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  1. Thank You! I suddenly had this same problem with my Garmin. Your answer solved my problem.
  2. I am a solo female. I am not sure i would go on an overnight road trip with a complete stranger. Other than the obvious worry about killers/muggers/rapists, i would not want to get stuck with someone who snores, smokes, drives like crazy, eats smelly foods, stops only at LPC's, listens to rap...
  3. Do you have a Target store in your area? Various "Dollar" stores sell a cheap version of the box. If you pay one dollar and it lasts a year, that is not so bad. I think anything with a plastic hinge will break faster.
  4. ncfinn


    This answer completely destroys the thrill of discovery. I still remember my very first LPC from about ten years ago and how smart i felt for figuring it out myself.
  5. Some time ago i met a fellow cacher who told me in the early days you'd expect a 1-3 mile hike for an ammo can...this is what inspired me to place a cache... In the early days (2002) if i walked ten miles and got three caches i thought it was an awesome day. Today: With friends i'd walk ten miles total for just one cache, no matter how scenic the route. Alone i'd walk ten miles total for just one cache if the route was extra pleasant or there was something special to see at the end. Alone i'd walk maybe three miles total (about an hour) if the trail was unexciting and uninteresting.
  6. Generally dicovery means seeing the TB/GC in the cache or at an event, but not moving/taking it. These are legitimate. Discovery in Instagram means somebody saw a picture of it, but not the actual trackable. Most owners delete these logs. Try to find out where/how the picture was posted and try to delete it, or at least get the tracking number covered.
  7. Moot point for you, but you could befriend a PM and go caching with him/her.
  8. Some people want to keep track of every single TB/GC they have ever seen.
  9. Has anybody written this person and asked what is going on?
  10. If you discover that it is legal to place a cache at a grave, make sure that you mention in the write-up that you have also "personal" permission to place it there. I would not want to be stomping all over an unaffiliated stranger's grave, but i would have no problem visiting a cacher's final earthly spot.
  11. No. i am not the cache police. No, this does not lessen my enjoyment of the game. Yes, i have bigger problems in life. But.... I would send this person a friendly note with the theme "you might not have noticed...".
  12. Contact the NC folks directly at http://www.ncgeocachers.org
  13. You can ask the TB owner if he/she minds the delay. You may hand over a TB. Assuming you know someone who will come to you to get it. Your friend will then log that he/she "grabbed it" from you. Or you could log that you put it in a near-by cache and your friend immediately logs a pick-up. That way it does not look like you lost it.
  14. I recommend you post this in your local forum. Sorry i did not look up the link for you.
  15. I would love to go caching (with you) in Canada!
  16. I think if you visit this site http://metrogc.org/ you are more likely to find someone who is physically closer to the spot you want. Or look at the closest cache, contact some of the people who have recently found it, or maybe the cache owner. One of them might be able to help you. Good luck.
  17. If you can not take the TB/GC all the way to its destination, you: never know who is going to be traveling in the right direction next, never know which direction will really be the best. Here's my current order of "best" places: 1) easy cache accessible from the airport 2) TB hotel near an airport 3) another easy TB hotel 4) any easy, well-visited cache
  18. For me the problem is sporadic. At times works on Mapquest, never on the others. At times works at some zoom levels, never at others. At times works on some of the caches, until it stops working completely.
  19. NON-magnetic nano? I've never seen one of those.
  20. On what page are you? The one that discribes the cache?
  21. If this person is a "friend" why can you not have a conversation with him/her? If i find a cache far from the posted co-ords, i always say that "MY GPSr thought that they were off by x feet", instead of saying flat out that the co-ords were wrong. Definitely post the co-ords you think are better. I don't look at info from newbies, but if a local with 1000+ finds says co-ords are off, i pay attention. My GPSr never agrees with the co-ords of one local hider. I look at what others are saying, and usually end up ignoringthese caches. I have one cache in an area with bad reception. I warn everybody of this ahead of time. I give a hint (which some don't read). I have tied a bright pink ribbon right next to the cache. I hope people do not put me in their ignore-list.
  22. The question was: "Would it bother you if you KNEW there was a camera in the woods?" If i KNOW there is a camera, there are two things i will not do: 1) steal coins 2) go potty I might be annoyed (embarrased) if i discovered after the fact that now everybody can see what i do with my boogers.
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