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  1. Hit me up for some 4 wheel caching in the SoCal mountains. How built is your rig and are you afraid of pinstriping?
  2. Introducing Hot Lips This was right after finding this cache http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=f451fc95-7e9f-42ef-9f43-196df129fc46&log=y&decrypt= and Blueberry
  3. The Korean War Memorial can be particularly haunting at night.
  4. I would advise against it. Springs are important water sources for desert wildlife.
  5. Physically challenging? Mentally Challenging? Maybe it's the phrasing of the question that sucks.
  6. Here's one that I know of. It has stills from the movie and current photos It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Cache
  7. BS in Geology with a minor in Geography from CSU Fullerton. Did my senior thesis on paleokarst (hence my moniker) in the Eureka Quartzite and Ely Springs Dolomite near Death Valley. 12 years work experience in the engineering geology field in southern California. I have a thing for maps and rocks.
  8. What kind of vehicle will you be driving?
  9. Nice pics. What kind of camera and lense?
  10. Definately gonna miss the site. I'm a map and stats junkie. Can I buy ya a beer when I'm in WI at the end of July?
  11. You can try the BikeNCache series. It starts at Newport Backbay.
  12. Not sure what kind of vehicle you are driving but here is an idea http://www.trasharoo.com/iWeb/TRASHAROO%20/Welcome.html
  13. bittsen- I'm back in PDX pretty soon. Anytime after Memorial Day let me know, I'll travel with you to hit all these caches. We can hit up Vegas afterward as a reward. If your serious think about the temps during the summer and a soft top jeep with the doors off would be about the perfect vehicle Yeah, or maybe motorcycle and LOTs of sunscreen. At first I thought it was doable on a bicycle...not so much now. Mountain Bike, now would be the perfect time.
  14. You have my interest perked. Which cache?
  15. So when do we get our geocoins if we can't make the event?
  16. So when is a volunteer reviewer going to get back to me?
  17. I usually cache in 3-color desert BDU pants because they're Inexpensive (heck of a lot cheaper than the "name-brand" outdoor gear) Comfortable Utilitarian (large pockets and ties at the bottom to keep out nasties) Durable Reusing something v. buying new
  18. Socially aware? Is that like not wearing white after Labor Day?
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