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  1. I think that virtual rewards are great but I hope to see more in the future. I will work on the idea of historycaches. See Keystones 2nd point. There have been posts about the creation of history caches since I started playing in 2007. It's never gone past a couple of posts supporting the idea because so far, there hasn't been an organization to step up to plate and volunteer to support them.
  2. Does lying about achieving the basic tenants of the game, or condoning dishonesty in how its played impact the integrity of the game?
  3. Sure, it happens. The last time it happened to me, I had taken a train from Belgium for an overnight stay in Luxembourg. I forgot to put pen in the small overnight bag I had brought with me. First thing I did was to find a grocery store (which required walking by a cache) to buy a pen (the store didn't sell them but the proprietor gave me one of his own).
  4. Will they? I'm a software developer at a university library and last worked in my office on March 11, 2020. Since I'm not a "front facing" worker (I don't work directly with our patrons) there has been no reason for me to work from my university office. We've had a number of meetings to discuss how we will work post-pandemic and most of have said that they're fine continuing to work from home. I wouldn't be surprised if they're considering *not* re-opening their offices.
  5. Personally, I would disable a cache that required a kayak/canoe during the winter and even early Spring as it might discourage someone from going on on a nice day when the water is still could enough to kill.
  6. I tie almost all of the flies that I use. I also primary fish in an area that has a lot of flytiers that are much better than I am so any flies that I buy from one of the local fliyfishing shops are usually much better than I can tie. I don't think it's a stretch for someone unfamiliar with flyfishing to assume that some store bought flies (especially big box stores) are not tied by hand, thus the simple clarification.
  7. The island that I'm thinking of is bigger and has actually gotten a lot bigger.
  8. Why are people even bothering to look for it? Is a +1 on the find count so important that people will search in garbage?
  9. Just as a point of clarification, all trout flies (and flies for other species) are all hand tied. the only coins/currency I leave are "foreign" (not U.S, Canadian, or Euros) coins or small denomination bills.
  10. Yes, it is absolutely okay. If it really is only accessible by kayak or canoe it should get a 5 for terrain (requires special equipment). Give it a D rating based on the difficultly once one is on the island. I've considered placing a cache on a river island myself. I own a house on a major river and there is an island in the middle of the river across from our property. As long as the river isn't high it's accessible by wading. I cross over from my property to fish the river as it wraps around the island. It would be accessible by canoe or kayak and drift boats are commonly used on the river (it's a premier flyfishing destination). I don't know who exactly owns the island and it will completely flood when water is really high. It would make an interesting (and beautiful) spot for a cache and I could watch people find it from my living room.
  11. I might not ever find another cache in a new country for me, for several reasons; My job used to take me to all sorts of places but they're not doing international project as much as they used to. I'm still working on a project occasionally for an organization in Kenya but there's no more travel involved. I've had some health issues that have limited the amount of travel I can do. Covid.
  12. At least a couple of the IndyMagicMan Shelter caches has well over 100 DNFs before they were first found. One of them now has 98 finds....and 345 DNFs. Not all caches are meant to be easy to find. That's why we have a Difficulty scale the goes from 1 to 5.
  13. Even if a bunch of geocachers never look at it, the fact that it exists might create an a competitive incentive that some might not want to have impacting the game. Sorry, "just ignore it" doesn't make it go away and prevent any negative impact it might have.
  14. Sure, but I suspect that more people do stupid stuff when there is an incentive involved. The incentive is a quick way to increase find counts. You're not going to stop people that are basically inconsiderate. Some people normally considerate my be sway if there is a sufficient incentive to break a few rules without any consequences. When you condone things like container swapping, leap frogging, divide and conquer, and a basic disregard for the environment, IMHO, you're no longer geocaching, but playing some other game with a different set of acceptable practices.
  15. The search function for the geocaching website isn't designed to facilitate finding a list of caches to complete challenge caches. There are lots of challenge caches with different criteria and trying to tweak the search engine to that it can be used for all of them would be a nightmare.
  16. I wonder if that like "side road" that the vehicle was on at T50 was there before the ET trail existed, or it was created by geocachers that thought it necessary to drive as close as possible to the container to save time. Near that trail is the Alien Head geo-art. The OP specifically tells people not to drive from cache to cache for that group of caches. Looking at satellite images of the area it is obvious that a lot of caches have ignored the CO because there is a pretty clear track in between caches now. That's one of my objects to this sort of geocaching. People are wiling to damage the environment, "bend the rules", or whatever it takes if it means finding more geocaches, the the point that they're playing a different game.
  17. Was that before the Alien Head near the ET power trail. That was created in 2010 https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC253ZN_head-alien-01
  18. A long time ago I found a cache in a small, not well known park the has a nice view of the town. It was small container hidden in the leg of a stone bench. When I replaced it I turned to walk back to my car as a policecar was pulling into the park. He motioned me over to his open window and the first thing he asked was "what were you hiding over there?". I explained geocaching to him and he was cool about it but said that park was a popular spot for pot smokers and what I was doing looked suspicious.
  19. Yes, that is what he was doing. I don't why it would be a problem if more people did it. It might demonstrate the advantage of using bookmarks and provide an incentive to become premium members.
  20. That was my understanding as well. I was in Rift Valley, about three hours away from the cache a couple of years ago. A couple of people that I was in the vehicle with were heading to Lake Nakuru National Park, to see Rhinos after we had spent a couple of day in Masai Mara. Unfortunately, I was heading back to the airport for a long trip home. The Lane's Cove cache in Australia causes some confusion about the first virtual, but from what I've read it was originally a physical but was made into a virtual.
  21. That might actually be just as complicated as allowing another userID to access a cache page prior to publication.
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