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  1. Help Please. I would like to unsubscribe from the reply notification. Instructions says to log into my control panel and click on the View subscriptions link. Now for probably one of the silliest questions..... Where can I locate my control panel? Please leave detailed instructions. Many thanks.
  2. Thanks to all of you who answered my post (or should I say posts) I just didn't know how to answer you. But most of all, thanks Keewee for the big hand. Still looking for an Iowa, Montana, and South Dakota. Thanks mytfine65&geogal
  3. Please help us find the following coins if they are available. Iowa Missouri Montana New Hampshire South Dakota. Thanks
  4. Please help us find the following coins if they are available. Iowa Missouri Montana New Hampshire South Dakota Thanks.
  5. We're looking for the following coins, if they are available.... Iowa Missouri Montana New Hampshire South Dakota Thanks.
  6. Would like to have the following coins, if they are available...... Iowa Missouri Montana New Hampshire South Dakota Massachusetts Thanks
  7. We've been away from the computer (after my other one crashed). Have'nt found any info on the Alabama Coin. Could someone please let us know the latest? Thanks.
  8. Man, we're EVERYWHERE!! lol We sure are. I'm interested.
  9. Just wondering if others have had the same problem? Some of our caches are Bison Tube caches. So far, in the past month, 4 of them have turned up missing. Could it be that someone is taking them? We have even wired them to the tree so that they wouldn't fall out of where they were placed. Can't imagine that someone would do anything like that to another cacher, seing that they only cost a buck each. Just wondering!!!
  10. I hope I havent missed out on CT or NY. I have a complete set up to now. Any word?
  11. I don't want to miss this one. When will it be for sale?
  12. Was just wondering? Havent seen anything lately on the new Alabama coin.
  13. I know that this has been a post before, but I have never seen an answer. Anyway, here we go again. When I searched Google maps it used to show O, F, and B. (Own, Found and Bookmarked) if a cacher had either of these It would show. Now nothing appears under O, F & B. Is there something I'm not doing or is it something else?
  14. I am a Premium Member. I am logged on. When the Google map page come up, it does not give Own, Found or BM caches. Also, on several, it says I must be a premium member to view ???? What am I not doing????? Thanks.
  15. Lately we have had a rash of wet logs to be replaced because some cachers do not think to replace the log in the zip lock baggie before they put the log back in the container or cache. I can't think of any cache that we have that we did not start off with a baggie to help protect the log. Somehow the baggie comes up missing. We feel that everyone should help out as much as we can our fellow cachers by replacing the logs in the baggies, replacing wet logs, putting everything back where we found it and letting the owner know if there's anything that couldn't be accomplished . Thanks to all.
  16. I origionally requested three and Im on the list. Please disregard post 26 and keep me at three. Thanks.
  17. When will the latest Appalachian Trail be offered? Thanks.
  18. What would the reverse look like?
  19. I have changed my email address and have sent the coin company that sells the Applachian Trail coins my new address. I have not received any notification of the next coin in the series. I have Georgia, N. Carolina & Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia. I really want to continue with the series. When should I begin to look for the next coin? Thanks
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