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  1. GC2GNWQ is our cache. Do you know if the guard rail is being replaced or removed permanently? Here is the message I received (from one of the engineers with the city): "Hey, one of the Parks guys just brought me a geocache that was on a guardrail at the Ferguson Park boat launch. We are removing the guardrail. How can we find the owner so they can relocate it?" You can pick it up at the city engineering office. If you email me, I can give you specific contact information, but honestly, it's not needed. Call them and go get it! They are more than happy to give it back to you so you can put it back out there. michelle
  2. The city of Snohomish has removed the geocache on the guardrail at the Ferguson Park boat launch... actually they removed the entire guardrail. They would love to return the cache to it's owner to be relocated if the owner would like to do so. Email if you need more details or swing by the engineering office to retrieve your keybox! If you know which cache this is, would someone drop a note on the cache page itself? I don't even know where to begin to look for the right one. Thanks.
  3. #8 has been retrieved! Looks like he took a beating from some of the local residents.
  4. A few of us are making our way up to Mt. Jupiter on Saturday for an (*ahem*) casual woodland stroll and we can't wait! If you're feeling like an intrepid soul, here are some of the deets: Trailhead meet-up: 8am No pre-hike milling about... we'll have plenty of time to b.s. on the trail. Get your shoes on, let's go! Things to bring: Water - There's is no water for 14.5 miles and it's going to be in the lower 80's. Sunscreen Other assorted hot weather backwoods accouterments Of note: This is not a weather-dependent hike Postponing the start time for ferry schedules won't be happening... -michelle
  5. Allanon and Tolmaus at the WSGA campout, August 2009:
  6. 12 (as per Green Trails) miles RT if you go to Buckhorn Lake and don't take the Canyon side jog 3.2 to the junction for the mine 2.3 to the junction for the lake 0.5 to the lake The side trail up in Tull Canyon is 0.7 to the end -michelle
  7. Humm.. the Ziploc type bag won't melt? If not, its a great idea. I hate, really hate having dishes to clean at camp. Try here: Freezer Bag Cooking (well, that's what it used to be called, anyway.)
  8. What's your 'intermediate price'? The 60 series is my go-to-handheld (more like true love & devotion), but the eTrex line has a huge following as well. Personally, having just purchased the 400T (at the blow out price and by using my REI dividend it cost me almost nothing), I'd buy something low-end (read: cheap) and wait for that to go on sale again. The 400t a kick to use, but I've found the 60 series to be more efficient overall. I have enjoyed having the cache pages with me at times though. And yes, I realize I could do this with a Palm or other type of unit, but the all-in-one is way way way more to my liking. I usually cache with my GPS and a pen to sign the log with, nothing else... sometimes not having the cache pages gets you screwed in the end! That said, with the 500T coming out (is it out?) it may not be too far of a stretch to see the prices on the 400T drop not-so-temporarily.
  9. It's a bit petty (ok, a lot petty, really) and deceptive on the part of the cache owner as the others have suggested. Maybe the offended (does not play well with others) cache owner should work on a solution to group-think... or temporarily disable his caches when he knows 'the group' is going to be out and abouting. michelle
  10. If you are outraged by the fact that someone may now be availing themselves of the sheep mentality to cheat on YOUR puzzle cache, all the while knowing it's been going on in OTHER areas without making a fuss... what does that say, exactly? It's ok in someone else's backyard, but not your own? Puh-leeze. Either the same moral outrage applies universally, or not at all. If you don't want someone to 'cheat' to find your cache -- and I use 'cheat' very liberally here, because people 'cheat' all the time -- piggybacking on someone else's Mad Puzzle Solving Skillz when you're going on a group hunt, but you haven't solved it yourself; sending someone else to get the 5* terrain cache while you loaf on the ground and have them either a ) lower it to you or b ) just sign your name while they're up there; calling up someone to have them tell you where the cache is; blah blah blah -- then you have to decide how you're going to make that happen. There are plenty of options. This kind of crap happens ALL THE TIME (all of it) and nothing you do is going to stop it on any kind of universal level. You control how flask caches, and you can control, to some point, how people find flask caches. Other than that, it's beyond you. Personally, I've had great success by simply ASKING that people find and log the cache in the manner that it was intended. But, I can't stop them from doing something I would consider untoward, and I wouldn't delete a log from someone who didn't play in the way I intended. I've certainly had my own stroke of brilliance while out and abouting that, for instance, led to my finding a multi-stage cache in 2 stages instead of 15. The cache owner was kind enough not to delete my log... and hopefully changed the info in his cache page to eliminate the chance that another cacher might be smarter than the cache page itself. Ultimately, I play the game how I want to play the game (or sport or hobby or whatever we're calling it this month), and I don't care how anyone else manages to keep their conscience clean. If someone wants to "cheat", please, have at it. Set up a local group page that gives away hints and answers on the local puzzle caches. I don't care. I filter them all out anyway... and the only thing it would do in MY area would eliminate all the phone calling that's done when someone can't figure out the coordinates or find the cache anyway. michelle
  11. Somehow I doubt it was TSP... while you might have felt like you had a chemical burn in your gastrointestinal tract, it was probably of a different sort.
  12. I spy with my little eye... A black and gold (not-late-model) Expedition heading east on Highway 8 (er, N 47 02.959, W 123 14.205 if you want to get REALLY specific) at 1:49 pm, Sunday Nov 1. Back window stickerage: 1) oval "MB" sticker above another unidentifiable sticker on the lower left and 2) a TB on the lower right. Other identifying marks... whomever this geocacher is... s/he drives like a bat outta h*ll. michelle
  13. We kept and (some of us) are using the older bottles. We also purchased a few Nalgene bottles this summer that were specifically noted to be BPA-free. At that time we could still purchase the 'offending' plastics. Current MO is to buy the BPA-free bottles if we need new, but to continue to use the old. michelle
  14. They gave me a CD with the images. I'm supposed to give it to my obstetrician when I make an appointment. Is there something you haven't told us? ROTFLMAO! Yikes TL, no wonder it was so painful. Babies do that to ya! Obstetrician... ha ha ha
  15. Er... not really the kind of 'HOTM photos' I was hoping to see! I'm sorry to hear about your injury, TL. michelle
  16. I'm passing through Oly around 7:40. I'll wave as we pass you going the other way (look for a white Jeep on a trailer, we'll look for a white Jeep being driven )... With all this lovely rain and flooding I guess I'm 'glad' I didn't get my "I'll be there" in early. Ho hum. michelle
  17. I'm a total slave to the Garmin machine so my choice (recently) was a 60CSx. I had a 60C and decided to stick with what I know and like - well, with more bells and whistles. (I'm totally excited about having a 'real' altimeter for hiking. I bother other people less this way. That said, if I had a few more dollars and the desire to fart around with something new (I don't), I'd get the PN-40. The aerial's are pretty darn cool. Find the PN-40 thread in this very forum and read it. Thoroughly. michelle
  18. I wasn't going to ask (again) until... tomorrow Congrats, TL! michelle
  19. Unless you tip over. Then you get water in your boots. Well I wonder who woulda done that. I know of a certain someone who went wading up to his chest, but I did neither. I came out nice and clean and trashed the farmer johns. Wading up to his chest AND had a smoke break in the middle of it all. Probably one of my most favorite logs on this particular cache. (Well, this and his three preceding DNF logs.) michelle
  20. Unless you tip over. Then you get water in your boots.
  21. This may be a silly question, having not been up there myself, but are you sure it's a building, and not just a, well, a box? Some of those back country loo's are just glorified boxes that aren't so high off of the ground... and usually not as nice as this one. Easily hid under snow cover. One of the kids wandered down a side trail when we were up on one of the peaks in the Olympics recently and came back to tell me about the box, or 'chest' she found... "You didn't open it did you?" Thankfully, no. michelle
  22. Just in time for Halloween! Funny you should mention that. ... What? That you're wearing the same hat in all of your photos? To the OP: NO to any kind of edibles, no matter who they're edible for. michelle
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