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  1. About that new icon, we log the event through the maze website right? Or is there somewhere else i'm not aware of?
  2. Tag, Your It - A Food and Fun Event is up and running. We'll need a basic count for attendence to help with arrangements with the owners. Thanks and See ya there!
  3. Thanks for sharing this one. I've been wanting a Topo ever since I switched to a 60CSx last year.
  4. A most respectable legacy has been established, thank you for all you've done PNWAdmin. You'll be missed, but after all the hard work you've done, it's a well deserved break. More time for hiking, biking, and all that fun stuff. Have fun!!
  5. Has the final meeting place and time been established?
  6. I'll go check, but think the short sledge may be mine from pounding in the gravyard stakes. I'llpost again once I dig around the truck and see whats there.
  7. Another approach to consider is this. Disable the caches for a month and don't replace them. Wait till the weather gets colder and the cache snatcher to get bored. Replace, set them to PM and enable, keeping an eye on who's looking and finding the caches. If it disappears at least you may have a feeling for whats happening. If theres no problems after another month take off the PM tag.
  8. Part of the fun sometimes is trying to invent ways of being sneaky. Your GPS can be used as a "camera" to take photos while a muggle strolls by. If you need to stall a bit longer, use the GPS as a "cell phone" and wait the muggle out. Bending over to tie your shoes for a quick grab is a standard trick. The possibilities are endless if your creative. If I have the time to be stealthy, I will do it. If I'm in a hurry I'll evanuate the situation and either walk away of make a quick grab casually if I can get away with it. Really each situation has to be judged on the spot for the best way to handle it.
  9. The easiest way to find events in your area is by using the "Hide and Seek a Cache" (located on the left side of the website menus) Choose "by State" and enter yours. The first caches listed are Events. mark your calendar and go meet some folks. The first event for a new cacher can be a bit intimidating since many regulars will know each other and will be talking shop. Make a point of introducing yourself to the event organizer to break the ice and ask folks what local caches are the "do not miss out on". Cachers love to point out the good ones to find!
  10. One trick many people use including myself for "storing" coins out of inventory is by dropping them into n archived cache. I created a cache listing on top of a significant mountain that has special meaning to me. But I never actually published it. It's forever archived in essense in a place that no one can ever place a real cache. I use it to store my personal coins and TBs that have disapeared. Regarding bringing one back, I would think you could simply log a "Picked Up" noting that the next finder could grab it from you. Or as mentioned use the "move to last location" option.
  11. Congratz to everyone that found one!
  12. Thanks to Rusty Hingepin, I can sent it to you right now. If anyone else needs it please email me and be sure theres a return address.
  13. Luckily I had a current offline database. One of my team ran it yesterday and got it last night, so he was able to pass it on to the rest of the team luckily. Whew! (Still haven't gotten my PQ though)
  14. ARG! going on a cache machine in the morning and still don't have the PQ I ran this morning. Lame
  15. Team "It's the Water" or whatever name we run with this round will be bailing off the route at it's southern tip to hit the COWWSs event for lunch, then planning on jumping back onto the CM route whereever to continue till the dinner. Going to be a fun day!
  16. Ah, my mistake in misunderstanding. Rereading it I see that post #4 by CBT69 really sums up my feelings then. It was a later post that the translation of the topic was lost to me so I replied. I'm a FTF hound and I never expect a prize, but it's sure nice when there is one. Last night I got FTF and #1700 after one was published near me. No prize but the great cache, a new shiny logbook, and me grinning ear to ear while bushwacking in the dark and rain. A prize would have only icing on the cake, not needed, but I'd have enjoyed the sugar. Anyway, I'm glad some cachers enjoy adding a bonus as much as I do. Even knowing that with or without a prize, the cache will still be found and enjoyed by many people who will never even know if there was a FTF prize or not. inspirational ! that would wrap up many ongoing threads ! this should also be posted on the GC site in the "What's Geocaching?" section. that way when the next thread about "colors and flavors" rears it ugly head it can be chopped off by linking to that quote.
  17. My first TB sat for 2 weeks that felt like 2 months. But Dain Ironfoot has now traveled all over country including Hawaii, Florida, and New York. He's been in Europe for the last year now. Patience and the journey will be quite amazing at times. That said, I've also had a couple that were held captive for long periods of time and eventually disappeared. So be sure to get a few going so the pain of losing one will be offset by the grand adventures of the successful ones.
  18. Theres a nice FTF Certificate that I include in all my caches in addition to something nice like a Coin or Lotto Scrtach Ticket. It's been linked many times on these forums, and probably could be found with Google too. On the Certificate I write "Good for 1 Drink On me". Yesterday someone contacted me to redeem 2 of them, so we went out for pizza and beer and had a great time for 3 hours chatting it up about local cache stuff. It's a great way to give an excuse to get together and socialize.
  19. How is it that we differ? I stock my tough caches with very nice items, usually including a unactivated coin or something else special for FTF since we have a bunch of fun folks who are hounds like me. The easy ones get more standard swag for the exact reason you point out, they get pillaged. But in your OP the wording would indicate you feel that swag is being used as a lure. I feel that swag is just one part of the experience, as noted in the response. Guess the point of your OP is lost somehow in your reply since we do not differ at all from what I can tell. Yup, thats one of the experiences, just like the hunt for the container is part of it. And as you mentioned before, further making my point, finding junk inside a cache lowers the experience, "thought it was terrible" you said. I also rarely trade, but my girlfriend almost always trades or at least leaves something nice. For her thats fun, to me I could care less generally speaking. (I'm looking for sig items personally) Bottom line is swag is part of caching. From your post it reads that you feel it's being used as a lure. Can't it simply be folks are stocking nice items rather than junk and your seeing as a lure, rather than just part of the caching experience? Theres more than one aspect to caching. A child wants to hunt and see what "treasures" are inside. A numbers whore wants fast easy finds. A hiker wants a nice walk with views. Some folks want to be challenged mentally with puzzles, others hate them. Caching is mutli-faceted and by dismissing swag thats unfair to the folks who enjoy that part of the game.
  20. I love being taken to new places, discovering well constructed containers, etc. But why shouldn't there be nice items for swag as well? Everyone in our area finds caches placed no matter if theres good swag expected or not, but it sure is nice to not see broken toys, used hand warmers, and bottle caps. There are certain hiders in our area that leave very little, and others who leave very nice things. And the same folks who always go after caches still go, regardless of the expected resulting find. In addition, when someone empties out their junk drawer to use as swag, it only fosters a feeling in newer folks that this "treasure" hunt is more like a garbage hunt, and I've seen the logs to prove it. By your stance it pretty much sounds like you would prefer junk left or nothing at all, since it should only be about the hunt. That pretty much equates to why bother leaving a container other than to harbor a logbook. After seeing so many posts about Mcjunk left in caches, this one is a bit of a surprise really. The location is part of the overall experience, the hunt is part of the challenge, the swag is part of the fun as well.
  21. Thank You for coming here to alert us there to the situation. Picking up trash is a great thing, cachers do it as well under the format of CITO (Cache In Trash Out) Next time you find one, log the find online and get a smiley!
  22. I didn't read all the responses, so perhaps this was mentioned already. The key to my success as a FTF hunter is knowing the instant a cache is published, and being willing to hit the road within 3 minutes of knowing about it. Get to know your local Reviewer and his/her habits. They generally will publish at a similar timeframe each day. (At least ours do) Get to know the FTF hounds. Find out what area they live at so you can gauge if you can beat them if you both are walking out the door at the same time. Meeting them at the caches will help gather good intel such as thier work schedules, etc. This all adds up in your hunting plan. 1. Instant Notifications to email 2. use a email alert with sound turned up loud enough to hear, then be willing to get up from whatever your doing and check it fast. I use Yahoo email (forwarded from another acct), and yahoo messenger that dings loudly when a notice comes in 3. Have the cache bag ready to go with everything needed in the car or near door. Stocked with all items such as flashlights, pens, etc. 4. Out the door in minutes and you will eventually catch them napping I have 66 FTFs and easily have double that but usually let them go. I tend to get selective now about what ones I'll drop everything and run after. But I am usually the first to be looking at a cache even if I am not going for it. Once you get the system working right, it gets alot easier to at least be there with the first folks. It's a fun way to meet up with fellow cachers and chat. Bonus is beating them to it, but if not oh well, it's still fun telling the story of how you watched someone do something goofy trying for the FTF. A good trick if you can pull it off when theres a few FTF hounds all searching for a toughy. Make the find on the sly and replace it if you can. Then you get to sit back and chuckle at them Good Luck and Have Fun!
  23. On the Roadrunner theme, heres a couple shots of a hide by a friend of mine who puts out some great ones. What do you do with a bowling ball that you find while out caching?? Make a cache out of it of course! A local dentist had the statues already, so it was a perfect fit.
  24. Just going to a location must be good for something right? The cache owner is well known for not maintaining caches for a long time now August 25 by Nope, Didn't Find It, but logged a find anyway (268 found) Claiming a find per Cache Owner's note that it is indeed MIA. Get well soon! THanks for all you guys do for the community. [view this log on a separate page] August 19 by Cache Owner (1457 found) Oops= posted in the wrong spot! [view this log on a separate page] August 19 by Cache Owner (1457 found) OK guys, go ahead and claim a find! You are right- it IS mising, but hopefully soon to be replaced. Health problems preclude immediate replacement. [view this log on a separate page] August 18 by Was at First Honest, but couldn't resist (382 found) Well actually the cache is not here, but i am going to clain a find. This was my 3rd trip in hopes I just over looked something. I think any one who continues to attempt it should just get a "found" since no one appears to be going to re-place it. [view this log on a separate page] August 17 by Wanted to be Honest at First, but can't help but claim a find later (271 found) XXX contacted cache owner. Cache Owner told us we could claim this as a find, since we had actually came to the site to search. Sorry the cache is lost. This is a wonderful spot and the Dragon Track series is awesome. Thank you for bringing us here. [view this log on a separate page] August 17 by Nope, Didn't Find It (268 found) Oh Drats, I'm a big fan of the Dragon Tracks & this one seems to be MIA. Hate to think they will disappear into the sunset. Will write the owner & hopefully we can get this one running again. Thanks Cache Owner for showing us this water wonderland. Your kindred spirit, XXX [view this log on a separate page] August 17 by Wanted to be Honest at First (271 found) We found the beautiful dragon track, but like the previous logs note, the cache seems to be lost....alas, DNF:( We met a beach walker who told us about all those oysters! Thanks for bringing us here. [view this log on a separate page] July 19 by Who Needs to Actually See the Cache? (100 found) Found the dragon track and then looked for an hour and there is not a cache here. [view this log on a separate page] June 8 by Has Integrity (82 found) Found the plaque but didn't find the cache. Then I noticed no one has found it in over a year. Probably got washed away. [view this log on a separate page] December 21, 2007 by Was at First Honest (382 found) I came out here two days in a row looking for this. Maybe it did not make through the Nov. 11 storm that had such high tides. [This entry was edited by astromarc on Tuesday, August 19, 2008 at 4:06:55 PM.] [view this log on a separate page]
  25. Without knowing if the caches were old with history, an option that perhaps would have been nice is adopting them instead of archiving. In the Olympia area we recently had some of the original hides placed in our area archived suddenly, but a couple of us managed to convince the owner to unarchive and adopt them out. Some of them were many of our first caches found, so had sentimental value as well. Unfortunetly because of distance issues we also lost a few of these oldies but goodies forever because he archived first. Again, I don't know the history or quality of these hides that the OP mentions, I'm just pointing out that adoptons have a place, but it's up the the owners to think of it before mass archivals.
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