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  1. What if it's 5 KM at T/4? Can you do that? Seriously. The attributes are meant to help narrow the field, not to define a distinctive set that any cacher with specific requirements could accomplish. The attribute of <10 KM has already eliminated the bulk of the caches beyond your capabilities. Narrowing the field further will require some effort on your part. Groundspeak is all out of silver platters.
  2. I will not tolerate throwdowns on any of my caches. If you didn't find the cache I placed, it's a DNF...plain and simple. I'm sorry, but that is how it goes sometimes. Post your DNF and I will have a look in due course...unless of course someone else finds it after you. You are NOT 'doing me a favor' by replacing it and claiming a 'Found It', you are pumping your own numbers and everyone knows it. I should post this on my profile page, as if anyone will notice or care.
  3. I can't imagine how this would be any easier/better/more efficient than sending a PM to the CO.
  4. Actually, it is a Groundspeak issue since they keep jacking around with site updates that provide no real user benefit, but do manage to break other useful add-ons like GCLittle helper. I would like to think it is just collateral damage, but at times it seems deliberate.
  5. Don't log them? Seriously, DON'T. A nice attempt to re-package the 'challenge' concept, but in the long run most certainly destined to be a 'better mistake made tomorrow'. Unlike the 'challenges', you apparently can't un-kiss the frog. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. If they are going to count, they should count. If not, then they shouldn't.
  6. You don't get it. It's not about the money, it's about being fair... AHHH. I get it. You want fair. Everyone pays the same amount for the same service. Maybe everyone should make the same amount of money. Everyone works at what they are good at doing. Everyone gets a fair chance at FTF. Sounds kinda like Russia was at one time... But if the grocery store started adding $10 to your bill because you were wearing glasses, I'll bet you would raise a ruckus.
  7. So sorry, but there is no way to un-do that deletion. Did you not see a warning that such a deletion was permanent? Not because I think you are blind, but because it may not be shown anymore due to website changes.
  8. They are busy billing and cooing...give them a day or two.
  9. So far no real adventures...just business as usual. But my total number of souvies is climbing! Perhaps I have qualified for a challenge and I don't even know it.
  10. OOOO! Good one! Why didn't I think of that? Solve a puzzle for me for a few bucks! Right now there is a multi-stage cache spanning the entire southwest US (involves SCUBA according to the CO) that I would also love to be FTF on. As long as the price is negotiated up front and the individual delivers...this could be fun! Move over Lab Caches!
  11. Dude! Certainly there have been site issues recently. Perhaps the failure of a NM icon to be set on the cache is due to them. The 'owner edited attributes' scenario was just another possible explanation... Nobody (but you) has said anything about your ineptitude. I will have to agree with Don J in his assessment of your attitude. Didn't get any last night?
  12. That went away a couple of years ago in a site update. Perhaps it was a downdate? Apparently TPTB decided we didn't need to see that, or perhaps the production was too demanding on the servers.
  13. I would think that if I gave a favorite point to a cache, it should be special enough that I would remember that I did.
  14. Actually, they usually are retroactive. I bet if the OP sends a message to contact@Groundspeak.com about the issue, they will get their souvies.
  15. Just more evidence that Geocaching is now mainstream. Every aspect is now just another commodity to be bargained for. Sad, but inevitable, really. The even sadder thing is that there are probably people out there right now wondering how much he charges for (unspecified) service.
  16. Send the owner a PM and ask...I don't know what it means.
  17. Perhaps the CO edited the attribute out before you could look?
  18. Why bother? Battle-scars are cool! Probably any of the automotive headlight cover restoration products would work. I used to have something around that was intended for aircraft windshields, but it probably dried up ages ago. OTOH, if you happen to try a non-compatible product, things could get worse very quickly. Perhaps the manufacturer has some suggestions?
  19. I learned (here in the forums) that the 'GetElevations' macro is no longer needed. When loading caches into GSAK, there is a space to request the elevation in the lower right of the 'load caches' dialog. Surprisingly the box is labeled 'Elevation', and placing an 'A' there causes the elevation field in the main grid to get updated as you load caches.
  20. Point-to-point distance could be calculated using GSAK without too much effort. Every log you posted for that TB has a mileage listed...so if you really want to know (and don't use GSAK), warm up your calculator and start adding up numbers. Or maybe you could copy/paste the numbers into an Excel spreadsheet, which would at least make it harder to mis-key a number and need to start over.
  21. It is unlikely that I will be in your State any time in the near future, however, if I do record any caches in that region, I will ensure that I do not provide coordinates, cache names or precise information detailing the whereabouts of any caches that may be yours. My videos are not dependant on specific details like that, nor are they intended for geocachers. Make it easy on yourself, and just don't include my caches in your video uploads. As a matter of fact (as suggested) I would say you should allow the cache owners the opportunity to review and approve any such videos related to finding geocaches before you upload them. If your target audience is not geocachers, why did you come in here to announce them to us?
  22. Possibly our most creative local (urban cache) hider often uses decoys. None of the caches that have them are crazy difficult, but the decoys do tend to prey on any pre-conception you may have had about the actual hide. More than a few times I found the actual cache straightaway, and logged 'there was a decoy?'. Knowing the difference between 'mean' and 'funny' is the key.
  23. Both of those are apparently 'doable' in the 'off-season'...at least according to the logs. Certainly easier in the intended season, but not disabled or removed.
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