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to all the 1000+ Cachers

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I was obsessing about my caching stats and current average and it got me thinking, "I wonder when I can expect to hit 1000?" So I thought I'd pose the questions to all of you:


Do you remember, how long you had been caching before you hit the magic 1000th find?

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Well I haven't hit mine yet, but my handy dandy GSAK macro tells me when to expect it:


KoosKoos should reach 700 finds in 186 days (26 Caching days) on 2/12/2009

1000 finds in 841 days (117 Caching days) on 11/29/2010


(but I know that it's based on my average history and I tend to cache in bursts)

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I have a poor memory for numbers, so I simply keep track of all that fun stuff by using stat generators. Peek at my profile and somewhere toward the bottom it shows the dates of milestones.


Looks like it was almost 19 months for me, but I took a long vacation from caching, again easily seen in the profile graphs.

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I started caching in June 2002 and hit 1,000 finds in August 2004, becoming the first person in my local area to do so. It was a lot harder back then to accumulate a large number of finds without traveling significant distances. A trip to Nashville in July 2004 gave me the necessary jump start, as I logged 280 finds on that long weekend.

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It took me 975 days or 2.67 years to reach 1000.


1 Out on a Limb 5/18/04 First find

100 Governor Mine 7/28/04 (71)

200 Follow the Drinking Gourd 10/29/04 (93)

300 Another Vista Point 12/22/04 (54)

400 Geo Tax 3/05/05 (73)

500 Antelope Valley Poppies & Pizza Event 4/09/05 (34)

600 Burnt Offering (Log) 7/02/05 (84)

700 Scouting's Highest Honor ~ "Mt. Baden-Powell" 11/20/05 (141)

800 the dragonfly scroll (Log) 3/18/06 (118)

900 return to scab island (Log) 7/22/06 (125)

1000 Are You Experienced? (Log) 1/20/07 (182)

1100 Throop Peak (Log) 10/15/07 (267)

1200 Bride of Propeller Head (Log) 5/22/08 (220)

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I think this log says it all for me:

A Little Help From My Friends


If you don't want to read it, that's ok. It was estimating 2027 and I've slowed down since then!



I just had to run the new numbers:


Based on your overall rate of 0.16 finds per day, you'll find number 300 around 2/16/09 and the big 1000 around 2/08/21. However, over the past few months, your find rate has only been 0.01 finds per day. Based on that, you'll find number 300 around 7/28/16 and your 1000th around 12/31/69.

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1 3/13/2004 GCB368 That's Amore!!!

100 4/19/2004 37 days GCF973 BCHA Lookout!

200 5/31/2004 42 days GC9605 TOUCH AND GO CACH

300 7/9/2004 39 days GCJW0B TROJAN TRAVELER IX - Treasures Stateline

400 8/7/2004 29 days GC4EE1 "Schoolhouse" Southern Utah Pioneers

500 9/6/2004 30 days GCG9CH Griffith Peak

600 10/31/2004 55 days GCDF30 Vegas Panorama

700 12/22/2004 52 days GCH8E6 "Do You Fear What I Hear?"

800 3/19/2005 87 days GCC3C7 Slow Friends In Low Places

900 5/23/2005 65 days GC4764 Frenchman Mountain

1000 6/25/2005 33 days GC877F Huckleberry Patch Geo Cache

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When I started caching six years ago you might have to walk five miles into the woods just to get one cache. You certainly could not drive from parking lot to parking lot and easily grab 100+ caches with hardly getting out of your car. The first 1000 took me four years. The next 500 took only about a year.

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I was obsessing about my caching stats and current average and it got me thinking, "I wonder when I can expect to hit 1000?" So I thought I'd pose the questions to all of you:


Do you remember, how long you had been caching before you hit the magic 1000th find?


Just about 5 months.

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A lot of it depends on where you live and your transportation. People who live in large cities where there are caches every 600' and copious amounts of unleaded to burn tend to hit it a lot quicker ::cough, Moosemob, cough:: :cute::anicute::wub:


I've been geocaching since Jan. 2007 and just passed 500 about 10 days ago. According to the GSAK FindStats macro I've averaged just over 35 finds a month and will reach 1000 in December 2009.


There are a number of factors which can influence how fast, if ever, someone can get to 1000 finds, the least of which is probably ones skill in finding geocaches. Other factors could include:


Cache density: It's a lot easier to get to 1000 caches when there are a thousand caches within 10 miles from your home location than it is when you've got to cover a 40 mile radius to find 1000 caches.


Available time to cache: A parent of a small child or children that also works full time is likely going to take a lot longer to find 1000 caches than a someone that is a retired empty nester.


Other hobbies: As odd at may sound, some people actually participate in other activities. For me, it's sea kayaking and flyfishing, which can sometimes be combined with geocaching but more often than not it they compete for time.

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From my profile - Stats generated by FindStatGen3 V3.0.20 by rutson, tweaked by lignumaqua, running on GSAK v7.2.2.23


1 on 08/17/03

100 on 12/18/03

500 on 06/02/04

1000 on 02/03/05

2000 on 07/22/06

2500 on 02/23/08

Currently at 2571 as of 08/08/08


The slow-down reflects both a slow-down in caching due to the lackagasmoney disease and the year-and-a-half where I logged very few of my finds online.


At my current rate FindStatGen says that "TheAlabamaRambler should reach 2600 finds in 59 days (4 Caching days) on 10/18/2008

3000 finds in 868 days (62 Caching days) on 1/5/2011 "


I guess I had better get it back in gear!

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Do you remember, how long you had been caching before you hit the magic 1000th find?


lol I will be lucky to hit 100.


I'm still trying to figure out how people get all this free time to go caching. :D Obviously I'm doing something wrong. lol


Let's see...I figure, I'll hit 1000 sometime around...2013.

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