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  1. Tried to hide an MKH under the bench, but it was not permitted. The land belongs to a railroad.
  2. I've done a few QR caches. I use a GPSr. Take a photo of the QR, and hope it works. Check the QR on the internet, and come back for the final. Did a four-stage QR cache that took me five trips. One, the photo didn't work.
  3. There were some caches that one could log more than once. Markwell's Photographer's caches come to mind.
  4. Ah. I play the Microsoft Solitaire Event. Yes. I need to win the game. But I also need to beat the other players!
  5. DNFed a cache because the sign said: "Remedial Investigation/Clean-up in Progress. Authorized Personnel ONLY". Cache was archived by the reviewer.
  6. I'm a fan of hunting lonely caches. But, I've run into a few problems/questions. Cache last found in 2015. Two DNFs. CO replaced it in 2020. Five year lonely? Found a cache in 2017. Last finder, in 2015, did not sign the log. "I was out today running errands and trying to fill in another loop of my D/T grid." Three mile round trip hike, and a climb up a boulder (Unless you have long arms.) Find before that was 2012. Out helping my sister hide some caches in 2018. Spotted an ammo can! Final for a multi archived bythe reviewer in 2015, because the first stage was missing and not replaced. Last found/logged in 2014.
  7. I was hunting for a cache in Cental Park, NYC with two other cachers. One had already found it, and gave me hints. I was laying on my back under a picnic table. Two park workers came by and asked if I was all right. They were told "Oh. He's just a drunk dolphin. He's okay."
  8. Found a cache in a cemetery today. Gravesite for the cacher's late wife (and his in the future). There is a hole drilled in the bottom of the monument, covered by a rock, with a bison tube inside. Only a geocacher would drill a hole in the monument, to hide a cache! 48% favorites! Got a favorite point from me!
  9. I was helping my sister hide some caches. We found an ammo can! It was the final of a multi that had been archived four years previously by the reviewer, because the first stage had disappeared.
  10. My first cache hide I checked on nine years later. It was still in good shape. I have a lot of hiking caches. I do not do maintenance unless there's a problem.
  11. I had a GeoArt series along a walkway along the Hudson River. I archived them five years ago when my Geocaching partner died. No one has place any new caches along that walkway.
  12. Ah. A small stuffed bird slept in my sister's luggage, when she was visiting our brother in Seattle. So, we attached a TB tag to send it back to Seattle. He made it there! So our brother attached the tag to a Furby to send it to our sister in Maine. The Furby went to the Czech Republic. but finally made it to Maine! Our sister attached the tag to a small stuffed bear to come back to New Jersey. It was picked by a newbie in Montana, and hasn't been seen since. Oh, well. It did travel 27000 miles.
  13. As a senior geocacher who only uses a GPSr, I have done two caches with QR codes. One was a LetterBox Hybrid. I took a photo of the QR Code, Scanned it into the computer, and returned another dy for the final. The other was a multicache. Five stages. Took me five days to photograph the QR Codes, return home, scan into the computer to read, and return for the next stage. As a GPSr geocacher, I hate QR Code caches! Not Geocaching if I need to take photos of the code and come back for the next sage.
  14. Yes. There's a local who posts "Wish I had a favorite for this cache." I have a number that I have not given out. 284.
  15. I have posted this before. Someone logged two of my caches in one day, along with a lot of caches in the area. The two caches were two miles apart. But the driving time was about an hour. One in NYC, one across the river in NJ. No one had ever logged both in one day. Took me two weeks to check both. Cacher had not signed either. Turns out he had not signed any logs on that trip. Might have been the only cacher's logs I've deleted on regular caches. On the other fin, on my WebCam Cache, I delete any log that does not meet the requirement "Photo of you taken by the webcam must be posted with the log." Well, I send an e-mail first, explaining the requirement. If the required photo is not added, the log is deleted. WebCams can get archived for allowing selfies. I have delete quite a large number of selfie logs.
  16. A brother-in-law dared me to set out a GeoArt series. All of the puzzles were different. It took us a couple of months to get them all done. Twenty four caches in total. I decided that it would be interesting to set out one 5D/1T. Tough to find a spot that was wheel-chair accessible, less that .20 mile from parking, and could be retrieved from the wheel chair. It had far fewer finds than others in the series. About a third as many finds. Very few actually solved it. Some noticed there was an empty spot on the map. Many got help from them or their logs. The guideline is: Sign log, then you can log it on-line. So I had no problem that very few actually solved it. The series was archived when my friend died. It required quite a bit of maintenance.
  17. Yes. Cannot sign in.
  18. I vote for the New Jersey Devils!
  19. Interesting. But it gives me finds in ten states that I've never cached in. Mostly Locationless caches, and, perhaps a few moving caches. I still qualify. But should Locationless caches qualify? 14 finds in California? I've never cached in California.
  20. Deleting logs has been there for a long time. Deleting photos was added recently. When deleting photos was installed, it came with adding 'the reason for the deletion'. All we are asking is that 'the reason for deletion' be added to deleting logs.
  21. Yes. I have a six stage mystery cache. First stage is small. Final is regular. Four stages are micros. About six-hundred feet of climb on the round trip. Doesn't get a lot of finds. 25 finds in 15 years. But it does have 36% favorites. Everyone has enjoyed it.
  22. Well, I've been geocaching for more than sixteen years. Hit find 9800 today! Depends on what considers local. Still lots of caches within an hours drive. Well, I avoid New York City urban area about thirty-five miles east. Lots of hiking caches to the north. New caches do keep popping up. But I have found most of the caches nearby. Except those evil mystery caches... I'm not going to watch movies for the answer to mystery caches.
  23. I do about twenty pocket queries. Covers 65 miles from home. Download them to GSAK. Then sort.
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