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  1. Hmm... We went to the GPS Adventure Maze Exhibit in Connecticut in 2008. But, if I click on the icon in my list of caches found, I get "A DNF We couldn't find any caches that matched your search."
  2. My only argument is silica gel. It's only meant for a sealed container, and discarded when the container is opened. It absorbs water, but only a small amount, and releases it with heat. My oldest cache will be 18 next month. 83 finds. And still in good condition. Ammo cache in the watershed. Hiking permit required. About a mile in on the trail with a fairly steep climb to the top of the ridge overlooking the reservoir. Great view. About 80 from the trail in a rock field. Meets most of your specs.
  3. I did have a cache there. MKH in the fence. It got muggled often. Part of my Geoart series. When my caching partner died, I archived the series. Too far for me to maintain properly. Almost seven years since I archived it. No one has hidden a new cache anywhere nearby since. It's a very special place, and deserved a cache.
  4. I'm very happy with my Virtual. The spot in Weehawken, NJ, where 60,000 people were boat-lifted across the Hudson River on 9/11.
  5. One of my hobbies is picking up trash in the Greenway along the river. The Greenway attracts many people. Beer drinkers (I picked up five bags of beer cans/bottles today) Homeless people. People who just enjoy being there. And poor/homeless people who get food from the food kitchen at the church across the street. All of the food is donated. Sometimes the people do not want it, and throw it in the garbage can. I figure sealed containers of food from the garbage can is part of my reward for picking up the trash! (And adds variety to my diet.) Well, I've gotten two 18 gram bags of Jack Link's Beef Jerkey! I guess someone is trying to tell me that I should have tried to get the travel bug!
  6. What else would you hide here? 26% favorites! It was a fake bolt.
  7. A brother-in-law dared me to put out a GeoArt series. So, I did. Hmm (said I), I could make one of these a 5/1 cache! So, I did. Very tough puzzle! Few cachers solved it. But one of the early finders noted that there was a distance between two of the caches, and went there and searched. And found it. (Hmm... That never occured to me...) Most of the finders used his theory and found it! They signed the log. That's a valid find to log it.
  8. I was FTF and LTF on two caches by the same owner. The second one just didn't look right on the map. He had hidden a few caches the same day, but they were almost a mile away. A few other cachers noted that that did not look like a place to hide a cache. I contemplated the posibility of another mistyped coord. Hmm... If I change the west minutes to 27 instead of 28, that looks probable! On a trail, and not far from his other caches. And there it was! Found it. I did mention this train of thought in my log. Too far for him to change the coords, and in a WMA, where caches are not permitted. FTF! LTF!! Yes. Mistyping coords does happen.
  9. I chose the Weehawken/Hudson River 9/11 Memorial, where more than 60,000 people were boat-lifted across the Hudson River.
  10. I log finds from my PC. I have not gotten any notifications that I have found a firefly. When I check the leader board, I see that I have ten "Found a Signal's Labyrinth item". I doesn't say that it's a firefly. And the leader board is the only place that I can see that I have found an "item",
  11. My longest took three weeks. The reviewer eloped and flew to GC HQ. GCHQ reviewed it and published it.
  12. Hmm... My nephew got a souvenir for Eswatinii.
  13. I went for a 5 star on an island in a reservoir. They had lowered the water enough that I could walk to the island, only getting the soles of my shoes muddy!
  14. But, the Leaderboard does not tell me how many points I need.
  15. Wow. I got three today. Wouldn't have known that except for looking at the Leaderboard.
  16. I logged that in 2005. Oh. That was a Locationless Cache back then. Got help with a cacher from NH. I used to like Locationless Caches. Sad that they were archived.
  17. I'm very sorry to see Off Topic be archived. It is a great place for many discussions with friends. The political and vaxxing discussions should have been handled earlier, rather than leaving them as a reason to archive the forum. If geocaching wants to eliminate annoying discussions, archive the Happy Easter/Christmas Mision. I'll miss you Shirley!
  18. Hmm... Did the virtual atop the Empire State Building in 2004. Think the price then was about $20. Now it's over $40. But it is a great spot!!! Went back in 2007 with my sister. They would not let us take pocket knives up the elevator. (And were surprised when we asked for them back on our return down the building.) It does have over 1000 favorite points...
  19. Hmm... Being an Evil Dolphin (as some other geocachers reference me...), I decided to include a 5D/1T cache in my GeoArt. .20 mile from parking. Wheel chair accessible. Hidden between knee and shoulder level for a cacher in a wheel chair. Very few geocachers actually solved the puzzle. Most noticed that there was a gap between the solved coords of two of the other puzzle caches. And found the cache. I've learnt my lesson if I ever do that again!
  20. Reminds me of the time (many years ago) that MSIE would ban several New Jrsey counties and towns, because they ended with 'sex'. Middlesex. Essex. Sussex...
  21. I did check on my first cache hide after five years. It was still great. Now that it has been there seventeen years, it's still in great shape. Only has 12% favorite points (5 favorites). But from reading the logs, almost everyone seemed to enjoy it very much. If I checked on my caches every two months, I'm not sure I'd have time to do much else.
  22. My sister and I were hunting for a cache in New Hampshire. I searched on side of the tree. She searched the other side. I said "I found it." She said "I found it." One of them was a travelling cache!
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