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  1. Been on a break for a while but I am shocked at how very little has changed in the last 3 years. I would have thought site changes would be massive.
  2. If you are logged on to your account what it actually says is: <<Please note Use of geocaching.com services is subject to the terms and conditions in our disclaimer.>> It just is what it is.
  3. Given what I read in the logs - I wouldn't even go looking for it. Though I might enjoying hiking the area.
  4. Thanks I needed to state this again...... FTF and 2 quarters will buy you a Coke at the machine over on Main Street. Come to think of it, the 2 quarters work equally well.
  5. So leave a 'note' or send thanks to the log writer via email. I do not understand a need to 'comment' on logs.
  6. I've been waiting over 10 years for that call/email/text to arrive......
  7. A very good point but knowing what the size was and circumstances of that previous failure might help design a new size and hide type that is more successful. Don't you think?
  8. Oh? I hadnt known that! I have an Etrex20 and for the first time ill be loading a PQ on there. What data should be deleted from where? Any GPX files in the garmion\gpx folder on the device.
  9. Best advice I have is to let the unit sit with the best view of the sky you can over the cache. Let it set and settle for a good 10 minutes before averaging or taking a single reading. Check the estimated accuracy and if it is quite high, consider a 2nd trip to check your cords on a different day and time.
  10. I've got several. Broadwater My oldest plastic container - 2002 Trail Ruts - ammocan Farmland Overlook - ammocan Nebraska Sandhills Rest and Rattle - ammocan Joshua's High Country Hide - ammocan Old Dunlap Ghosts - ammocan I have several more 10+ year old ones but they aren't the original container.
  11. Just how is changing the d/t for the accuracy of future finders - "placing concern with oneself or one's own interests above the well-being or interests of others"?
  12. You need to hook the unit to your pc via USB. Then simply copy/paste the unzipped files from the PQ onto the device in the [drive]:\garmin\gpx folder. Unhook and go caching. Easy.
  13. For the benefit of those of us with 10+ years of experience and 160+ hides and have no clue, can you spell out the 'rare' ones?? I've honestly never seen a log on any of my caches about it helping to fill in the grid. So no - I really don't know if I have one.
  14. Lets see here - same cache listing, same container, same hide location same owner but a new housing division rolls in and it is no longer a 2 mile hike to the cache along a rough path because of the brand new road 75 feet away and much of the brush from the road is cleared. (real example) Your telling me to archive the cache and submit a new one rather than do a simple edit of the T from 3 to 1.5 rating to reflect reality?? Just so I don't upset the 1 in 10 cachers (at most) that cares about filling in a grid?? really, that seems like a reasonable approach to some of you?? It would honestly have never occurred to me to even think of that until I read this thread. Lord knows I have been around these forums for a looooong time.
  15. You would have a point if the current version wasn't as old as it is versus these 'historic' caches being less than 13 years old and likely replaced in the last 2 to 3 years.
  16. I currently have 2 caches of mine that I cannot find for the life of me. I know they still exist because others find them. Between folks rehiding them where they think it should have been to the rehid by somebody who did not make the find to careless cachers. I don't know how to fix the issue.
  17. In that many caches start as PMO and then revert to regular - I'm sure the count wouldn't be accurate for very long.
  18. Depends on your exact needs but a good general purpose unit is the modern equivalent to what you have. The Garmin eTrex 20.
  19. Actually, it was great-great-great-great grandpa's hatchet. You know, the one he borrowed from George and never gave back. The version I know is:
  20. Take them all!! - but only if you are willing to move them along in line with their missions.
  21. So be it. If the physical conditions around my long standing cache change through no fault of my own - I am going to change the D/T to be accurate to the conditions for anybody seeking the cache. Without regard to some on paper goals set by a previous visitor. Why?? Because I care more about the people that have never sought the cache before then somebody who is never going to come back again.
  22. Yup - just unzip the PQ results and put the files onto the device into the [drive]:\garmin\gpx folder. Unhook and go caching - no other software required. Easy.
  23. Log off the website, clear your bowser cache and log back in. That will often solve the issue.
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