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  1. This makes me sad. GG's caches are some of the best that I've done. Even the DNF I still have outstanding on one of them.
  2. Me and the Infamous Tarragon Pants, in the A.P.E. cache near Chicago.
  3. Pipanella

    Site Slowdown?

    I'm having problems with posting in the forums. I get the server too busy error, but other ones, too. I just got this one:
  4. Congratulations, Saxy and family! And I, too, love the name Cameron!
  5. I've got a rubber stamp I use that says "If this falls into the hands of the Russians, it's curtains for the free world." Not particularly relevant to geocaching (or maybe it is) but I think it's funny and, after all, it's all about me. A-hem. You've obviously never met me.
  6. Well I'm fairly certain that most of us here will have the foresight to see your future posts as nothing more than troll fodder. I'm glad that you've had your 14 minutes of fame. I'm sorry that you had to stoop to that level to achieve it though. Maybe next time you can just simply say "hello". You know, wildchld97, I don't think that was the OP's original intent at all. I think he's merely backpedaling now, given the majority of opinions expressed here. And if it truly WAS his intent - to generate outrage - then I'm sorry I wasted my time on giving this thread a second thought, let alone posting a sincere opinion.
  7. OK, I'll try. There is nothing wrong with Nudecacher's gallery. Its not obscene, dirty or immoral and only offensive to a small segment of pharisetics. And that "poem" had very little to do with the author getting a "time out". I don't that was very fair or very nice at all.
  8. I'm going to express some thoughts about this that may not be popular and from what I've read here are certainly not in the majority, but I do see what the OP is saying. While I wouldn't go so far as to say that NC's photos are offensive, I do believe that they are out of the norm and could be seen as offensive to more than just a few. In our society and most of the world societies, clothing is not optional when in public. Right or wrong, wearing clothing to hide our nakedness has for hundreds of years been the acceptable and preferred way of doing things. I personally don't understand the nudist's need to express themselves as 'freely' as they do by their nudity, but I won't stand in judgement of them for doing so. What they do in their own homes and in their own communities is up to them and I'm glad they have a place where they can practice this comfortably. And when I say comfortably, I am not just talking about THEIR comfort. The fact that someone stated that a geocacher encountered a naked person on the trail and they ran in the opposite direction shows that not everyone is comfortable with the public display of nudity, partial or otherwise. And to say that NC's parts are 'covered' is just a technicality. No, you can't see his genitals in the pictures, but it's obvious that he doesn't have clothes on. It's NOT the same as someone who is 'covered' by wearing swimming trunks or a Speedo. So he is naked in the woods and no one is around? So he likes caching in the nude? Fine! But taking pictures and posting them in a public forum takes it one step further. I'm not saying that I dislike NC or that I disapprove of him practicing nudity. However, posting pictures on a public site with strategically placed items in front of his willy, is, in my opinion, cause for comment and I would imagine NC gets a kick out of those comments. Obviously, many here enjoy the pictures - good for them. I have seen some of them and I don't care to see any more, so I don't look. I'm not a prude, either, as many in these forums know, but give the OP a break. It's a logical topic to bring up for discussion, and I find nothing wrong with them being offended and saying so.
  9. What an interesting thread. I'm not from Australia and have never been there, but hope to visit someday. We have friends in Bangor (Sydney). I don't know if I'll ever visit Ayers Rock, but I'd love it if I get the opportunity, and I do appreciate the information presented here, even though there's obviously disagreement about things. If I ever do get there, I wouldn't climb it, I'd simply admire it and be in awe of it. By the way, my real first name means 'boomerang' in Aborigine.
  10. I really like that design, Mandollyn, and I appreciate all the work that you put into it. I hope to see it come to fruition!
  11. Are you sure? I was CERTAIN it was an 80's band reference myself. I'm pretty sure someone in this thread Wang Chunged tonight. Once again. I disagree. A simply study of the semantics of the song will bear my point out. "Everybody have fun tonight. Everybody wang chung tonight." If "fun" is the subject of the verb "to have" then "chung" must be what they are "wanging." In other words, it would be totally wrong to say, "Everybody was have funning." Obviously the proper parsing of the verb would be "Everybody was wanging chung." Therefore, using proper subject verb relationships, we should say: "Mopar will be wanging chung" "Mopar is wanging chung" "Mopar has wanged chung" -or even- "Mopar's chung is most definitely wanged." It's exactly this kind of misuse of the english language that has hampered the development of the western world and hamstrung us when competing in a world market of ideas where clarity is paramount. I dream of a day when all people of all nations can bridge the barriers of our understanding and wang chung together as one. Bret My reaction to this post penetrated all protective barriers to my keyboard, screen, and my person.
  12. Oh wait. I get it now. YOu hafta be in Pensylvannia.
  13. You're brain hurts? My feat hurt. Must a been the wedding. And I didn't see no llamas or elks their neither.
  14. I've had the same thing happening to me just now. And then all of a sudden, I got three different validation e-mails! I used the first code and it said it didn't match. So I used the last one and it did, and I'm validated. Why this whole thing happened, only TPTB know...
  15. Yep. It's a DIYD/DIYD kind of situation.
  16. For an event, honoring my birthday in 2004, there was a cache placed and we were given the coordinates that morning at breakfast. I'm not into the FTF thing, although I will make a special effort to go, if it's somewhat close to me or convenient. That day, the plans for the group in my car (and I drove), didn't include being in the area of that cache, so when we attempted to find it later in the day, I was pretty sure the other groups would have logged it already, which would have been perfectly fine with me. Either that, or someone not at the event would have seen the cache published and gone after it. Imagine my surprise when I was FTF. It was exciting enough for me that someone placed a cache in my honor. I get more enjoyment out of that fact than being the FTF on it. Having a cache named in your honor is a gift that keeps on giving. Being FTF was just a bonus. Any published cache is fair game, as far as I'm concerned. But if someone places a cache that they want the honoree to find first, they should state their desire in the cache listing, but with the understanding that not all cachers will honor that (although I'd like to think they would). If the honoree hasn't logged the cache in a few days, I'd say that was plenty long enough to give them to do it.
  17. It's not a club. It's not private (except that you have to be a Premium Member to access the Off Topic forum). Anyone can post in the Cheers thread. Lots of people lurk there. Anyone can have a say in the design of the coin. If you hang out in there on a regular basis, you become known as a Cheerio, that's all. I think Mandollyn meant the coin was special, in that all coins are special to those they represent. No one should feel excluded just because you've never heard of Cheers. Now you have. I think it was nice of her to INCLUDE others who may be interested in the coin, in the design of it. Die-hard geocoin collectors will want a coin if they like the coin, or what it represents, or if it's an obscure coin. They don't have to be from Germany to want a German geocoin. All she was doing was making it more well known to include more people, if they want to be included. If not, no biggie. I swear, this kind of thing is why I generally stay out of the general forums. Why do some people get their panties in a wad over every little thing?
  18. No rules or guidlines govern much of geocaching, but there are mores. Good point. There are cachers in my area that log their own finds and while I don't understand why they think it's okay (they told me it's to get them off their nearest caches list), and I think it's just dumb to do it, it doesn't affect me or my enjoyment of geocaching.
  19. I missed the "I don't get the notices first, and I can get the same darn maps without the membership" You might check into this because I seem to recall there are features on the maps only available to Premium Members. I think they are zoom and pan but can't recall. Actually, I didn't notice any difference in the maps before I paid for the premium membership. I could zoom and everything, so I didn't really understand how they were better after becoming a premium member. But I will always pay for the premium membership, if only for the Off Topic forum. I have met and made some good friends in there and can't imagine life without them now. Amazing, because I would never have thought it possible.
  20. Okay. I guess Illinois moved. LOLOLOL. Nah...you just don't have the Great Lakes in there for reference... Looks too far west to me. But really, I don't care. I just want the coin!
  21. I noticed the location of Mission 12 isn't shown on the coin.
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