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  1. I'm curious if the various posting to Facebook issues have been resolved, or if I'm doing something wrong. After logging a cache I get the screen saying "Your logs were successfully sent to Geocaching.com" then ask to share to FB and/or Twitter. When I click the slider to select Facebook, it takes me to facebook.com and says "You have already authorized Geocaching.com" and gives the options "cancel" and "ok." When I select OK, it takes me back to the "share with friends" page within the app. When I then click "continue", nothing at all happens. It just stays on the same screen, and I've confirmed nothing is posted to Facebook.
  2. Perhaps you could host a trackable race. That way you would have a number of trackables (maybe not hundreds) starting from one location. With a little work you could probably extract what ever data you're looking for. There's even a website to help out with these races.
  3. From the front page, click the magnifying glass by the "Search for nearby Geocaches" search box. Click the "placed" header to sort by most recent.
  4. I guess I don't understand how to search from my home coordinates. When I click the "use my location" arrow, it picks up my ISP location. My ISP is based in Detroit, MI and I'm outside Columbus, OH...that does me no good. I mean I guess I could go into my profile and copy/paste, or memorize my home coords and type them in. Hopefully this is part of the "not 100% complete".
  5. My first 1000 unique finds were from 8/17/2002-11/5/2005 and breaks down like this. Regular - 427 - 42.70% Micro - 305 - 30.50% Small - 98 - 9.80% Virtual - 91 - 9.10% Not Chosen - 40 - 4.00% Other - 35 - 3.50% Large - 4 - 0.40% - 1000 - 100.00% Today my finds are... Regular - 606 - 35.86% Micro - 580 - 34.32% Small - 262 - 15.50% Virtual - 100 - 5.92% Not Chosen - 67 - 3.96% Other - 66 - 3.91% Large - 9 - 0.53% - 1690 - 100.00%
  6. It doesn't appear that there are any active caches at Slate Run currently. There are a few nearby, but none in the park itself.
  7. 2010 Jeep Wrangler which replaced my 1989 Jeep Cherokee last year. Not so great on gas, but fun to drive. TB59M73
  8. I thought about that. The TB page that pulls up mentions that it was attached to a Castrol GTX key chain. So they would have had to have the decal made up with the old TB number, then never bother to go back in and change the description. It's still possible, but it seems like a lot of effort just to essentially forget all about it. I did just send an email, so we'll see what happens. I also thought it strange that the car tag owner apparently hasn't noticed anything wrong. Seems to me if I was looking at one of my own TBs and I pulled up a different page, I'd contact GS, or at least post a note on that page.
  9. While on vacation a couple of weeks ago I spotted a vehicle TB parked beside me. I took a photo of the TB number, and went to log it later in the evening. It appears that it's coming up with a different TB page. The page that I get, and "discovered", appears to have been lost in 2009 and the owner hasn't logged in since 2010. I took a clear photo, so it's not an issue of me writing it down wrong. I've also tried it several times so it doesn't appear to be any kind of temporary site glitch. Is there any way to see if the code is somehow related to another TB page? The TB in question
  10. I noticed the "from" address changed from noreply@Waymarking.com to noreply@Groundspeak.com as well. I had a rule setup in my inbox to move all @Waymarking.com emails to a separate folder. Suddenly my inbox started filling up as notifications of new WMs in my groups started to come in.
  11. Aside from seeing/logging them at events, I once got stopped behind another cacher at a traffic light who had a TB sticker on their back window. I've never met them in person, and it was just a random day as I was driving home from work. Since the light is long I had time to safely make note of the TB code.
  12. My view is that it's not digging per se, but it's still not something I would advise. Regardless of the lack of creative hides, if the reviewer lets this one slide it could potentially create perception issues. I don't think many land managers want people sticking fence posts wherever they want. Even if this is in your own backyard, if cachers assume fence posts are ok because you placed one and copy the idea, then the perception could become that geocaching=fence posts. Much like for so long many land managers assumed geocaching=buried. As for already having spent $200. That's unfortunate, but if there's any question about a cache hide, it's always a good idea to run it by a reviewer first.
  13. I haven't been on there myself in a while, so I'm not sure how active it is, but OKIC (Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana Cachers. Based out of the Cincinnati area) has a forum. Also, if you have a Facebook account, OKIC is farily active there.
  14. Yeah, I'll take money orders. Obviously the coin(s) will be held until it's received. I can. I actually meant to add that to the auctions, I just forgot to. It looks like it should be around $5 for shipping to Canada Got it, and replied. Thanks!
  15. I'm selling off most of my coin collection. I'm just not into collecting them anymore, so I figured I'd let someone else have a chance to enjoy them. There aren't a ton of them, but I thought they might be of interest to someone. I really don't know anything about their value so putting them up on Ebay and letting the market decide the price was just easier for me. All coins are unactivated. 2005 Midwest Geobash 2006 AZ Geocachers Yellow Jeep 2006 Geocache Ohio - Copper x2 2006 Geocache Ohio - Antique Bronze x3 2007 Cito 2007 NW Ohio Geocachers 911 Turbos - Red APE Cache Commemorative - LE Gold Be Prepared Scouting Go 4x4 It 5 Star Terrain Jeep Kimbyj/NOLEFAN9399 Just Married Jeep Mail Jeep - Regular "soft enamel" nickel Mail Jeep - LE "hard enamel" nickel - 150 made x2 Masonic Geocoin Steel City Babes - Silver THX4TC Jeep - Green Troop 333 Yellow Jeep Geocoin Racer Link to my Ebay
  16. Ohh, that's a good one. I wish I had a motorcycle back when I did the Great 88 (I still need to grab the actual cache for that challenge...been putting it off for years now). There are a lot of great roads around Ohio. I've been thinking about finishing up the Ohio Delorme mainly by bike. That's more of a long term goal for me, not something I expect to do all this year.
  17. I've been working on a similar idea. If you don't have an extra remote laying around or want to use multiple LEDs, infrared LEDs can be found cheap on eBay. From my experimenting, using something in the 940nm wavelength range (as opposed to say 850nm) works better. The 850nm wavelength tends to show a slight red light to the naked eye. Depending on who's looking at it, it may be very noticeable to some, and ruin the effect. The 940nm LEDs still show up with digital cameras, but did not show any light to the naked eye. Even in a completely dark room with the smallest resistor I could use I couldn't see anything from the 940nm LEDs. Though I don't know the exact wavelength used, most remote controls I've seen are high enough to not show light to the naked eye. Like CR mentioned, I'm working on using a small battery with a solar panel to charge it, and a light sensor to turn it off duing the day. LEDs use very little power so it shouldn't be too difficult to keep it going all night. Though it could be more complicated if you are going to use it inside a building.
  18. I can see how that might be useful for some Waymarks, but I think for the most part it defeats the purpose. Often Waymarks take you to something historical or otherwise interesting. If one were able to just log Waymarks while driving by on the highway, without even trying to see why they were brought to that location then we might as well just place arbitrary points on a map.
  19. I like the new icons. They seem to fit better and look "cleaner" to me.
  20. Mostly I just enjoy a nice hike, or an interesting location.
  21. That's a bit lengthy below. So the short version. I'm not involved in Geocaching socially enough to know who to vote for. My ideas of what makes a good reviewer may differ from GS's Many would vote for friends/against enemies. I think old blood helps more than it hurts. ____ Sure, balloting could easily be done, but being sent an email doesn't help me. If I got an email from GS saying "Bob Geocacher and Sally Geocacher are both up for election as a reviewer in your area, who do you vote for?" I wouldn't know who to vote for. They very likely could live in the same town and I wouldn't know any more about them than the fact that maybe I've found some of their caches. I'm not very socially active among cachers in the area, so I don't personally know anything about them. If I don't know them how can I decide that they're a good candidate? You could send a list of contributions and achievements, but that's of little importance to me. I don't care if someone has placed 100 caches, and found 5000. I don't care if someone was a volunteer at an event. I don't know what exact combination of factors GS looks for in a reviewer, so I'm unqualified to make that decision for them. I think that many people would simply vote for their friends anyhow. I don't think that anything is slowed down by having the same reviewers in place. In some cases maybe it makes it better. Let's say we switch reviewers every 4 years. There will be a period during which the old reviewers don't care anymore, something of a Geocaching lame duck session. Then there will be an additional time during which the new reviewers are feeling out their responsibilites and taking more time. Plus some reviewers get to know people who place caches. It can make it easier for the reviewer to do their job knowing that Geocacher X always gets permission, generally places issue free caches, travels a lot, and is happy to maintain their caches 60 miles away. Reviewers don't have to look so closely at every detail of Geocacher X's submissions every time. While Geocacher Y has placed 2 caches that had problems, they don't maintain them, so subsequent submissions will need a closer review. A new reviewer isn't going to have this kind of knowledge that comes with doing the job.
  22. I guess I see a public vote ending up being more of a popularity contest. Except for my group of friends, I don't know who is doing what, and in what way people are contributing to the community. To me, this is something fun and I couldn't be bothered to do that kind of research to decide who is worthy of being a reviewer. I just don't care that much about what other people are doing. While maybe not perfect, I think Groundspeak's method works satisfactorily, and doesn't really need to be changed.
  23. In spite of the wolves, bears, and cougars, it doesn't sound like a 5/5, or even a 4/4 to me. From the ratings system... A 5/5 would indicate that it is "A serious mental or physical challenge. May require specialized knowledge or skills to find or open the cache." and it "Requires specialized equipment (boat, 4WD, rock climbing, SCUBA, etc.) or is otherwise extremely difficult." a 4/4 would indicate "A real challenge for the experienced cache hunter - may require special skills or knowledge, or in-depth preparation to find. May require multiple days / trips to complete" and "Terrain is probably off-trail. Will have one or more of the following: very heavy overgrowth, very steep elevation (requiring use of hands), or more than a 10 mile hike. May require an overnight stay." Being .2 off a bike trail, and a "typical woods hide" does not indicate a serious mental/physical challenge that would require special skills or multiple days to complete. The terrain also does not sound like it would need specialize equipment or a > 10 mile hike possibly including an overnight stay. Bears and things are hazardous, sure, but they're part of the local area, shouldn't be unexpected, and shouldn't necessarily factor into the rating. There could be all sorts of things that could injure/kill people in a Wal-mart parking lot, but one wouldn't rate a LPC 5/5 unless it was truly warrented.
  24. Doesn't that drive the "I have to keep X radius around my home coords clear" cachers nuts?
  25. Back on an old Jeep forum I was on, they were planning a day to clean up some trails. One person mentioned that if anyone finds a Geocache "game piece" to leave it where it is. They posted a link to GC.com. Because it was described as a "game piece" I was thinking something along the lines of a board game piece like from Monopoly. I didn't understand why something like that would be in the woods, and how someone would easily stumble upon it. Plus the clean up was happening near Flint, MI and I'm in Central Ohio, so I just thought it was a weird local thing that I wouldn't be able to participate in and didn't click the link. A few days later, after curiousity got the best of me, I went back and clicked on the link. I already had a GPSr at home so that same day I found my first cache after work. A few years later I found that cache the guy posted about as my 1000th.
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