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  1. What challenge exists but isn't doable? I haven't found an 'all county' challenge yet, but I did find a New Mexico Delorme Challenge. I know it's not the same as the county, but it's as close as I could do this afternoon.
  2. A few pictures from the 11th Annual Memorial CITO event. Another awesome event!
  3. ~ Bump ~ Went to to Estes Park this past weekend to attend the kickoff event for the Across The Divide GeoTour. Looks like that'll be a fun adventure :-)
  4. Spent Saturday in the hills enjoying the scenery again. It's February, but you wouldn't be able to tell that from the pictures. Today's weather is a totally different story.
  5. Thank you! I enjoy looking through them too - figured I'd keep sharing. Happy to have someone other than me posting to this thread too! Went out for a short hike today with the kids today. Over 4 miles of hiking with a couple of caches. Kids enjoyed it (better than school) and I did too (better than working!).
  6. I was able to get out and find a cache this weekend. It was uphill. It was snowing. I was on snowshoes. It was wonderful.
  7. (bump) Didn't get to the mountains today, but flat roads can be fun too!
  8. You can tell fall is here! It's getting colder, and more snow on the ground in higher elevations! Near Yankee Hill:
  9. Went out again to enjoy some Colorado trails, colors, and do some caching. The weather had other plans and we didn't get to see the sun too much this trip, but some of the aspen trees were turning nicely.
  10. Enjoying the fall colors in Colorado!
  11. Ok, I was able to use your links and find the image on your Flickr account: Looking at the dates and the names of those who logged, it looks like it came from Honeymoon Falls cache.
  12. Hi Tim3196! Do you have the URL for your flickr photo? You can click the 'insert image' link in the forum editor - it's next to the 'Hyperlink' image, Two images to the right of the smiley face above the text box we're typing in.
  13. I was able to find a few caches in the hills this weekend!
  14. Had another fun weekend in Colorado's high country. Team Red Rubicon at the top of Peak 10: Amazing view of the trail:
  15. We still have an active Hamster cache, although they get a little hungry between visitors. I also noticed that our local reviewer is also the Hamstercaching reviewer too. I wonder how many others there are?
  16. Another great weekend to be in Colorado! This weekend was spent on Johnny Park Road with Team Red Rubicon. Found a few caches along the trails, too!
  17. Finally got to take the family out Jeeping and Geocaching at the same time! Went up to Georgia Pass with a bunch of other cachers attending the Mountain BBQ 4x4 event this weekend. Even had to get the wheels wet near the campground
  18. ((Bump)) Spent last weekend in the hills; always a good day up there!
  19. There is a reservoir/retention pond adjacent to Wally World, but you have to park, then walk across the lot, then hunt around in these big rocks along the shore. So not in Wally World, but pretty darn close. I think the pre-finding is the way to go... I'm hoping this will be a fun summer family activity, I just need a successful find or two to stoke the fire. There are some awesom caches in that area of Colorado. I can send you some ideas later today if you want. I'd love any ideas or insight you can provide. You can email at sjelias at gmail. Sara's Duck Pond would be a good one in town to start with - Regular size (Formerly) The Polaroid Project is another nice sized container. Big D's Cache is at the Environmental Learning Center. Nice short walk for the kids. The grass might be a bit tall near the cache, but it's not that far off the trail. I know there are a bunch of other caches - but those should get you started. Enjoy!
  20. We have a couple of Flood Recovery CITO events coming up - Next weekend (April 26 and 27). We'd love to see as many people there as possible - we need all the help we can find! 10th Annual Memorial CITO "Breach 1" Day 1 10th Annual Memorial CITO "Breach 1" Day 2
  21. Nice, where is it? Pawnee Buttes. We took a little hike out the Pawnee Cache and made a day out of it. Not too bad - just over 3 miles round trip. Even the littlest one made the entire trek. Slept like a rock on the way home too.
  22. bump. Another day in Colorado. This was taken yesterday. Today? Well it's snowing of course!
  23. The last one that I can see is from 2011. It looks like the event host has been involved with quite a few of the other (previous) events. There are two other events that were also in the area, but I'm not sure if they are part of the annual tradition (they might be?) 2012 and 2013. Edit: fix bad link.
  24. Thanks for having the date posted this far in advance! I've just started the ball rolling for our CITO this year.
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