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  1. Thanks for the comments. I think my buddy got some help and it looks like the problem is solved. Somewhere along the line we changed the Cache description and Waypoint Name % codes in GSAK when we exported. We listed %name instead of % smart and that changed the configuration. Corrected them and a trial log upload fine and it worked. Thanks again
  2. Thanks for the comments. The visits file is OK and not corrupted and we can read the contents. Remember my friend has the same problem with a different GPSr and a different computer and different log in name, As far as going to each cache page and logging individually. Why would I do that when my Colorado is supposed to have all the field notes to load and it has worked in the past? I believe this was worked out between Garmin and Groundspeak. BTW, using the field notes has always worked in the past. Strange that two cachers have the same problem at the same time. I wonder if other Colorado Owners are having the same problem.
  3. Using the Garmin Colorado 400t with software version 2.6 and Windows Vista with IE v 7.0. It has recently stopped uploading any field notes. A friend and I both have the same problem with different systems and different GPS receivers (both Colorado 400t). After caching and hooking up the Colorado 400t attempting to upload all field notes I get a message stating that the upload was successful. However, when attempting to access the notes from the log page the message appears that field notes can't be found. Contacted Garmin and they state the GPS receiver is good and the fault lies with Groundspeak. Comments and/or suggestions please. Also, Is this the right place to address this? Thanks
  4. I don't know if I understand your question however, the other day I was caching and hit the bottom of the "rock and roller" when tracking a cache and a small display with the compas and distance popped up right above the map. I had both the map and compass.
  5. AtlantaGirl, I've been slowly working on the states and don't have Iowa either. I would offer you $10.00 + a couple dollars for shipping if it is unactivated. I may even have something that you'd like to trade.
  6. I placed an order for these way back...Have we seen the status of shipping?
  7. Export to Mapsource and then download to your Nuvi.
  8. I had the same problem at one time and Garmin replaced my unit even though it was out of warranty by a few weeks. However, the new one started doing the same thing as the old one. I tried several things which didn't work and finally I cleared all my waypoints and reinstalled them. Several months have passed and it is still working fine. Used it yesterday for 250 miles and 20 caches and it worked flawlessly. You might give that a try. Good Luck,
  9. You don't have one yet Shootie????? LOL If not I will send you one! I have my Skyhawk9SP wooden Nickel I'll trade you. Interested?
  10. If you are into collecting lapel pins, I have some transit pins if you are interested in them let me know I will send you out a couple.. I'm collecting Pins. What would you like to trade for yours?
  11. Order sent and an email as well. Thanks
  12. I have a Nuvi 360 and since it shows up as a hard drive I find the best way is to export my GSAK caches to Map Source and then transfer them to your Nuvi. I don't think GSAK supports transferring to the Nuvi yet.
  13. If you have any left I'd like to order one. Thanks
  14. I was experiencing the same problem except I could recalibrate the compass and the pointer would work for awhile. Sometimes only minutes. I sent it back to Garmin, they sent me a new on which worked for awhile but started giving me problems just like the first one. Later I cleared ALL waypoints and reloaded them and a couple of months have passed with no problem. I surmise that I had at least two sets of caches loaded...some with 8 character names and others with 10. Of course I now had at least two waypoints located at the same spot. I'd suggest trying the same thing...it worked for me.
  15. I use GSAK and after dragging my Pocket Query results to GSAK to unzip them, I then export from the File menu to a HTML file. After that I use isilo to convert those files which puts them in my Palm Sync file. When I sync my Palm Tero 700p I then have a file in my "Isilo" folder to browse the caches just like you had printed them out.
  16. I sent an email requesting an update and haven't heard anything yet. Has anybody heard from the OP? I hope this sale is legit.
  17. I have the Nuvi 360 and I did try it with a cache. You would be much better off with another unit as this is an excellent one in the car but not good to geocache. I use it to get there and then I use a 76CSx. No Tracks that I've found.
  18. Yep! Me too. Are they on the way?
  19. OK! West Texas is finally on the Received list. Got my coins today and they look great. Must have been something about the last of the orders in the mail.
  20. Joe, I was disappointed when the mail came yesterday and still no Alabama coin in West Texas. Do you recall what my orderd number was? Maybe early next week Huh?
  21. email sent for trade. We love Pugs too!
  22. Steve, I received your email and paid via your Paypal invoice. Jim D. Zip Code 76901. Does that refresh your memory? If not I can respond via your gmail account. Thanks, Jim D.
  23. Do you have a deliverly date yet? Appreciate an update. Thanks
  24. Do you have an update on this coin? Payment was made a good time ago so I wonder if your order is on the way?. Coin is still in the order phase, unfortunately. I based the price I offered the coins to everyone on selling a certain amount. As it stands right now, we are a good bit short of that quantity. I either suggested too many or offered them too cheap. I have a request in to the mint trying to get revised quantity prices. My problem entirely... Thanks for the update. I grew up in Alabama and looking forward to receiving these.
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