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  1. swag in micro containers wouldn't make any difference for me. rarely cache for items in the containers.
  2. can't say I ignore any certain cacher in the area. Anytime we go out caching we have a great time no matter what caches we find. I guess we have a more social aspect of caching then quality of the cache. Our normal cache planner tends to route us a variety of cache hides and terrain levels. If I'm going by myself or with zoie, I'll read the pages and pick caches I think we'll be able to complete. We like shorter hikes (zoie will only walk about 1 1/2 miles). I remember when I first met you. Was at an event and we were running around finding event cache after event cache. To read your post on here-what a complete turn around from the guy I met way back then! I do agree with some of your points. I haven't really looked at any of the new local caches in my area yet. I'm hoping to get some new ones out. Working on a long hike cache, a couple medium hikes and an earthcache. They're taking a bit of time and research. Hopefully when they do get published-the reviews are good!
  3. I'm pretty sure I know which cache you're talking about. if it's the one I'm thinking-it was one of our favorites. the pieces were all off the trail as you said. can't see how an animal could move them. they weren't hard to find but def. not just sitting out. even if they moved a bit-the stages still should be off trail. not sure what to tell ya. I know caches move-usually not much but sometimes they move well outside your intended hide.
  4. zoie is my caching dog. she's a west highland white terrier. before zoie was bailey the black cocker spaniel. bailey was much more into hiking. zoie will hike short distances about a mile-then sit down. I usually have to carry her at that point. bailey would hike 3-4 miles and she kept going.
  5. hope you were able to get your bug moved along. last weekend ended up camping near the coinfest. there was a guy from wv also camping that could have moved your bug that way. who knew? at any rate, best of luck to your bug.
  6. I have a second acct for my dog to keep track of caches she's been to. she doesn't post on the forums-she's very opinionated and tends to bark at most everyone.
  7. very nice to see Moraine State Park on the list. Hope the class happened as the park naturalist moved on. The park ranger is also leaving. Def. hoping the new ranger will allow caches in the park!!
  8. I agree 100% with you. I have to cache with tall friends for those types of hides. I've had no complaints on my hydrant hide since kf4oox hasn't found it yet!!
  9. now that's funny! also from western pa and get the reference. Bergie-sorry about your cache. guess this is one we can't break!!! there's not much you can do for sue happy people-hard to believe a cacher would be this way-but could be. man, to count all the bruises, cuts, scraps, PI, near fall, etc. That's just from placing the event caches at Moraine State Park recently. think I should sue the state park that allowed me to place them. it's their fault I choose a thorny area for them. it's their fault there's mud on the trail that I slipped in and almost fell. It's their fault PI is growing all around the trails. people just don't have responsiblity for their own actions anymore-it's always someone else's fault.
  10. if given the choice to go find micros or regulars-would be regulars. would prefer a nice walk along with the cache find. there's some regulars I just can't do cause of too high terrain-too long of distance, etc. there's still enough variety that one can find something they like to find. I cache with my friends a lot and we end up at several micros throughout the day. they're fun-but for a completly different reason-we're all together having a blast. on my own would not have chosen that route. So-to me micros mean a gathering of friends. I can't think of too many reasons why seeking micros would be better. most memorable caches are generally larger then a micro. now-there's some exceptional micros that are memorable to me. two of them in pittsburgh,pa. would fall along the lines-best size container for the area, which has been posted in this thread. the first micro I hid is a guiderail at a hunting and fishing club lake. it still gets positive posts cause it's a nice view so haven't pulled it. now that I'm a member of that club-looking at a possible full sized ammo can behind the lake. majority of my new hides will be regulars with hikes. in my area, we have a decrease in these and a huge increase in micros. so apparently, there's lots of people that like micros for whatever their reasons.
  11. was just out that way. near grantville was a little park-cache called little red. didn't find too many caches while out there. so can't help too much. was told the solar system series was good for taking you around places. saturn was very near where we were staying in grantville. never got to find any others.
  12. so far I haven't had any problems with this. for caches in our state parks-dcnr takes sometimes 3-4 months to give an okay. so the cache page is sitting there unchecked for several months. now that I know the coords show up when reviewers search-I've been waiting for dcnr approval before checking the reviewer box.
  13. already in the date book. looking forward to it!
  14. how do those stack up against hamsters?
  15. not a long found log but I really enjoyed reading this one. it's a cache called now let's swap hidden by my boyfriend and I. GCQC2G (it'll be archived sept this year as dcnr permit expires). this area will host a new cache inspired by this post when the old one is archived. have a wedding ring (fake) sitting around as part of the new cache. December 22, 2007 by dakdesigner (3 found) I thought Moraine would be a great place to finally pop the question to my long time girlfriend and what better way than geocaching! It was a nice quiet walk and it only took a little scrounging to find the cache buried in the remnants of the snow. She took the three leaf clover luck charm exclaiming "Look! Today's my lucky day!". What timing! I asked her to marry me and she said yes! I think it was MY lucky day! Merry Christmas everyone! [view this log on a separate page]
  16. sending kudos to keystone out here in pa. has always worked with me to get caches approved.
  17. welcome-glad you found a tb for your vacation. have a great time!
  18. you're welcome. sometimes hard to tell what people are looking for. sharon is a cache rich area. if you stay near the lake-there's lots of nice hikes and views of the water.
  19. I've seen caches placed but not listed on gc.com. they're usually part of a local group. no smiley for it but still just as fun to find and rehide.
  20. don't trade swag items too often. smashed pennies and pathtags are among the things I'll trade for. sometimes there's dog squeeky toys and will trade something for those. a very popular swag item for our area is the pa geocacher keychains made by pa-drifter.
  21. the local store I know of is paga (pittsburgh area geocaching association). not sure they could ship you one in time. I'm in butler and do have one extra tag right now. I'm a good distance from crawford county so not sure if I can help too much. with gas prices I don't just hop in the truck and drive too far anymore. if you have access to nwpa yahoo group post on there. a lot of them are from erie and closer to you. good luck.
  22. close to sharon-these come to mind as caches I remember well and would recommend to others. rio loco - at qs&l on the train but not difficult to find. the train is neat. 444 micro - very neat place if you've never been there shenango history part 1 to 3 - nice walk along rail bed hide a cache - haven't found this one but have heard good things about it great blue heron cache - def. my favorite for the area. not a long hike, takes you to a heron nesting area beaver pond 2 & 3 - haven't found 1 yet but would imagine it's good. west lake - nice hike near the lake east lake cache - another nice hike near the lake. dogs only - make sure you have a dog with you to do this one. within an hour away-anything at mcconnell's mills state park or moraine state park. at mcconnell's mills hands down fav. is acrophobia which is in the rapelling, rock climbing area. moraine state park-lots to choose from. favorites are: waggy tail, overlook, git r dunn-you'll go to an old foundation, passing the buck-nice hike, porters cove. near by is old stone house-very historic building and nice hike along north country trail. dark elf is in jennings-you may get lucky and see a massasauga snake. longer hike but very interesting area. there's a beaver area on this side of the park. if you keep going into butler-all the caches at alameda park are very nice. most of them short hikes with duck, duck goose a bit more challenging. hope that helps some.
  23. being close to pittsburgh have heard of hamster caching. interesting to read so much in detail about it. not so sure radar (my very cute syrian hamster) would like his cuddly home filled with cats to be moved outside where there's more cats. he's very fond of the indoor cats and would miss them. and just an fyi-on the brochure it says use cedar chips. don't use cedar chips. see below... posted from: http://exoticpets.about.com/cs/hamsters/a/hamstercare.htm Bedding Most owners use wood shavings to line the cage, but avoid cedar shavings - aspen or other hardwood shaving are the preferred choice as even pine shavings may emit irritating aromatic oils. Other bedding options are available (see "Top Ten Alternatives to Cedar and Pine." The bedding should be changed weekly, but most hamsters use an area of the cage for a toilet and this area can be cleaned more frequently to help keep the cage clean. Hamsters like to burrow, so provide a good depth of shavings for them to dig in.
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