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  1. Anyone have any lightly used gpsmap64’s available?
  2. Please bring apple watch, garmin watch, all the watch functionality back please. Apple Watch2 has GPS so it should be able to cache on its own.....
  3. I just preordered one on amazon. This may be the first of its kind, but I think its a great idea and I intend to play with it. If i hate it, i'll just return it. It appears to require basecamp for communication, and that probably includes caches. Amazon has a great return policy.
  4. Looking for good used condition oregon 450 or 550. PM or post here. thanks
  5. $300, $350 on amazon.com. Includes all original accessories/box. Pickup in chicago area with cash, paypal also accepted, if you need it shipped I will cover that with insurance/tracking. No condition issues that I can see.
  6. Looking for a good condition used oregon or dakota. Respond here or PM, need someone to ship today/tomorrow and accept paypal.
  7. No question, parcel post is slow.....i've been waiting for something shipped parcel post from oregon for 2 weeks now....hopefully the GPS gets there ok this coming week. If not, i'll file a claim with USPS and refund his $.
  8. Listen man, i told you, shipping parcel post from chicago is very slow. It has NOT been a week. I shipped it on Monday. If you don't get it by next friday, I will issue you a refund through paypal and I will file a claim through the USPS since I shipped it insured.
  9. That offer is acceptable...email sent with details.
  10. Garmin Oregon 300 + city nav nt loaded onto microsd card..... $300 including shipping. You can have the dvd also but not sure if you can install or not so i will load entire usa on the microsd for you. Includes original box for the Oregon and condition is excellent. Email for photo. gadgetmonstergar at gmail dot com.
  11. Hi, looking for copy of city navigator NT DVD(2008, 2009, 2010) with one map unlock code.
  12. looking for used microsd city navigator nt for my oregon. Let me know if your looking to sell yours.
  13. stupid forums, they crash almost everytime i submit a post, resulting in a reload of the browser window, and a double posting.
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