Unactivated Travel Bugs (sponsored by Africard) - TB TUFULA, owned by Whostops. 2nd prize: Peugeot gift hamper (sponsored by Peugeot Pinetown) - TB Dan Dophin, owned by janputte. Prizes for cachers assisting competitors were awarded to: Caching goodies (sponsored by geocacher.co.za) - GlobalRat (longest distance covered carrying competing TB's - 5103.1 km) Caching goodies (sponsored by geocacher.co.za) - Whostops (most trips provided to competing TB's - 9) Some of The Race Statistics: No of TB's entered in the Race: 8 No of cachers assisting participating TB's: 38 No of caches visited py participating TB's (total): 98 No of caches visited py participating TB's (unique): 62 Most visited cache (excluding start cache): Hilldrop View, KZN TB Hotel and Noon Gun - 4 visiting TB's each Average no of days a TB stayed in a cache: 21.0 days Most days spent in a cache: 84 days - Star Light in Womens Monument TB's MIA (Missing in Action / Reported lost): 3- The Globe trotter in MADIBA TRAIL Bloemfontein, Earth Watcher in N1 Sandrivier - GMC001Z, Stealth Racer in Time for Tea and Paper Kings in Table Top Trove. Least days spent in a cache: 1 - Several TB's Average days spent travelling to the next cache: 7.2 days Most days spent travelling to the next cache: 56 days - Paper Kings, before reaching Stainbank Total distance from Start cache to Final cache: 1308.6km Total distance travelled by participating TB's: 14398.0km ! Average distance travelled by participating TB's: 1799.7km Average trips provided per cacher per participating TB: 2.37 Average distance travelled per cacher with participating TB's: 378.9km Average distance travelled per cacher per participating TB carried: 118.3km Most km's travelled between two caches: Voice Of Africa, 1264.3km, assisted by GlobalRat Cacher assisting most TB's in the race: Whostops - 9 Total distance travelled per cacher, assisting more than one participating TB: 5103.1 - GlobalRat !! Dan Dolphin completed The Race on the 5th June, 2005 following 132 tavelling days! TUFULA completed The Race on the 22nd of December, 2005 following 355 travelling days! 2 TB's did not finish (DNF) The Race: Star Light and Voice Of Africa. 4 TB's went missing in action during the course of the Race: Stealth Racer, Paper Kings, The Globe Trotter and Earth Watcher. From the organiser, thank you to all the cachers participating in The Race. A total of 96 caches were visited by the participating TB's, 63 of these were unique! A total of 14 398km were covered by participating TB's, much more by the participating cachers. I personally enjoyed organising the event, meeting a lot of geocachers, learned a lot, and had fun doing so. A very prosperous 2006 to all cachers.
  18. Only five remaining racing days left....2 TB's completed The Race, 2 TB's still in the running, 4 TB's MIA. Come on guys, get those two in The Final Cache!!!!
  19. Africard

    Merry Xmas

    Same wishes from Africard and TB Hunter...
  20. TB TUFULA finished in style, placing him 1st now....Dan Dolphin thus moves down to 2nd!
  21. No movements or changes since the last update (with the exception of the number of racing days left - 12)! There will be no more updates until the last day of The Race, any TB that moved prior to that will be given a chance to get logged, all TB's that made it to the Final Cache will be verified, and only then will the winner be declared - keep an eye open in the forums, the winner will be annouced in a new thread. Alternatively, go the the update page for the announcement!
  22. The only TB assisted in achieving goal (The Final Cache) in the last two weeks was TB Voice Of Africa!! This move did not change the rankings, but surely might influence the outcome... With 3 TB's definately out of The Race, one still unaccounted for (TB Paper Kings who disappeared from Table Top Trove, only 1.4km from the final cache!), only three TB's seems to be in the running! Silly Season is not helping... With only 22 days left in this race, we surely hope that the participants owners are lobbying to get their TB's to the final cache! TB Dan Dolphin is still leading - he finished way back on the 5 June and is currently touring the USA. Prepping for the 2006 race should be finalised - if you have not yet entered / got your bugs to the start, contact GlobalRat immediately!
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