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  1. It worked fine last week without issue. The problem is with the new logging method. Clearly there is no reason to limit the number of entries in the geocache_visits.txt file. even with thousands of entries, the file is quite small.
  2. Can someone please explain to me how the new logging page is better than the old one? The first attached image is what the new logging experience looks like on a normal screen. The second image is of what the 'old' logging page looked like. I realize that this may be personal preference but the older method was FAR more efficient in every way. Using the older and more preferred page, one could click on the cache name, and be directed directly to the cache page so we could read the cache page, and the Compose Log option would take us to a thin and efficient page where we had more options in our logging. I would show examples but Groundspeak has broken that link such that it only takes you to the new page. There is no way to get to the cache page from the draft anymore. The wasted space on the new page is horrible. Can we at least have an option to compact the view so we can see more than 5 drafts at a time? And add a link to the cache page? Why the one step forward three steps back approach in web site improvements?
  3. When uploading field notes from GPS using the older and better logging page, it would upload the 'drafts' found since the previous upload. Trying today, we are unable to upload our field notes with the error "Cannot Upload More Than 1000 Caches at a Time" Please fix this bug.
  4. In some sense, yes. I do not wish to use the MC at all. I want to be able to delete everything I have posted there, and prevent others from sending me notes there. Ground speak does not need to have access to my communications that I do not send to them via e-mail.
  5. Simple, because it's not e-mail, it's a message center where messages are stored and we have no control over them. My profile page clearly states to not send me messages via the MC but it still happens. I want that data removed and I don't want Groundspeak to be retaining that data..
  6. Speaking of privacy, I do not see any options to delete conversations in the Message Center nor disable it in my profile. I don't like using the MC and want to encourage people to send correspondence via e-mail. When do you think we'll see this functionality? If not an option, who do we contact who has the ability to DELETE all of the messages in the message center (NOT HIDE them) ?
  7. I disagree. I did give it a try and returned it as worthless. However I was looking at the 66 again this weekend while caching and it was quite clear that I was able to view the map much better in the 2 small data field mode compared to the 'uniform' dashboard my buddy was using. Side by side with my 64s, Sure, the 66s's screen is slightly larger but the viewable map was equally smaller than mine. Increasing the resolution just makes items on the screen smaller to the point where, unless you have extremely good eyes, the cache icons and even the custom symbols are simply too small. It's a simply fix in the FW that Garmin can easily implement.
  8. I wish I had read this thread before I bought a 66s. The lack of the 2 data fields when in map or compass mode makes it nearly worthless IMHO. Only two options. Full screen with no data fields or four massive data fields with only half the map. Pretty poor planning if you ask me. Anyone know when or if Garmin will wake up and fix this? After all, it's got to be a very simple line of code for them to return the 2 small data field option. Returned my 66s as defective until they fix this.
  9. THANK YOU!!!!!!! I just launched GE and suddenly there were caches again!! WhooHOO!!!!
  10. I disagree - I don't want them to remove such a good tool! I want it fixed! It's a very useful tool that I used to use all the time for trip planning, puzzle solving, routing out hiking trails, scoping out best routes to arrive at a hide etc.. the list is huge.
  11. Nah, they are aware of it, they just refuse to address it and even stopped replying to our requests to get it fixed. Keep e-mailing contact@Groundspeak.com until they do.
  12. Still waiting!! Any ETA on the fix for the Google Earth KML viewer yet? It's been broken for months!
  13. Geez.. Enough messing with the 'never really have been functional' maps. Just please fix the Google Earth KML plug-in already!
  14. One very obvious answer is to view an area when solving puzzles. I do (did) that all the time to help narrow down the location, days, weeks, months in advance.
  15. No - The problem is that the geocaching earth kml plugin, a premium member feature, failed well over a month ago and Groundspeak has yet to address it.
  16. Come ON Groundspeak!! FIX this already! It's been broken for well over a month!
  17. Did you ever receive a reply? I send an email also and I never got a reply.
  18. Well, after caching the whole day, I could still not get satellite signal if I enabled GLONASS so, now that we're home I decided to try a factory reset (Turn off, - press & hold Page and Enter and turn on - release Page & Enter once the option to erase all settings comes up) It worked! Reconfigure all my customization and I'm good to go! At least for now.. I've had it up and running for a while and I can still see that at least 5 of the GLONASS Sats are there while sitting at my desk on the bottom floor of my residence.
  19. I've had my 64s for several years now and this problem occurred for the first time yesterday. Anyone hear of a fix yet? Not a major problem because the 64s using US sats are still extremely accurate but I wouldn't mind all features working as designed.
  20. I have to agree completely. I've been caching for 10 years now and like you, no longer find the logging experience enjoyable at all. It used to be so simple and although the site has always been aesthetically displeasing, at least it wasn't so full of Fischer Price fluff. I think the biggest problem is that most of the 'App' users spend so much time with their faces buried in their app devices that if something doesn't look like twitter or facebook, they complain much louder than us who started before these 'App' users. We're old-school where appearance wasn't important, functionality was. We're just so used to function over form that the changes to appease the millennials just don't make any sense to us.
  21. We have seen several issues when uploading our field notes (geocache-visits.txt) from our Garmins. If we don't already have a 'draft' in the list on the site, the upload loads the entire geocache-visits.txt file and most of the dates are incorrect. Then when logging, there is no way to use the better, more efficient previous logging page. You are forced to use the new one. We're pretty close to doing everything via GSAK and just dumping the website except for solving puzzles.
  22. Welcome to geocaching.com... This has been one of my gripes for nearly 10 years. Some days, it works great! Others are simply painful. It does seem to have been consistently slower than normal since they introduced the recent changes to the site though.
  23. Agreed. The new logging page is really poorly designed.
  24. ^^^THIS^^^^!!! And what's almost as bad are series placed with the same first words. One never knows which cache is which without digging into the description.
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