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  1. It looks like this flaw has finally been correct. TY to whoever was responsible for getting this fixed.
  2. Thanks Sven, I had just noticed that myself and was coming to post my gratitude.
  3. It's no surprise that the same problem exists with google satellite view maps.
  4. This is a relatively new situation. I prefer to view google maps over the default geocaching maps most of the time. I also like to zoom and pan while determining which caches to target. I then right click on them to open in a new tab to read the page without losing my spot on the maps. This isn't possible right now. Instead I have to click the cache, click the arrow in in the left side column and then the return arrow. Here's the error message I'm getting when I right click on a google street map today.
  5. You're right, there's nothing wrong with starting an open discussion on this or any other topic; that is why we have these forums. Just keep in mind that the answers you get here might not be correct guideline interpretations, but they would be if you asked your reviewer.
  6. Why these two data view options disconnected? It's practically impossible to do any trip planning involving AL's by panning and zooming the map when the list view reverts to my home coords. If I am traveling to an area that has more than a few AL's it doesn't make sense to have to click each pushpin and read the cover page info rather than scrolling down a list. Why is it setup this way? I suspect many of us are considering trips to the PNW next August. Both Vancouver/Southern BC and Seattle are full of ALs. How should I decide which ones will be interesting to me and worth my time?
  7. There are currently some errors in displaying the time when there are less than 5 completions of the Adventure or when the median time is especially long. Thanks for the answers. It has to be the latter as there are 18 reviews and 23 ratings of the AL with 30 finds on the bonus cache. Is there anyway to correct this misinformation? We already receive the occasional nastygram due to the distance between the sets. Providing a false completion time is just setting us up for more complaints from dissatisfied customers.
  8. In the old days offering to be a volunteer reviewer was a sure-fired way to not get the job.
  9. I agree that some of them are questionable and perhaps best left to the AL Owner to determine the elapsed time. I'm sure they created some sort of algorithm to calculate those suggested times, but I don't think the times are something you can really count on. I've placed three ALs so far, two under my account and one for a statewide organization. Both of mine are rated at 120+ min. One is spread out over 6 miles from one side of town to the other. All stages offer easy parking and fairly easy questions. A few seekers have reported struggling with one stage and have returned to it the following day after getting a hint; I wonder if that has skewed the timing? The other one is set up all in downtown and shouldn't take more than 60 minutes. It too has a 120+ minute rating. It highlights some of the top sweet treat businesses here, perhaps people are stopping to enjoy the offerings along the way and that's adding to the elapsed times? But the really crazy time is the one on the one I helped set up for the state organization. There are two five stop sets in towns that are over 100 miles apart, yet it has a rating of 0-30 minutes. That is simply impossible.
  10. Aren't you just channeling Steve Martin's Christmas Wish?
  11. I apologize-the NA log follows your posted note that essentially asks for archival. I don't know Erik all that well but I have cached with him a few times and shared a meal or two. I suspect that he's more interested in preserving your local history and not enabling challenge chasers. I didn't see any challenge finds on his profile. He's a Charter Member and was one of the first volunteers outside of Seattle. Perhaps that's why he's been granted some latitude in this unusual situation?
  12. I didn't start caching until 2002, and my memory might be fuzzy, but it's quite possible that the guideline wasn't in effect back in 2001. You didn't start until 2010, but have been around long enough to know that caches are reviewed under current guidelines, and there's never been any rules about retroactive application of the guidelines. AFAIK those long disabled caches are on NPS land. So those caches are not blocking any new hides nearby. And since they've softened their position on caches placed on their properties there's really no reason for archival if there's a chance that permission might be granted is there? Perhaps you're just taking it personally since your NA log from 2016 was ignored? Also since you're local you're probably aware that Erik retired from his position as a volunteer reviewer after 15 years of service to the community over a year ago, so really you're just posting to grind an anti HQ axe aren't you?
  13. It's rare that a old bumped thread is so well received. But like others who've posted I'm glad this one was. It's pretty cool to see those old semi-forgotten names who used to post regularly in this sandbox. For the past few years I've made some day long treks to add neighboring states when I'm on a geo-road trip. I'm now up to 47 states, but doubt I will get the last three on the same trip. I've never visited Arkansas, Idaho, and Hawaii. When will that bridge/tunnel be completed?
  14. Here is the Help Center article on Pocket Queries. Here is the Help Center article on Lists. Here is a Help Center article on caches in foreign languages. It's amazing how much helpful info is in the Help Center. I suspect some lackeys and volunteers have put a lot of work into it. GPSfiledepotdotcom has free maps available for most of the globe. I just got back from a week in Costa Rica; the maps available at the website were excellent. You also could consider reaching out to a local cacher, they might be willing to become your new geopal and tour you around. Then you'll have a new international friend who speaks the local language. There might even be an event where you're going to be too. PS-focus on the FUN and ADVENTURE and not the streak. It will make your travels a lot more enjoyable.
  15. I don't see how making this drawing helps to prove that the finder was there. Since it isn't part of the proof it is an Additional Logging Requirement. You cannot make a mandatory ALR, but it could be a fun optional task in addition to finding the cache. Anytime you tell a finder what to do, feel, or think in addition to signing the log or answering the qualification question for a virtual you're running a strong risk of crossing the guidelines.
  16. It's too bad you have misunderstood this guideline before investing some coin in the project. Face to face contact anonymous or not is still contact. Business staff are trained to sell their products. Exposing cachers to any such pressure would break the commercial guideline as well.
  17. Kudos to the OP for being in touch with his emotional younger self. That post reads like a whiny entitled millennial, not someone from the so-called older generation.
  18. If there is something to find at the posted coords it is a multi in my book.
  19. BRAVO-one of the best posts I have ever read during my 15 years playing in this sandbox! I completely agree with the Rabbits. Explore social media and the blogosphere to learn more about cool caches. Then share this enthusiasm with your friends and share your new hobby with them.
  20. No they will not. But feel free to share your opinions in your log. Perhaps they will influence the CO to reconsider his ratings. Or perhaps your log will alert other future seekers to this situation. Keep in mind that CO's rate their caches based on their abilities and experiences. Perhaps this CO is a serious rock climber and he feels it is really just a 1.5T cache?
  21. I think questions like this might force the reviewers to determine intent. If the side event is intended to draw attendees from the Mega it isn't likely to be published. If the side event is able to stand on its own and draw from another portion of the community it may be published. The main factors they'd likely consider would be distance and time from the Mega event. I'll assume the post above me is referencing MWGB? The guideline only applies to the actual date of the mega, not the full weekend so day before/after events are fine provided the organizing committee agrees with them. They now have some input with the reviewers' decisions. Here's the Help Center article that addresses this issue.
  22. Deepseagoddess has a number of wreck dive caches off the NC Coast. I doubt that BM list will be updated any time soon. The owner of the list archived all of his caches back in December 2015. That's never a good sign.
  23. I've found several liar's caches over the years. For the most part it was always clear to me what type of hunt I was in for, and I came prepared both mentally and physically. Several have been listed as underwater, and in fact they were. I generally enjoy writing better than average logs, so I'm happy to play along with a bit of fiction. Once I found one that was a mere LPC. My log on that one was simply "this is the best cache I have found all weekend". Was I playing along with the request for a lie, or simply stating the plain truth?
  24. Sweet! Many reviewers do have a good sense of humor. Except for the dogs. Dogs don't have much of a sense of humor.
  25. I own one hidden in a similar manner in Raleigh NC. It's gone missing a few times, even had the whole dispenser removed on occasion. But the majority of the times I've visited it for a maintenance run after a series of DNF logs the tiny container has been right where I left it (or at the other side of the ledge). Because it's in a very busy touristy spot a lot of newer cachers look for it.
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