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  1. The 550 will hold up to 5000 caches and 2000 waypoints. You mention that you have 100 gpx files - are those 100 individual caches? or does each gpx contain multiple caches? As suggested, do a PQ for your area and load that. A PQ can include up to 1000 caches - so if you want to put 2000 on, load 2 queries or use GSAK. Get everything in GSAK and then push it to the 550. You mentioned deleting 10 to 15 files, so I am assuming you know how to navigate the directories when its plugged in to the computer - depending on the answer to my earlier question, you may have hit the 5000 limit and just need to delete some more gpx files.
  2. Just tried to access geocaching.com to log the few caches I found this morning and got this: The service is unavailable. Server is too busy
  3. In general, trespassing is a bad idea. I have noticed, however, that some people that feel entitled, have/will put up signs proclaiming an area private property that they have no legal right to... If this were in my area, I would do some more research to see who owns the area in question - but signs that read "no trespassing without permission" (if they really said that) would smack of someone claiming property they have no right to claim.
  4. Your analogy is flawed. MS Office 2012 has tons of updates/new features. As such you should pay an upgrade fee. What is more accurate would be: I have this old slow computer with MS office 2000 on it. I bought a new computer that is faster and got rid of the old one. Why do I need to re-buy MS Office 2000? The answer is you dont, just re-install it. The OP, however did something a bit different. They had a PC with MS office 2000 and bought a Mac. The PC version wont work on the Mac - you have to buy a new version for the Mac. Ack - enough with the analogies. The long and short is the OP changed platforms - a new version is needed.
  5. Can you cache with your phone? That might be an option. The other thing I have done when my GPS is not available is to just look at the maps (including satellite view) and figure out where there are some caches near me and searched them out that way.
  6. You actually spent 12 days in Jail! wow that must have been tough! that's crazy! sounds like there is more to the story - 12 days for lifter a lamp post cover? that would be laughed right out of court.
  7. Really? How does lifting a lamp post cover (which is essentially just molding) equate to 12 days in jail?
  8. The cache in question should be easy to find and the logs show it as being found regularly in recent past. Its been a while since I found it, but I dont recall it being a hard find. If that is causing grief on finding it, he might try this one just a short bit down the road: GC2YAA5 Longbow Surprise
  9. If you use Ad Block Plus, this filter (dfx posted this over in the release notes forum) should do the trick to remove the recently viewed list: geocaching.com#div(id=ctl00_ContentBody_RecentlyViewedCachesPanel)
  10. Is there a way to turn this off, please? I would much rather see our current log activity at the top of the page. Thank you, Mrs. Car54 Yes, I too would like the ability to turn this new "feature" off.
  11. I, for one, would enjoy a multi like that. However, with that being said, there are far too many people who will not put in the effort needed for a multi... even if there really is no effort needed. I have a 2 stage multi - stage 1 with coords to final. From stage 1 to the final is about maybe 300 feet... and its not hard. Short of me just giving you the coords, its super easy - yet it has a very low find rate when compared to traditionals (even difficult ones). Why? Because its a multi. And now that I have seen that video - it has given me some ideas.
  12. I recently walked just a bit over 8 miles for a total of 85 caches in about 4.5 hours. Still need to do some more walking - ran out of daylight the day I did these.
  13. Please dont interpret my "pyramids in Egypt" or the "great wall of China" as excuses that its ok to just drive willy nilly all over the desert. That was not my intentions. My intentions were to poke fun at the "it can be seen from space" that seems to pop up ever so frequently. Just about everything humans do can be seen from space - its just not a valid argument... everything can be seem from someplace. ie With the proper radar/radio frequencies, we can see things long thought buried and gone. As for the alien head - the cache owners asked (nicely) that you not drive it or the mother ship either. I was there for ET1 and for ET2. That request was honored - no reason not to. Walking both of those was a nice refreshing change. It doesnt take long and you might see some wildlife. Just because its a power trail doesnt mean you have to get the most amount of caches in the least amount of time. Take time to enjoy the environment around you - its amazing what you see if you just look.
  14. Thanks. I will add that to the list of things that are exactly the same as geocaching: - The Great Wall of China - Nazca lines - Great Pyramids (of Egypt, and elsewhere) - Cities - Chinese Military Activity *New! Since you are building a list, here's some more: Firebird Lake Intersting things in the desert- play with the zoom on this one and move the map around a bit - interesting things to see.
  15. Hey look, its visible from space: Visbile from space the article even says "large enough to be seen from space. ". I guess China needs to be banned now.
  16. If you all want to prevent trails/marks/other things from being "visible from space", the only way to accomplish that is to remove ALL life forms... move 'em all OFF the planet ASAP.
  17. Humans have been leaving their mark on planet earth for eons. Here are a few examples: Pyramids (and not just the ones in Egypt) The great wall of China Nazca lines just about any city ... we've even left our mark on the moon (although some would argue that we havent been there). How - exactly - are those different/better/worse/ok than what is happening now?
  18. Is anyone else having problems with pocket queries? I have 2 that I set up earlier today - they have yet to run even though set to do so.
  19. As a person who mostly lurks... yes... and thats one of the reasons for mostly lurking.
  20. The more people rant on stolen caches, the more the theif feeds on it. its a lose/lose no matter how you slice it up. Whether the maggot "feeds" on the forum / cache log postings or not, the cache is still gone and they have gotten their desired result. Here in the greater Phoenix area, we have a running problem with a cache maggot for the past few years now - nothing posted in forums, caches quietly replaced... only to be stolen by the same maggot again and again. Ignore them - doesnt work. Actively seek them out and show them the error of their ways - While this may work, frowned on for a whole bunch of reasons. End result? They win. or to put it another way, we keep playing by the rules while they are using gorilla warfare. Guess who will keep losing.
  21. Depending on your location, you may be able to find some good (and free) topo maps here: GPS file depot. You will need mapsource or something similar to get them on to your gps.
  22. You hit it!?! What did that poor cache ever do to you?
  23. and to drift this back on topic... After doing some searching for "yale coords", I came up with nothing. The only thing that seems to make sense - so far - is what someone else posted - the actual coords for Yale.
  24. So I guess you and I have differing opinions on the subject. No fuzz off my peach, but I'd bet you would change your tune if it was YOUR puzzle being group-solved online. Nope - I wouldnt change my tune. I would consider it an honor - of sorts - if one of my puzzles (not that I have many) stumped someone to the point that it was being "group-solved online". ps - I dont want someone to get so hung on solving one of my puzzles that they decide to ignore the cache... like is being done with some monkeys in the area. I will go so far as to give you the coords if you are really stumped. The puzzle should only be half the fun, the rest is getting out there and finding it.
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