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  1. Aww, this was such a cool thing to be able to do and allowed better planning. I don't need to know the answer beforehand, but having the co-ords really helped. Please reconsider HQ. I understand you like them as separate platforms, so either remove from Geocaching or integrate further.
  2. Nothing special. With my current montana 700i I do keep it in a harder case as I'm super paranoid about that large screen.
  3. I like big screens and I cannot lie ...so I always gravitate back to the Montanas. Montana 700i currently.
  4. I did the pencil eraser trick on my 680t, and an Oregon in the past. It's definitely a Garmin "feature".
  5. Having hiked quite a lot with my 700i, I tend to hold mine in my hand (I am often looking at it for geocaching) with it in a Tusita silicone case and a paracord / large carabiner to hook it from fingers / branch when signing logs etc. I favor the extra grip the silicone case gives the unit.
  6. Re-registered device, still no luck. There's little to give you feedback on; it won't pull API info when connected via Bluetooth. The refresh indicator just spins away. You can't seem to try a second time, the indicator doesn't even appear. You have to reset the unit. I doubt it's an API issue per se, and likely something up with the device but it really takes away the point of having this unit so hopefully Garmin can address.
  7. In the 15 years since starting, I find it a lot easier now than before. Many ways to skin that proverbial cat.
  8. It's only going to be up for the Summer Souvenir event, and then they'll re-evaluate. I don't mind it being up as a fun thing later and in some form, and if it isn't tied to any sort of award you can choose to look at it or not.
  9. and we are a pretty active state community...come along to an event! We jut hosted GeoWoodstock Mega event over in the mountains. https://www.geocaching.com/local/default.aspx?state_id=34
  10. Start here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/107595382639035/ www.ncgeocachers.org https://www.facebook.com/groups/YourNCGO/
  11. Yes you can. You can select/deselect the gpx files you want to be active/inactive on the device via the filter screen. ! Sweet! long time user of Garmin gps, never realized my 750 had this feature. Thanks!
  12. Enjoying my 750. Fast with big gpx / ggx files. Handy size after my Montana, which I still keep in the car. Nice updating via the API. Enjoy the new workflow. Some things I'd like to see: 1. use of the old gc.com icon set; the new icons that match the app icon set are too indistinct against topo or Birdseye imagery. 2. Ability to add custom "sicky" text to the live logs. Default is a blank log.
  13. #4. Last find was over a year ago. It's grandfathered in, and already hard enough.
  14. No, as it says on the guideline page, they are currently grandfathered in.
  15. Examples are here http://support.Groundspeak.com/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=206
  16. Subjectivity will always be an issue, but I think it's a bit more clearly explained here: http://support.Groundspeak.com/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=787 .. and they are correct..."reasonable number" it will depend on your location
  17. Thanks for the update. Glad they are back!
  18. No thanks. They'll be pushed to the extreme again of "This tree is AWESOME!".
  19. *blink* I see it quite simply for events. For your event to be listed, the event needs to be at the posted coordinates for at least 30 minutes. Difficulty 1 is appropriate for nearly all events, unless special circumstances exist and this will be reviewed on. That is the event. What you do after the event is the attendees business, and up to the CO to delete inappropriate logs. edit: oops older thread. But I have seen this issue pop up recently locally.
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