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  1. I'm only at my home coordinates about 2 months of the year. I would love to find a way to turn these off, I ran a search and could only find info on how to turn off personal cache replies. I'm ok with those, I just don't need to be notified of the caches being released near my home. I've gone through all the edit menus and can't find how to turn this off. Help!
  2. My priorities have completely changed! I started in 2006 and was totally fascinated with any kind of caches. I think in 2007 I found over 700, I haven't come close since then. LOL. It got to the point where I was really tired of caching in my city as I'd pretty much seen it all multiple times and didn't really have the funding to travel very far, not to mention a group of really obnoxious people took over the local event scene. So I had a long needed hiatus. I changed jobs in June and have racked up 28 new states but not that many overall caches, it's made it fun again.
  3. A wind that blows on the eastern slope of the Sierra's which is where I was born and raised, now that I travel the majority of the time, it seemed appropriate!
  4. I've never been to Coachella, but we've done several events at Burning Man over the years. It's doable, if there is a central place that is there every year (ie.main stage, the man, etc.) Then again the powers that be might not allow it as Coachella charges for the actual event, whereas BMan charges for the city infrastructer. I had to haggle with the moderator over it a couple of times. I guess you won't know until you try!
  5. The Mile Marker series is fun! Most of them are fairly close to the road. (Within 50 yards), and it takes you around the lake on the CA side. Here's a few more, I thought were cute/original. I haven't been caching up there in a couple of years. I need to hit it up again this summer! Dead Men Tell no Tales There are also quite a few decent virtuals and webcam caches she could easily do. Ponderosa Ranch Relic Sad they closed it, but there aren't too many people left that know about the show Bonanza. LOL Sand Harbor Beautiful views but might be a zoo in June. If I think of more, I'll post some.
  6. I love City Navigator, I just got a 62s last week, so I haven't had time to really play with it yet. I did have it on my Map60Cx for years, It's great if you travel a lot. The beeps aren't that bad and I have the suction mount for the window, so you aren't really anymore distracted than the GPS actually telling you where to go. On that note and to save you frustration if you do buy the DVD, you need to turn off your firewall to get it to load....(there's 5 hours of caching time lost last week! LOL.)
  7. We just figured it out. You're right, turned off my firewall!! Huzzah!! Thanks guys! Hopefully this saves someone some grief in the future!!
  8. I bought it at REI, I'm pretty sure it's legit. At first I thought it might be the disk, so I exchanged it for another one....still the same error. I've searched the web and haven't found anything. If all else fails I'll call Garmin on Monday or possibly trade it for the preloaded memory stick. I was hoping to resolve it this weekend.....Booooo
  9. I just got a Garmin 62s, totally paperless! I love it so far!
  10. I'm trying to load my City Navigator DVD on my laptop. I put the disk in and keep getting the error, "A connection to the server could not be established, please ensure you have a connection to the internet and try again". I have wifi, I have full bars, I'm also currently on the internet. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, please oh please how did you resolve it?? I'm so frustrated!
  11. Wow, how do you "not" tell your employer? Then again I'd probably quit my job of 18 years given the opportunity. LOL. My cousin will be on an episode of "Man Tracker", they filmed it last summer. I think it finally airs in Canada in March (probably later in the US). He can only tell us that it was filmed in Florida and that it was a blast. His work sent them (he and another DJ). They even worked with the RCMP to prepare. But yeah, I'd rather focus on the million than worry about caching...get your million then go back and cache.
  12. This is probably one of the best fire hydrant hide ever. Of course none of these are active and it's in front of the fire department, where the firemen stare at you as you try to find it, they've even been known to heckle cachers until they find it.
  13. Maybe get in contact with your local geocaching groups. Some people make their own decals locally, ours did at one time. REI is the only retail outlet that I know of that sells actual GC.com stuff but they are kind of pricey and I personally have a hard enough time coming out of there with just what I went in for.
  14. You should have your signature for the forums state "I am not that guy" Like your name. I love the bumper sticker that reads " DON'T FOLLOW ME I'M LOST TOO!" I'm going to have to !
  15. We drove about 200 miles out of our way a few years back to go to the "Original Stash" plaque. Probably the furthest to specifically grab a cache. I'd like to finish the NV Delorme this year That will be at least a thousand miles of driving.
  16. I was a big fan of the show LOST when I started using other forums. I just decided to keep using it. Now it just implies I'm just "Lost" which is also pretty accurate!...After Googling "LostinReno" I've considered changing my name, it seems some creepy 50 something guy also uses it for dating sites and porn ...we aren't the same person. LOL.
  17. Here's the wall of shame at my local REI. Every time I go into the store, I feel so ashamed that I've let myself get too badly out of shape to even dare try it: Dang, we must have a weenie REI, ours doesn't have a climbing wall I'm not sure that they are really more expensive than anywhere else as most of their stuff is high end and seems to be the same price at Cabela's, Scheel's, etc. I do love their brand of clothing. I've had two pairs of the zip of leg pants for about 4 years that still look new. Sadly they don't make them the same way (style) anymore. I've also scored some great stuff at their garage sales. I got two pairs of North Face pants for $20 and my husband scored a pair of waterproof Merell's that were normally $120 for $20. Someone had returned them, they had a little bit of dirt on the soles and that was it. I shopped around for my GPS, it was the same price at REI, so I bought it there (Garmin Map60Csx). I'm pretty sure I did get the dividend from it.
  18. I wish all states would enforce a 'deposit' system on aluminum, plastic and glass. Nevada doesn't (as well as many other states). Our disposal company (Waste Management, who owns the world of waste) did give us containers to put our used aluminum and glass into but they want all of it washed before it goes in the containers and they don't give you anything off of your bill for complying (we don't participate, the containers they gave us made nice storage bins in our garage). We recently turned in 4 large garbage bags of crushed cans and I think we got a whopping $5, no signifigant return on plastics or glass. California pays a little better, we live 8 miles away but you need a CA license/ID to participate . It's frustrating. We were up in Canada last year. We took in two bags of bottles/plastic/juice boxes (they recycle juice boxes!) from my inlaws house. We walked out with 50 bucks....and you don't ever see bottles or cans on the side of the road. I would gladly pay an extra $.60 on a 12 pack and get that money back, even if the drunks abandon their bottles, someone will gladly pick it up when it's worth a little. As far as undies, I too have seen a strangly large number of them in the wild? Do people frequently mess themselves in the woods? I guess if I saw a bear...or um nevermind Anyway, no way am I picking them up!!
  19. Of course! We're ready for a whole new round of such silliness as; "It's only a desert. Who cares?" and let's not forget the awesome, "There are no signs prohibiting damaging stuff, so it's OK" Or even the classic, "You can see the Great Wall of China from space, so it's OK". Oh... Almost forgot, "You guys don't live there, so your opinion is irrelevent" Yup... You guys really came up with some great answers... Besides most of everything above being taken out of context; I was actually referring to the individual who was griping that NDOT just passed the problem to someone else. AFTER I provided an actual news story (twice!) as opposed to some ramblings on a podcast. It was even from Fox News...I'm just taking a wild guess that a lot of people around here take Fox news as gospel?? As far as my visit to the BLM yesterday, they were aleady closed. I'll stop by on Monday. I'm going to ask them about an offroading trip from Gerlach to Denio..I've already done this trip, there are some areas where the roads aren't clearly marked and we had to "wing it" via GPS. It will be interesting to see what they have to say as this same area (minus the wildlife refuge) is a big hunting area, you know the hunters aren't staying on the road...and for the sake of arguement, I realize the hunters aren't creating the same track over and over, therefore not visable from space. I have never disagreed that people should be walking the alien head as opposed to driving it. Sadly it is what it is. If there is any resemblance of a trail (2 tracks) people are going to drive it. In the whole scope of things, this is such a small area being whined over (yes, y'all are whining). I'm not saying it's right. It's more of you people really are making a mountain out of a molehill.
  20. not likely. There will be new and wonderful ways to split the hair and rally the troops. Not to mention a bunch of suddenly unanswered questions. You mean more unanswered questions that myself and others have answered repeatedly?
  21. Not sure if you have these in the UK, I love these pens and have had the same one on my lanyard for over a year! They have a hole in the cap, either a small keyring or string will fit through them. ..and they are relatively cheap, I think they were about $6 for all of them
  22. Clan Riffster inquired with the BLM ...waaaay back on page 8 The problem is, "What constitutes an established trail in the eyes of the BLM?" There are no (as far as I can tell) online resources or maps within the BLM website (with the exception of the immediate Las Vegas area). Tomorrow I will stop by the BLM office on my way to class (it's about a block away), I'll even see if they have maps that will clarify this. My money is on "there is no map that clearly shows established trails for thousands and thousands of miles of public land" I will let you know what I find out and hopefully put an end this thread.
  23. I just bought the aqua pack for the phone, has anyone used one of these? We are planning some ocean side caching in a couple of weeks. Thought it might be a good idea.
  24. Here's some upcoming events that kind of coincide with the ET trail. We might be heading down for this one. I've heard it's a blast! (also put on by the CO's of the ET trail) http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=a32775ec-7f1d-4680-9610-fd17152826d2 ..and here's a campout that's actually at Rachel. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=a6fdeec2-6ad0-4ba8-937b-f200db0f218e I'm sure you could hook up with others at either of these events
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