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  1. (I swear I do searches before asking a question but I rarely get a return that answers it. Maybe not wording my ask in best way.) I feel bad when I discover a cacher has reached out to me with a question (email or app message) and I didn't see it. I don't check my email/app that often. 1) Do some cachers put their phone number in their profile so they can be contacted? 2) Is there a reasonably safe way to do that or is it not wise, risky? I don't want to get spammed or stalked or anything, but I wouldn't mind a text from a cacher needing a little help. Thanks!
  2. Thank you for the additional info Martemous. It's possible I purchased as a guest. I tried several times and don't remember what I did when. It's not a big deal. I'm just used to seeing purchases listed on sites like eBay, but for those, one log-in gives you all access. I'll remember next time that shopping is a separate thing. Thanks!
  3. Thank you for the info about the separate log-in. Well, actually, I did do the separate log in. It just said "no orders" when I did log in. So I'm assuming it said that because my order was already shipped? I didn't see a purchase history. I DID receive my order today. But supposin' something was missing, how could I see what I had ordered? Just the email? Received my order today so much faster than expected and all there. But a purchase history would be nice to have. Thank you!
  4. "You have placed no orders." 😞 I bought a bunch of stuff. I'll check my bank account to see if there are deductions. Is a Shop account separate from your GC account? It asks me log in or create an account. I logged in and got "no orders." (Yes I have a Groundspeak deduction on my account.) 2nd edit: Well, wonder no more. I received my purchases today! 😳 That was lightning fast! Maybe it shows "no orders" because it was shipped already?? Purchase history would be nice but I'm thrilled with my purchases!
  5. I'll check that out. I looked in "My Account" a number of times because that was logical to me. Must have missed it. Thank y'all!
  6. I have looked everywhere and used the search feature but I can't find where I can see the items I purchased from the GC Shop the other day. I'm used to eBay and Etsy having a "Your Purchases" section under my profile. I can see all my purchases plus track shipping. I don't remember everything I purchased and don't want to re-buy them!--and would like to see when shipped. Thanks for any help!
  7. My caches are about 14 years old, in good shape. They are ammo cans or brand Lock n Locks. One ammo can was in a flood--but when I found it, it was bone dry inside. On occasion the LnLs need a wipe out but are still in good shape (not broken). I can't speak to fireproof. I do regular maintenance.
  8. Pardon my stupidity, but...does this mean you revisit an actual specific cache that was cool... or just an area or object a cache brought you to or near to that you liked or saw something interesting? (I'm thinking of an *area* I discovered due to 15 caches placed there.
  9. Interesting location, history, story. Creative camo. A cache where someone obviously put effort into it. Caches that can hold TBs or swag. I actually forget about favorite points because they didn't exist when I started caching so not something on my mind.
  10. "There sounds like there is more story to this" Why? Because I didn't tell what what made me angry about it?
  11. I had a CO send me an unsolicited offer for a hint on one of his particularly hard caches that I'd DNFed quite a few times. Oddly enough he said "I could give you a hint but it won't help you." (Would that even qualify as a hint?? ?) Anyway, I politely declined and said I was stubborn and wanted to figure it out on my own. I continued to agonize over this cache not understanding why I couldn't find it. I research his hint, I studied logs, I poured over every inch of the area. (Others were DNFing it too). And then out of the blue I got an email from a fellow Cacher who much to my surprise outright told me where it was! My initial irritation at the helpful casher turned to anger at the CO. I have not gone back to the cache since even though I now know where it. It was a huge disappoint for the time I put into it. *smh*
  12. Thank you for the clarification. I knew the stages couldn't be near separate caches. It was stages I was confused on.
  13. I am so confused on this! MANY years ago I placed a multi and interpreted the guidelines to mean each physical stage of a multi had to be at least .1mi apart. So that's what I did. Several years later I found a 3-stage multi where S2 and S3 were only about 80 ft. apart. So I posted here about that and was told by An Important Person that yes, stages had to be .1mi apart. I think she provided a link to the guideline. OK. That's what I thought. So here it again...no minimum distance between stages?! Which IS it? I'd really like to know a final, official answer. Thanks in advance for clarity.
  14. I cache alone 95% of the time. I broke my ankle while caching. No one around, cold (February), raining, didn't really know where I was. I was laying in wet grass and mud in a cold rain. Called 911 but couldn't tell them "the address of your emergency." I guess they pinged my phone which was almost dead. Took awhile but eventually the cavalry came and rescued me. (Bless every EMS worker ❤️❤️❤️.) I had to log a DNF. ?? But I reckon it didn't stop me from caching alone.
  15. I could have sworn that 3 NMs triggers a notice to a Reviewer for potential archiving. Maybe it’s an old rule that has gone away? Otherwise, couldn’t a cache rack up 5, 10, 15.... NMs and still be active?
  16. I log NMs. Because it’s SUPPOSED to be a help to the CO, not a punishment. And usually it’s ignored. I even posted a photo of the destroyed remains of a cache...and nothing. After almost a year another Cacher replaced it (but at least he asked permission first). I’ve seen caches with 5 NMs logged plus a photo of the container in shreds...cache was still active. I thought caches were supposed to be archived after 3?? Aaanyway, it’s usually a fruitless endeavor but I do it because that’s what you should do.
  17. I haven’t even gotten to start yet. ? My life sucks.
  18. Haaaa! Ummm...errr....uuuuh...let me think about that. Maybe I have no shame. But maybe I do. Lol. (There’s a hint in that paragraph somewhere.) ?
  19. I avoid those caches like the plague!! They give me the heebeejeebies. Make me fee so uncomfortable. I had been working on a puzzle cache (I’m NOT a puzzler!). I was shocked and proud when I actually figured it out!! Wow! THEN it turned out the cache was in the owners yard. :-( I was crushed. But I decided “I solved it!—I’m going for it dammit!!!” So I went...and hit their mailbox (UGH,,,but no damage!). While I was molesting their shrubbery UGH this little old lady came out on her porch and started calling over “HEY LADY—-have you lost your caaaaaat?? Have you lost your caaaaasaatttt???!!” I shook my head, found cache, signed log and FLED!!
  20. If it’s been a looong time since you have cached, you are in for a surprise. I don’t use the GC app any more. It used to good and now is, in my opinion, awful. It doesn’t even follow tradition terminology. I’ve switched to another one and I’m much happier with that. Welcome back!! You can make your hunts your own and have fun.
  21. Interesting stories y’all. :-) I had had been out of town and was just getting back. I needed to call a friend about dinner plans and since I don’t talk on the phone or text while driving, I pulled into a parking lot to make my call. Made my call and then thought “Well, let me just check and see if there are any nearby caches.” The closest one came up... about 6 feet away! It was an LPC and turns out of allllll the empty parking spaces in the lot, I’d parked right in front of a cache. All I had to do was step out of my car. From reading the listing to find was about 1 min. I have another one buuuut.....it’s kind of embarrassing. I’ll have to think on whether to tell that one or not....
  22. I have seen quite a few half to mostly buried preforms. I would have thought that was a violation. I guess either the reviewer didn’t know or nobody cares.
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