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  1. Huge crowd? These are geocaching events, not organized media events. Most "huge crowds" at geo flash mobs are likely a dozen or two people at most.
  2. Your next project could be a car tire with animal tbs attached as road kill.
  3. Aww. Sorry to hear this Janet. Heal well. I have a "hurt" foot that I think is fractured. I've had it for years and think its from hiking. It's usually fine, but at times it hurts and feels like it has broken in half. Weird. Usually while caching I get the normal cuts and scrapes from branches and brambles, thistle and stickers. When I go north to Chico I almost always come home with poison oak. While your off your feet and looking for drive ups you can come find my new one on Sherman Island, "You Will Huff & Puff and Throw a Major Hissy-Fit". Its a P&G. Or on a good day you can hop up the road and try, "Alongside the River You Will Cry, Kick and Scream". It's a 3/2 but I know you can find it. Again, heal well.
  4. Does anyone have a spare Geoquest 2006 geocoin with Smokey Bear on it that they would like to sell/trade? I'd like this coin in perfect condition and unregistered. Thanks!! you can contact me with a PM. Joel Smokey Bear Collector
  5. I've had this coin for the past few years, since GW6. Thanks for sharing. I recently hosted an event in March and passed it on as a door prize (free). I hope they enjoy it as much as I did.
  6. Are there any plans for trackable promotions in the USA, such as the former Jeep promotion or the UK Geocoin promo??
  7. Just for fun I like to tell people I'm looking for my cat or I'm walking my dog. I just get a smug look on my face and laugh inside knowing how insane i sound, considering I'm searching through a pile of rocks or looking under a lamp post skirt and have no dog with me. "Here kitty...smooch, smooch...are you under here?"
  8. Oh, great. They took someones geocoin. Mark it missing...it will never be seen again.
  9. Leapfrogging appears to be cheating. It appears to be taking credit for finding caches that one didn't even hunt. Cacheswapping...if you have time to find and swap caches, then you have time to simply sign the existing log.
  10. Thx CacheSeeker I agree. Lillypad is a cute name. It's much funner than TPTB. @JHolly: "Prairie Dog Farm"...LOVE IT!! LOL
  11. Can you contact the CO and let us know what it means? LPC? Camo'd film can?
  12. That sucks. The map is the only tool I use to choose where I cache and which caches to search for. Looks like my weekend caching adventure has been muggled.
  13. Anyone notice how since the L&F party it's become trendy to refer to GS as "The Lillypad"? I know they call themselves that, but now I see it popping up in the forums and in casual conversation. Too funny. It's like when you were in school and the cool kid made up a new word and everyone else started using it.
  14. Great Ideas! I've found that the best events have a theme. The more you can do to add fun and activity to the event the more likely people will attend. So your plans are good. Money is always an issue. Pathtags and Geocoins are fun, but most people won't buy them. (See my notes below to address that.) That said, having those items will help create excitement and draw people to the event. You can do a 50/50 drawing to help pay for expenses, but keep in mind you likely won't break even. You can also sell tickets to pay off expenses. If you do this I'd suggest providing the prizes and not ask attendees for help. People LOVE free things and free food. Potlucks are awesome and so are free drawings. I always gather donations from companies and buy things on my own and then give out tickets. Attendees earn tickets by showing up, and earn additional tickets by participating in games. Games...have things to do so people mingle with each other, otherwise they just stand around won't meet new people. Cachers get shy at events for some reason. Getting people to attend....post the event on GC.com....THEN go post it on your local or regional geocaching club website. THEN.....don't stop there...send a personal message to ALL the local people telling them about the event and inviting them. THEN....send a personal message to anyone owning caches in your area, or who frequently cache in your area and personally invite them to the event. ALSO.....if you're going to sell pathtags or geocoins....send a personal message to the coin collectors in your region....whether next door or 60 miles away and tell them about the event and the special event coins you will have. They will likely buy or reserve one from you right away. Plan...plan...plan....and organize...organize...organize. These are KEY to a successful event. Good luck...and have fun Good luck and have fun!!
  15. Is there any way to upload our geocache finds into a software program that will give me a map showing which quadrangles I've found?
  16. Thanks for your ideas Dave! Good ideas. My event will be car based. I'm planning on setting waypoints and having people do different tasks at each one: take photo, gather information and find something. The waypoints will be set within 60 miles of event location in varying directions. This will allow opportunity to tour the countryside and gather geocaches along the way. Cachers will choose which to attempt and will be awarded points. Points will vary based on what the task is and where it is located. They'll have several hours (most of the day) to do this before returning for the final event party and award ceremony. To add to the fun, cachers will choose their own route rather than following a set trail. This will allow them to passby easy nearby waypoints in favor of more adventurous waypoints with higher point value. They can choose if they want to find them all or only some of them. I want to add bonus items also, which can be found anywhere regardless of waypoint. For example, take a group photo on a strangers boat in a harbor or collect a bag of trash: CITO. I guess I'm curious on what ideas you and others have for such creative finds.
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