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    Iphone App

    First off, not trying to compare apps, I recently switched from Droid to an iPhone and had previously used c:geo and the GC app. I would like the ability to set the app to automatically "visit" my personal trackables for the caches I visit. I would also like to see some sort of set log for these. I used both of these features on c:geo. As far as the log, I know that everyone wants a unique log for each cache, but let's face it, not every cache warrants a unique log. My trackables are my car, my pack, and the sigmark around my neck. Each one has been logged into caches for quite some time. I would really appreciate that at least.
  2. We invite you to the *indirect link removed by moderator* store. Happy browsing!
  3. I'm sorry but you answered your own question. The online log here doesn't even enter into the equation. They signed the logs they are FTF!
  4. I've been on GC.com since 2003 under one handle or the other. I love the new look, so much so that I am thinking of taking in the wife for an overhaul. I've been with you guys 7-8 years and with her for nearly 16. Somebody's due. (Thank God she doesn't read the forums.)
  5. Why shouldn't it be? Threads like this are like a train wreck. It's an awful thing but you can't help but look. Let the debate begin!
  6. I will now use the closest thing this site has to a dislike button. This went from suggestions from an unhappy unpaid member to just spinning out of control quickly. I just don't get it.
  7. Can I get a amen! I follow several cachers on Twitter and Facebook. I like to see their adventures. Heck I follow CM there, but that doesn't mean everyone wants to! (No offense)
  8. There is a huge difference between a social activity such as a sit down dinner meeting of geocachers or a CITO and a social network. Social networks (and yes I am on Facebook and Twitter) are full of people you never meet nor would you want to. There are TONS of cachers I would like to meet. I kind of stopped using Facebook because of the whole advertising/troll/"friends"/no dislike button thing. I really don't want my hobby opened up to the likes of Facebook and such. These forums are quite enough. And you can choose to not come in here. Which I do from time to time. I still hold by my statement that if you aren't paying for it then don't complain. Geocaching is a hobby that does bring about like minded individuals a lot, but a lot of those like minded individuals are here for the hobby, not to chat.
  9. I have an ammo can secured to a tree (chained with enough chain so as not to impede the trees growth) on a river in SC. The river is low on water most of the year due to water being diverted for hydro-electric use. On one occasion this cache was under somewhere between 15' and 24' of water. When we checked it after that it was dry as a bone. No container is perfect but THIS is why I prefer and always will prefer the ammo can. To answer the OP question, I have had some success with the small aspirin tubes for micros. Never really had any problems with them. But I find them all the time with wet nasty logs in them. I don't know what I am doing right. But I will continue to do it. FK
  10. Wait he has what he wants so we've sat through all this for what?
  11. Welcome to geocaching. I have read through this whole thread and while some of your points are valid, I have no problem with this site. I have learned to navigate my way through it. I remember a time when we were basically and underground, hidden, almost secret society type hobby. I miss those days. Lots of cachers I know do. The only problem I have with what you have written in this thread besides the whole email and social networking argument (I vote email is fine and social networking this ain't) is the fact that you seem to think that all this should come about because you want it. You aren't willing to pay for it like a premium member that shells out a small amount ($30 and I get exactly what I paid for and more sometimes) but you want this. Personally, and I don't want to make enemies here, if you don't vote you can't complain. At least that's what I've always heard. In this instance I have to go with if you aren't going to support the site, then don't complain. I'm not attacking you, just that there have been others here in these forums before that love to complain and criticize, but they don't want to support. Also you have been caching a little over three months? Will you be here six months from now? A year? I would much rather have these discussions with a well rounded cacher than someone who may or may not be here within the next 9 months. Although I hope that you have a long and healthy caching career. People nowadays do get bored easily. That being said, get out and cache. I don't get to much because I am a stay at home Dad and my youngest is to young to have out for long periods of time. The area I live in is not as cache rich as I would like although we are working on it. I would like to see our area come out with everything from micro to 5/5 storage container sized hides. Something for everyone. I can say this. I have NEVER had a hobby that made me feel as welcome as Geocaching. Please consider ponying up the $30. Then we can talk about all the changes you want.
  12. A Good Jeremy/Bad Jeremy sample coin. Thanks Jim! FK
  13. a $20 gizmo that requires an expensive gps to use that'll be stolen shortly thereafter. They've been about for a little while now - do you know of any that have been stolen yet? one of the few ive seen had a log by the owner that after the 3rd or so find, the beacon was stolen careless choice of location, its so tiny, if you choose a good spot, its hard to believe someone will find it unless....i rather not say it expensive GPS?...what decent GPS isn't? I put out one of the first if not THE first in the SE. Here we are at 6 months and no theft. I guess that I have had really decent cachers find mine so far, but every area has it's bad apples.
  14. Can you imagine the Mouse and the Lucas flanking you? That gives me chills just thinking about it.
  15. I hate to say it but I live in an area with a few Elitist GeoCachers. A buddy of mine, who is a PM, brought his daughter to find an cache. It was missing and following the rules marked it as achievable due to the fact he had been there before and knew it was gone. No biggie you think, just replace the cache and reactivate it? Oh no, shortly there after he received a scathing letter from the owner giving him the third degree and vowing that the cache would be replaced the next day. It hasn't been yet (over a week.) I have had problems getting responses from people on geocaches asking questions and what not after I find them. This isn't a one shot deal here. PM elitism is the rule where I am not the exception. So from my POV, it is fund raising and elitism. You've been caching for less than three months and you're calling elitism? Give yourself time man. I mean this in the nicest possible way. The way you're talking can only lead to a bad split for you and geocaching. There are some out there that aren't the nicest people, yes some take themselves WAY to seriously, but I hate to see a new cacher do this to themselves. Make something like "Cache as thou wilt" your mantra and let it all go. I promise you that you will enjoy the sport a lot better. I speak from experience.
  16. Cache as you will. Don't worry what others think.
  17. I always heard that the general rule is if you ever ask to be one, you're off the list. I appreciate the reviewers I have had and the one I have now. We have had a rough time of caching here in SC. I let mine know that anytime he needs a hand, I'm there! That got tested once, we had to pull caches out of an area that a land manager was fuming over. It's a weird feeling pulling other folks caches. Just don't seem right. But WHY would you want the job? Excuse me, VOLUNTEER position. I would think it would be a great thing to do if I was retired and getting a good pension/retirement check. Other than that I just don't know.
  18. http://tinyurl.com/cbu7sq Awwww. ya ruined it! LOL
  19. Hmmmmm...maybe that should be a new PM feature, not having to deal with the riff raff. NOT THAT RIFF RAFF!
  20. What about $60.00 and $45.00 shipping? IM me.
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