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State Coin For Virginia


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Thanks to all who have responded. The coin will begin production soon. I will post the final die art when I get it and start another thread to track its progress and orders. I will note those who have ordered through this thread. I have commitments for 300 coins already and am trying to decide if I need to produce more. I had planned a run of 1000 but will increase that if the demand is there. It looks like the cost will be $6.50 per coin with fees and shipping included. International orders will be slightly higher. I am hoping to hear from groups or people who are interested in orders greater than 50 as I can discount the cost. Please contact me directly through my profile if you are looking to reserve 50 or more. Others may use this thread to reserve smaller amounts.


Being a native (born & raised) Virginian, put me down for three (3). I also like the idea that zygote2k had about the state motto. Thanks for taking on this responsibility. - Donbert

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